Puerto Nuevo, Baja California

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Coordinates: 32°14′34″N 116°56′06″W / 32.24278°N 116.93500°W / 32.24278; -116.93500 Puerto Nuevo is a community located in Rosarito Beach Municipality in the Mexican state of Baja California; it is famous as the "Lobster Village" of Baja California. The 2010 census reported a population of 135 inhabitants.


Puerto Nuevo is a 10 minute drive south of the town of Rosarito Beach, and roughly 40 miles north of Ensenada.



There are several nice hotels in the area and dozens of restaurants - featuring lobster, of course. The town itself contains the usual shops and pharmacies found in most towns.

The famous (or infamous) surf break known as "Captain Ron's" lies 5 minutes north of Puerto Nuevo. A band of lovable misfits known as the "Kaptains Krew" frequent the surf break in periods of great swell and bad, and spend their non-surfing time imbibing multiple Schedule I and II's along with dangerous levels of alcohol.

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