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Roy may refer to:

Family name[edit]

Roy is a common surname in India, France, Scotland and many English-speaking countries. In India, it is an anglicized version of Roy Chowdhary or Rai Chowdhary, also written as Ray. The name comes from the same root as the Sanskrit word Raj, which is also the root of the Latin word rex (king), English reign and royal, all of which stem from the common Proto Indo-European ancestor language. In French, "Roy" means King.[1]

The English surname may come from the same root, probably via French word roi (meaning king);[citation needed] it can also come from a Middle English term meaning a female roe deer,[citation needed] or from the place-names Rye and Wray, among other possible roots.

People with the surname include:

Given name[edit]

Roy is a common male given name. Notable people with the given name include:


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