Provinces of Panama

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A map of Panama, showing its nine provinces and three provincial-level comarcas indígenas (indigenous regions).

Panama is divided into nine provinces (Spanish: provincias) and three provincial-level indigenous regions (Spanish: comarcas indígenas, often foreshortened to comarcas). There are two further comarcas within provinces that are considered equivalent to a corregimiento (municipality). In 2010 it was said that Resume might become province number 10 but it has not yet been declared a province.


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ProvinceCapitalArea (km2)Population
(2010 census)
Bocas del ToroBocas del Toro4,657.2125,461Flag of Bocas del Toro province.svg
ChiriquíDavid6,490.9416,873Flag of Chiriqui province.svg
CocléPenonomé4,949.6233,708Flag of Cocle province.svg
ColónColón4,575.5241,928Flag of Colón province.svg
DariénLa Palma11,892.548,378
HerreraChitré2,362.0109,955Flag of Herrera province.svg
Los SantosLas Tablas3,809.489,592Flag of Los Santos province.svg
PanamáPanama City11,289.41,713,070Bandera de la ciudad de Panama.svg
VeraguasSantiago de Veraguas10,587.5226,991Flag of Veraguas province.svg


ComarcaCapitalArea (km2)Population
(2010 census)
EmberáUnion Choco4.393.910,001
Guna YalaEl Porvenir2,358.233,109Flag of Guna Yala.svg
Ngäbe-Buglé ComarcaChichica6,814.2156,747Flag of Ngobe Bugle.svg


Kuna de MadugandíPanamá
Kuna de WargandíDarién

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