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Jude Anthony Angelini (born September 25, 1977) also known as Rude Jude is a DJ and co-host on The All Out Show with DJ Lord Sear on Sirius Satellite Radio's Shade 45 channel from 4pm-8pm EST (1pm-5pm PST). He is actually only on from 4-7pm (1-4pm) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. On Thursday he plays his own "Pill" mix from 6:45-8pm EST (3:45-5pm PST). He is a native of Pontiac, Michigan.

Professional background[edit]

Angelini appeared on rapper Proof's album Searching for Jerry Garcia, on the track "M.A.D." He also appeared on Kanye West's "Heavy Hitters" track, as well as being referenced by Eminem in the song "Drug Ballad" from his album The Marshall Mathers LP. In addition to his television and radio work, Angelini has appeared in a starring role in the direct-to-DVD film Yadada Movie.


Angelini was discovered in 1998 on the streets.

Guest on The Jenny Jones Show[edit]

He was invited to be on the show because he once bullied a girl in high school, but he won over the audience in this episode, and Jenny brought him back as a regular character on the show because of his antics and his humor. Over a five year span, Jude appeared on over 80 shows and cemented himself as a fan favorite.

On Jenny Jones, Angelini was regularly called in on "makeover" shows in which people who were teased as youngsters but looked good currently were invited in and set straight by Angelini. He made jokes and took these people off the pedestal they had put themselves on. He himself started on a show similar to those he later guest-starred on. In some shows, Angelini appeared as his alter ego "Quiz Master" to ask questions on the segment called "Beauty and Brains." In these segments, he would ask questions to beautiful women to see if they had both beauty and brains. He was so loved by the audience that an episode titled "The Best of Rude Jude" was featured towards the end of the show's run.

Jude started co-hosting "The All Out Show" on Sirius Satellite Radio's SHADE 45 channel in 2005. Currently, "The All Out Show" is the highest rated hip hop show on satellite radio, and receives the third highest amount of audience call-ins after the Howard Stern show (1) and The Opie and Anthony show (2).

His blog, Rude Jude Loves You, is where he occasionally posts his "Pill Mixes". He previously wrote about current events and short stories about his life throughout the years, but has since retired that aspect since he released an autobiography of sorts[1]and only blogs about his mixes.

He also has a weekly podcast Foreallyshow with childhood friend, rapper Senim Silla of Binary Star.


In December of 2013, Jude self-published an autobiographical book by the name of Hyena which was released in limited increments in 5 different editions. describes the book saying: Each chapter reads as its own story, but they are best taken collectively as Angelini takes the reader on his journey of heartbreak, depravity, and hilarity, deftly moving between his adult life and his childhood growing up in a factory town outside of Detroit. Each story is told with brutal honesty, yet maintains a sense of irony that will leave the reader shaking their head in disbelief, while never doubting the veracity of what they just read.

Howard 101[edit]

Angelini was a guest on the Miserable Men Show on Howard 101 on Sirius Satellite Radio, appearing alongside comedians Jim Florentine, Reverend Bob Levy and Shuli.

Personal life[edit]

Alexis Stewart, daughter of Martha Stewart, named her daughter after Angelini.[2]

He also has one daughter, who is 17 years old as of 2013.


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