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"Puff, the Magic Dragon" is a 30-minute animated television film released on October 30, 1978, based on the song of the same name. The title character was voiced by Burgess Meredith. The doctors were voiced by Frank Nelson, Charles Woolf, and Regis Cordic.

It was followed by two made-for-TV sequels, Puff the Magic Dragon in the Land of Living Lies (1979) and Puff and the Incredible Mr. Nobody (1982).


The film begins with Puff's narration about a little boy named Jackie Draper, who is filled with so much self-doubt and fear that he has stopped talking altogether. His parents are so concerned that they have three doctors examine him, and they say it is hopeless and that little Jackie will never talk again. Jackie returns to his room, where he sits until Puff comes to his bedroom window and starts a conversation with him.

Puff invites himself in, talks to Jackie about inner happiness, and pulls a long sheet of paper out of a magic bag. He cuts the paper into a paper doll shaped like Jackie and dubs it Jackie Paper. He explains that Jackie Paper can do anything and then asks he if he can put his happiness into it. After he does so, the paper doll version of Jackie comes to life, and Puff then begin to make plans to go to Hannalee, which is located in the sea. Jackie admits he is afraid. Puff then helps Jackie make a boat using things in Jackie's room, such as string, sealing wax, and the frame of his bed.

They set out onto the ocean, where they meet a boat filled with kings and princes in the shape of cards. Afterward Jackie says he was afraid of pirates after hearing about them. They then run into Very Long, a giant pirate who takes them to his island. While they await their fate, Puff says that Very Long will not be scary if they get to know him. They then view his inner desire with Puff's magic smoke rings which have the power to reveal hidden things. It reveals that Very Long secretly wishes to be a baker. Jackie then goes and asks Very Long if he can make pies, which Jackie doubts Long could. After baking dozens of pies, Very Long expresses that he always wanted to be a baker, but never believed he could do it and was afraid he couldn't change from being a pirate. Jackie prompts him to make this change, and Very Long expresses his gratitude to Jackie and Puff.

They continue their journey until they reach the starless sky, where jealous clouds block out the brightness of the stars. One of the stars falls, and Puff instructs Jackie to take the small star to the sky with the boat, which Puff gives butterfly wings. In order for the ship to fly, Puff has to get out of the boat, leaving Jackie alone to face his fears. Jackie then returns the star to the sky, brightening the sky. Puff rewards Jackie with a medal for bravery.

Eventually they reach Hannalee, which, instead of a paradise, turns out to be a gloomy place. This is revealed to be the work of living sneezes that out of depression made the place gloomy to fit their mood. Puff then orders Jackie to leave, as this is no place for him. After that Puff sadly walks to his cave, realizing he wasn't brave enough to defeat the sneezes. He is then reunited with Jackie, who returns with Very Long and his chicken soup to cure the living sneezes of their colds, making them happy. They then return Hannalee to its happy glory by singing.

Once this is done, Puff and Jackie go back to Jackie's room and return Jackie to his body. Puff tells Jackie that thanks to his creativity he is now a brave boy and leaves, saying he will return to visit. Jackie's parents come into the room to find Jackie happy and talking again. They then hug Jackie and express their love for him. The film ends with Puff asking the audience if they just saw a dragon walk by, similar to what he asked Jackie at the beginning of the story.

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