Roman Catholic Church of the Good Shepherd (Beverly Hills)

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Good Shepherd, Beverly Hills

The Church of the Good Shepherd, located at 505 North Bedford Drive is now the oldest church in Beverly Hills. It has only 600 seats.

Over the years, this small house of worship has been the local parish church for most of the Catholic movie stars who live in Beverly Hills, from Rudolph Valentino to Bing Crosby (who both attended Sunday Mass here). It has seen numerous celebrity weddings and funerals. It was the location for the funeral scene in the film A Star Is Born (1954), which starred Judy Garland and James Mason.





The Church of the Good Shepherd is located near the All Saints Episcopal Church. Both churches have tile roofs, but Good Shepherd is the one on the west side of the cactus garden. It features two tall steeples and has a statue out front of Jesus Christ holding a lamb.

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