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Rebecca Brooke (born February 21, 1952, Chicago, Illinois - July 17, 2012 Boca Raton, Florida) was an American actress and model who specialized in sexploitation films including hardcore pornography in the 1970s after starting out in the legitimate theater with parts in Hair and Lenny. Vern L. Bullough wrote that Brooke was "one of the true beauties to grace the porn screen."[1]

She made her film debut in director Chuck Vincent's XXX-rated Grace's Place (1973). She also was a nude model for spreads in men's magazines. Her most famous role was in Radley Metzger's 1975 S&M drama The Image. She also appeared in softcore porn films directed by Joe Sarno.

Brooke also acted under the names Mary Mendum (some sources cite this as her birth name[2] ), Mary Mendham, Veronica Parrish and Misty Grey. She retired from the screen in 1977. Porn star Jamie Gillis has said that Brooke converted to Islam shortly after retiring.[3]


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