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For the villages of origin in Iran, see Reza, Iran.

Reza is a name of differing origins, mainly Persian, but also Spanish.

Arabic etymology[edit]

Rida (Reza) is an Islamic concept rooted in the Qur'an and the practices. This idea of contentment is expressed in two Qur'anic verses which discuss the contentment of Allah with believers and, conversely, of believers with Allah:

Allah was well pleased with the believers... ([Quran 48:18])

Muslims believe that Allah's pleasure with the servant is expressed through His gifts both material and spiritual and the servant's pleasure with Allah is the name of his obedience to Allah's commands and submission to his will. Rida on the part of the human also includes his determination to accept Allah's decree irrespective of whether it is favourable or unfavourable.[citation needed]

Because the Arabic ض sound does not exist in the Persian language, Persian-speakers replace the sound with a z. This pronunciation was also adopted by other languages influenced by Persian, most of all Turkish and Urdu. In the Maghreb region, the name is spelled Reda, due to the French influence during the colonial times.

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Derived names[edit]

Abdol Reza[edit]

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Ali Reza[edit]

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Gholam Reza[edit]

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Mohammad Reza[edit]

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