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In Belgium there are ten official public holidays. Other particular days are also celebrated, but these are not official public holidays and employers are not obliged to give their employees a day off. However, some employers do award a day's holiday in accordance with union negotiations.

Public holidays[edit]

New Year'sJanuary 1NieuwjaarNeujahr
Easter MondayMonday after EasterPaasmaandagLundi de PâquesOstermontag
Labour DayMay 1Dag van de arbeidFête du TravailTag der Arbeit
Ascension39 days after EasterOnze Lieve Heer hemelvaartAscensionChristi Himmelfahrt
Pentecost MondayMonday after PentecostPinkstermaandagLundi de PentecôtePfingstmontag
Belgian National DayJuly 21Nationale feestdagFête nationaleNationalfeiertag
Assumption of MaryAugust 15Onze Lieve Vrouw hemelvaartAssomptionMariä Himmelfahrt
All Saints' DayNovember 1AllerheiligenToussaintAllerheiligen
Armistice DayNovember 11WapenstilstandJour de l'armisticeWaffenstillstand
ChristmasDecember 25KerstmisNoëlWeihnachten

As in 2008, when Labour Day and Ascension were both on May 1, employers were required to declare an additional holiday on another day in the month. May 2 had been proclaimed as the official day for this, but, in response to complaints by several industries, the government decided that the holiday could be placed on any date. In any event, most employers seem to have decided to keep May 2 as the date.

Particular days celebrated in Belgium that are not official public holidays[edit]

EpiphanyJanuary 6DriekoningenÉpiphanieErscheinung des Herrn
Valentine's DayFebruary 14ValentijnsdagSaint-ValentinValentinstag
Iris Day (observed in Brussels Region only)May 8Feest van de IrisFête de l'Irisobserved in Brussels Region only
Day of the Flemish CommunityJuly 11Feest van de Vlaamse Gemeenschapobserved in Flemish Community onlyobserved in Flemish Community only
Day of the French Community of BelgiumSeptember 27observed in the French Community onlyFête de la Communauté française de Belgiqueobserved in the French Community only
Day of the Walloon Regionthird Sunday of Septemberobserved in the Walloon Region onlyFête de la Région wallonneobserved in the Walloon Region only
HalloweenOctober 31HalloweenHalloweenHalloween
All Souls' DayNovember 2AllerzielenFête des mortsAllerseelen
Day of the German-speaking Community of BelgiumNovember 15observed in the German-speaking Community onlyobserved in the German-speaking Community onlyTag der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft
King's FeastNovember 15KoningsdagFête du RoiFesttag des Königs
Saint NicholasDecember 6SinterklaasSaint-NicolasSankt Nikolaus

The days of the three communities are holidays for their civil servants and for employees of institutions controlled, supervised or financed by them (e.g. municipalities, universities) and may also be observed by banks in the concerned community. King's feast is a holiday observed by all (i.e. federal, community or regional, provincial and local) administrations.

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