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Lieutenant Colonel Robert K. Brown (born November 2, 1932 in Monroe, Michigan) is a combat correspondent, investigative journalist, and founder/editor/publisher of Soldier of Fortune magazine (SOF), a pro-gun, pro-military magazine which reports on various armed confrontations around the world, as well as on new weapons and other military technology.[1] Brown is also president of Omega Group Ltd, which is the parent group of SOF.[2]


Born in Monroe, Michigan, he graduated from Colorado University. On September 22, 1999, Las Vegas, Nevada Mayor Oscar Goodman issued a proclamation declaring that day to be "Soldier of Fortune Day" and "Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown Day" in honor of Soldier of Fortune magazine, its 20th annual convention in Las Vegas, and its founder and publisher."[3]


Brown served in the US Army from 1954-1957 and again from 1964-1985. He retired from the US Army as a lieutenant colonel.[4] At one point, Brown was the Vice Chairman of the NRA.[1]


In 2011, Brown supported the campaign for Steve Schreiner for the National Rifle Association Board of directors. Schreiner was not endorsed by the NRA's Nominating Committee.[4]

Career Highlights[edit]

Brown's qualifications in the area of military journalism/history include his former role as special agent of the Counter Intelligence Corps.

Other accomplishments or activities include:

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