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Promite /ˈprmt/ is the registered brand name for a dark brown, salty food paste mainly used as a spread on sandwiches and toast similar to the better-known Vegemite and Marmite. Promite was invented in the 1950s by Henry Lewis & Company and marketed under the Masterfoods brand. Henry Lewis & Company later became MasterFoods Australia and New Zealand, before being bought out by the privately owned Mars family's group of companies in 1967. As Mars Incorporated is a privately owned U.S. company, Promite is no longer an Australian-owned food. However, Promite is still manufactured and sold in Australia.

Promite is made from vegetables and yeast extract, and is high in various B vitamins. Promite has a sweeter taste, a darker colour and a softer, more spreadable texture than Vegemite.


Promite contains Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Sugar, Yeast Extract, Water, Salt, Colour (Caramel 150C, from Wheat), Wheaten Cornflour, Glucose (from Wheat), Spices, Emulsifier (Glycerol Monostrate), Food Acid (Citric), Added Vitamins, Vegetable Gum (Carrageenan), and Herb & Spice Extracts.[1]

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