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Revealed... is the BBC's dedicated news programme for teenagers, part of BBC Switch, the show broadcasts on Saturdays on BBC2. It's presented by Anthony Baxter and Charlotte Ashton.


Programme history

The programme first aired on May 17, 2008, and was called Revealed... Why do they hate you? It looked at attitudes towards British teens in the press. In October 2008 the team produced a special two part programme looking into the spate of suicides in the South Wales borough of Bridgend. Other programmes include Revealed…Manorexia, Missing People, How to beat spots, and How worried should you be about knife crime.

Other shows have looked at male eating disorders, Bridgend suicides, young millionaires and mobile phone addiction.


Revealed…. also makes weekly online videos for the BBC Switch website. Interviews include Ladyhawke, Lady Gaga, John Terry and Tom Daley, as well as regular news stories for teeangers.


The production team are based at Grafton House, home to the 5:19 show, and BBC Switch. Revealed... is produced by Amy Hollis and Jay Husbands. The Executive Producers are Geoffrey Goodwin and Rod McKenzie.


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