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For the jetpack flier, see Yves Rossy.

Rossy is a regional chain of variety stores located primarily in the provinces of Quebec, Newfoundland and New Brunswick, Canada.

The company was founded by Michael Rossy in 1949.[1] During the 1960s to the 1990s, it wasn't a rare thing to see in Montreal different Rossy stores located within a walking distance from each other. Today such proximities among the stores are less common; but in contrast, the chain has expanded its presence throughout the province.

Rossy is similar in size and concept to Hudson's Bay Company's Zellers Select and the now-defunct Woolworth.

The first Rossy store in Ontario was opened in August, 2010 in the former town of Val Caron.

In October 2011, Laval-based competitor Hart Stores had run into financial difficulties, and entered Companies Creditors Arrangement Act bankruptcy protection, closing 32 of its 92 Canadian stores. In Newfoundland, eight of Hart's former Bargain Giant locations were converted in 2012 to Rossy stores.[2]

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