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Rinka Falls (90-metre step)

Rinka Falls (pronounced [ˈɾiːŋka]) is a waterfall in the Logar Valley, in the Municipality of Solčava in Slovenia. It is the source of the Savinja River. It has been proclaimed a natural heritage feature. Rinka Falls is one of the most beautiful and best-known waterfalls in Slovenia. It is also a popular tourist destination. With its drop of 105 metres (344 ft), it is the highest of the 20 waterfalls in the Logar Valley. The longest step has a length of 90 m (300 ft). It is visited in all seasons of the year. In the winter it is popular with ice-climbers. The best view of the waterfall is from the Kamnik Saddle (Slovene: Kamniško sedlo). There are also three mountains in vicinity called Rinka: Kranjska Rinka, Koroška Rinka and Štajerska Rinka.

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Coordinates: 46°22′11″N 14°38′39″E / 46.36972°N 14.64417°E / 46.36972; 14.64417