Robert Hossein

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Robert Hossein
Robert Hossein 2013.jpg
Robert Hossein in 2013
Born(1927-12-30) 30 December 1927 (age 86)
Paris, France
Film director
Years active1948–present
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Robert Hossein
Robert Hossein 2013.jpg
Robert Hossein in 2013
Born(1927-12-30) 30 December 1927 (age 86)
Paris, France
Film director
Years active1948–present

Robert Hossein (born as Hosseinhof 30 December 1927) is a French film actor of Azerbaijani[1][2] origin, director and writer. He directed the 1982 adaption of Les Misérables, and appeared in Vice and Virtue, Le Casse, Les Uns et les Autres and Venus Beauty Institute. His most recent roles include starring as Michèle Mercier's husband in the Angélique series and as a Catholic priest who falls in love with Claude Jade and becomes a communist in Prêtres interdits (Forbidden Priests) in 1973.

Hossein started directing films in 1956 with Les salauds vont en enfer from a story by Frédéric Dard whose novels and plays went on to furnish Hossein with much of his later film material. Right from the start Hossein established his characteristic trademarks: using a seemingly straightforward suspense plot and subverting its conventions (sometimes to the extent of a complete disregard of the traditional demand for a final twist or revelation) in order to concentrate on ritualistic relationships. This is the director's running preoccupation which is always stressed in his films by an extraordinary command of film space and often striking frame compositions where the geometry of human figures and set design is used to accentuate the psychological set-up of the scene. The mechanisms of guilt and the way it destroys relationships is another recurring theme, presumably influenced by Hossein's lifelong interest in the works of Dostoyevski.

In 1967 he was a member of the jury of the 5th Moscow International Film Festival.[3] His 1982 film Les Misérables was entered into the 13th Moscow International Film Festival where it won a Special Prize.[4]

Although Hossein had some modest international successes with films like Toi, le venin and Le vampire de Dusseldorf, he was much singled out for scorching criticism by the critics and followers of the New Wave for the unashamedly melodramatic frameworks of his films. The fact that he was essentially an auteur director with a consistent set of themes and an extraordinary mastery of original and unusual approaches to staging his stories, was never appreciated. He was not averse to trying his hand at widely different genres and was never defeated, making the strikingly different spaghetti western Une corde, un Colt and the low-budgeted but daringly subversive period drama I Killed Rasputin. However, because of the lack of wider success and continuing adverse criticism, Hossein virtually ended his film directing career in 1970, having concentrated on theatre where his achievements were never questioned, and subsequently returning to film directing only twice. With two or three exceptions, his films remain commercially unavailable and very difficult to see.

He is the son of André Hossein, a composer, and a Jewish comedy actress from Kiev, Anna Minevskaya.[5][6] He was married three times: first to Marina Vlady (he has two sons with her, Pierre and Igor), later to Caroline Eliacheff (with whom he has a son, Nicholas). He is currently married to actress Candice Patou, with whom he has one son, Julien.

Conversion to Roman Catholicism[edit]

At the age of forty, Hossein was baptized in the Roman Catholic Church.

According to an article written by Emannuel Peze, Hossein experienced a conversion to Catholicism in 1971 during a visit to the Marian apparition at San Damiano in Lombardo Italy.[7]

In 2007, he presented a piece entitled Do not be afraid of the life of Pope John Paul II. He has a special devotion to Saint Therese of Lisieux.[8]

Selected filmography[edit]

1948The Lame Devila guestSacha Guitry
Aux yeux du souveniruncreditedJean Delannoy
1955RififiRémy GrutterJules Dassin
1957No Sun in VeniceSforziRoger Vadim
1959Toi, le veninPierre MendaRobert Hossein himself
Les ScélératsJess RoolandRobert Hossein himself
Du rififi chez les femmesMarcel Point-BleuAlex Joffé
The Verdict
1961Madame Sans-GêneFrançois-Joseph LefebvreChristian-Jaque
1963Vice and VirtueSchorndorfRoger Vadim
1964Banco à Bangkok pour OSS 117Dr SinnAndré Hunebelle
Les Yeux cernésFranzRobert Hossein himself
Angélique, Marquise des AngesJeoffrey de PeyracBernard Borderie
1965The Dirty GameDupontChristian-Jaque and others
Marco the MagnificentPrince NayamDenys de La Patellière and Noël Howard
God's ThunderMarcelDenys de La Patellière
1966Madamigella di MaupinCapitain AlcibiadeMauro Bolognini
Angelica and the KingJeoffrey de PeyracBernard Borderie
Brigade antigangsInspector Le GoffBernard Borderie
1967LamielValberJean Aurel
I Killed RasputinSerge HukhotinRobert Hossein himself
1969Nell'anno del SignoreLeonida MontanariLuigi Magni
Life Love Deathas himselfClaude Lelouch
1971The BurglarsRalphHenri Verneuil
1973Don Juan, or If Don Juan Were a WomanLouis PrévostRoger Vadim
Forbidden PriestsJean RastaudDenys de La Patellière
1981Les Uns et les AutresSimon Meyer / Robert PratClaude Lelouch
Le ProfessionnelInspector RosenGeorges Lautner
1982Les Misérablesnot credited as actorRobert Hossein himself
1986A Man and a Woman: 20 Years Lateras himselfClaude Lelouch
1995Les Misérablesthe master of ceremoniesClaude Lelouch
1999Venus Beauty Institutethe pilotTonie Marshall
2006TrivialAntoine BérangèreSophie Marceau
2009A Man and His Dogcameo appearanceFrancis Huster


Foreign honours[edit]


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