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A reglet is a flashing between a wall (or the back side of a parapet) and a roof. Reglets usually consist of a receiver flashing affixed to the wall with fasteners and a bead of sealant, and a counter flashing extending from the wall over the roofing material (usually a membrane roof). The counter flashing is removable to allow for the roofing material to be removed for re-roofing. Some reglets are one piece.

Sometimes the flashing is embedded into masonry walls for long lasting weatherproofing. The term reglet is also sometimes used to describe a long, straight decorative moulding. The term reglet is derived from the old French word for ruler, because it is long and straight.

A reglet may also be a groove in a wall to receive flashing. Usually, in the U.S.A., when the word is pronounced, the T is not silent. In modern, budget construction where low slope roofing and parapets are used, reglet and coping can comprise the majority of flashing costs.