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Public domain image resources is a copy of the master Wikipedia page at Meta, which lists a number of sources of public domain images on the Web.

The presence of a resource on this list does not guarantee that all or any of the images in it are in the public domain. You are still responsible for checking the copyright status of images before you submit them to Wikipedia.

Please read the policy on image use and etiquette at: Wikipedia:Image use policy.

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General Collections[edit]

Ordered by size of collection, largest first:

US Government resources[edit]

If any page or image seems missing, replace in its URI with

Subject-based Collections[edit]

Ordered by subject, alphabetically:


Note: Accurate photographs of two-dimensional visual artworks lack expressive content and are automatically in the public domain once the painting's copyright has expired (which it has in the US if it was published before 1923). All other copyright notices can safely be ignored.


Clip Art[edit]

Clip art, in the graphic arts, refers to pre-made images used to illustrate any medium. Clip art is generally composed exclusively of illustrations (created by hand or by computer software), and does not include stock photography.



Specific periods[edit]


Logos and flags[edit]



New Zealand[edit]

Postage stamps[edit]


United States[edit]


Search Engines[edit]


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