Project Runway (season 2)

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Project Runway (season 2)
Heidi Klum and the Project Runway Season 2 contestants
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes14
Original channelBravo
Original runDecember 7, 2005 – March 8, 2006
Additional information
Filming datesJune 2005 –
WinnerChloe Dao
No. of tasks12
No. of designers16
Season chronology
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Season 1
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Season 3
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Project Runway (season 2)
Heidi Klum and the Project Runway Season 2 contestants
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes14
Original channelBravo
Original runDecember 7, 2005 – March 8, 2006
Additional information
Filming datesJune 2005 –
WinnerChloe Dao
No. of tasks12
No. of designers16
Season chronology
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Season 1
Next →
Season 3

Project Runway Season 2 was the second season of Bravo's successful Project Runway, a reality competition for fashion designers. Season 2 began airing on December 7, 2005. Following a nationwide search earlier in the year, sixteen designers were chosen as semi-finalists and brought to New York City in June 2005. After the first challenge, called "Road To The Runway", fourteen went on to compete as finalists. The winning designer, Chloe Dao, received $100,000 in seed money to help launch her own line, a 2007 Saturn Sky roadster, a spread in ELLE magazine, and a mentorship with the Banana Republic Design Team. Winning alongside Dao was her model, Grace Kelsey, who received the ELLE Magazine spread. Michael Kors and Nina Garcia returned as judges for the second season. The fourth judging seat rotated each week, based on the challenge. Tim Gunn, fashion chair at Parsons The New School for Design, returned as a mentor for the designers.

Kara Janx later appeared in Project Runway: All Stars in 2012, where she finished 7th out of 13. Andrae Gonzalo, in the same year, competed in the second season of the All Stars edition placing 10th out of 13. Third place contestant Santino Rice would later become one of the judges of another reality show, RuPaul's Drag Race.


The 16 contestants in Season 2 were:

ContestantAgeHometownPlace Finished
John Wade24Los Angeles, CA16th
Heidi Standridge25Atlanta, GA15th
Kirsten Ehrig37Los Angeles, CA14th
Raymundo Baltazar24Los Angeles, CA13th
Daniel Franco34Los Angeles, CA12th
Guadalupe Vidal29Los Angeles, CA11th
Marla Duran51Allentown, PA10th
Diana Eng22Jacksonville, FL9th
Emmett McCarthy42New York, NY8th
Zulema Griffin28New York, NY7th
Andrae Gonzalo32Los Angeles, CA6th
Nick Verreos38Los Angeles, CA5th
Kara Janx29Johannesburg, South Africa4th
Santino Rice30Los Angeles, CA3rd
Daniel Vosovic24Grand Rapids, MIRunner-up
Chloe Dao33Houston, TXWinner

(ages listed are the designers' ages at the time the show was taped in the summer of 2005.)

Daniel F. had been a competitor in the first season and was eliminated in that season's first episode. Determined to show that the judges "made a mistake" in eliminating him so soon, he returned to the nationwide tryouts with samples from his own design line. The evaluation panel at the tryouts decided to give him one more chance and brought him back as a contestant for season two.

The 16 models competing for an ELLE spread in the second season were:

ContestantHometownPlace Finished
Maria Lucia Santiago16th (Quit)
Alyssa DaughertyOil City, PA15th
Melissa BraiserNew York, NY14th
Allison McAteeErie, PA13th
Eliza JaneSan Francisco, CA11th
Cara RobertsDarien, CT10th
Lesley Ann Williams9th
Shannon FluetBoston, MA8th
Tarah RodgersNorth Carolina7th
Danyelle VilmenayBaltimore, MD6th
Rachael Hartzog5th
Eden HendersonQueens, NY4th
Heather Brown3rd
Rebecca HollidaySavannah, GARunner-up
Grace KelseySan Diego, CAWinner


Elimination Chart
Designers123456789101114Eliminated Episode
DianaLOWINININLOWOUT6 - Window Shopping
GuadalupeININININOUT5 - Social Scene
Daniel F.LOWHIGHINOUT4 - Team Lingerie
RaymundoININOUT3 - All Dolled Up
KirstenINOUT2 - Clothes Off Your Back
HeidiOUT1 - Road To Runway
     Limegreen background and WINNER means the designer won Project Runway Season 2.
     Blue background and WIN means the designer won that challenge.
     Red background and OUT means the designer lost and was out of the competition.
     Turquoise background and HIGH means the designer had the second highest score for that challenge.
     Light blue background and HIGH means the designer had one of the highest scores for that challenge.
     Pink background and LOW means the designers had one of the lowest scores for that challenge.
     Orange background and LOW means the designer was in the bottom two.


Elimination Chart
     The model was the winner of Project Runway season 2.
     The model the won the challenge.
     The model wore the losing designers outfit.
     The model was brought back into the competition.
     The model withdrew from the competition.
     The model was out of Project Runway season 2.

Designer legend


Episode 1: Road To The Runway[edit]

Original Airdate: December 7, 2005

Before arriving in New York, the 16 contestants being considered for positions in this season's competing cast were given six yards of plain white muslin, $20, and one week to create an outfit that best represents who they are as a fashion designer. After arriving, the 16 contestants found that only 14 positions were available in the Parsons workroom and thus two would be eliminated at the runway judging.

WINNER: Santino
ELIMINATED: Heidi & John

Episode 2: Clothes Off Your Back[edit]

Original Airdate: December 7, 2005

Designers made an outfit using only the clothes they were wearing at the moment the challenge was announced. They had one day to complete their designs. This episode is best remembered for Andrae's tear-filled panic attack on the runway, and the judges relatively unfeeling response.


Episode 3: All Dolled Up[edit]

Original Airdate: December 14, 2005

Designers created a life-sized outfit for the My Scene Barbie collection. The winning designer's outfit would be duplicated for the My Scene Barbie collection. The designers had a budget of $150 and two days to complete the design.


Episode 4: Team Lingerie[edit]

Original Airdate: December 21, 2005

Designers created a lingerie line consisting of three looks. A team event with four teams, each with a lead designer and two assistants. The designers had a budget of $200 and one day to complete the collection.

TeamTeam LeaderTeam Members (in the order of being chosen)
1Daniel V.Andrae, Zulema
2Daniel F.Chloe, Kara
3SantinoNick, Emmett
4DianaGuadalupe, Marla
WINNER: Daniel V.

Episode 5: Social Scene[edit]

Original Airdate: January 4, 2006

Designers created a party dress for socialite Nicky Hilton. The designers had a budget of $150 and two days to complete the designs.

WINNER: Santino

Episode 6: Window Shopping[edit]

Original Airdate: January 11, 2006

Designers created a day-to-evening ensemble for Banana Republic. A team event with five teams of two. Both designers on the losing team were eliminated. Each team had to finish their garment in one day. After that, all teams went to Banana Republic and each had to make a window that showed the idea of the dress; they had 30 minutes to buy all the materials they needed for the display and an hour to finish. The winner was chosen by votes from Banana Republic clients.

The teams were:

  • Chloe and Emmett
  • Daniel V. and Andrae
  • Kara and Zulema
  • Santino and Nick
  • Diana and Marla
WINNERS: Andrae & Daniel V.
ELIMINATED: Diana & Marla

Episode 7: On Thin Ice[edit]

Original Airdate: January 18, 2006

Designers created a figure skating outfit for 2006 Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen. The designers had a budget of $150 and two days to complete the design.

WINNER: Zulema

Episode 8: Inspiration[edit]

Original Airdate: January 25, 2006

Designers took photos around New York and picked one to be an inspiration for an outfit. The designers had a budget of $100 and one day to complete the outfit.

This episode is most notable for Zulema's "Model Walk Off." Prior to this episode, all the winning designers stuck with their original models when given the chance to change by Heidi. Zulema stunned everyone when she not only announced she was changing models, but also making this decision by picking three girls to have a "walk off." She chose the eliminated Emmett's model Shannon, Andrae's model Danyelle, and Nick's model Tarah for consideration. She switched to Tarah, which left Rachael with Nick and eliminated Shannon.

WINNER: Daniel V.

Episode 9: Flower Power[edit]

Original Airdate: February 1, 2006

Designers created a dress using only natural materials purchased in the New York Flower District. The designers had a budget of $100 and one hour for the purchases.

WINNER: Daniel V.

Episode 10: Makeover[edit]

Original Airdate: February 8, 2006

Designers created a new look to make over a fellow contestant, who then modeled the new look on the runway. Chloe designed for Nick, Nick designed for Daniel V., Daniel V. designed for Chloe, Kara designed for Santino, and Santino designed for Kara.


Episode 11: What's Your Line?[edit]

Original Airdate: February 15, 2006

Designers made an evening dress for supermodel Iman. The evening dress also reflected the line which the designers will show at Olympus Fashion Week.

WINNER: Daniel V.

Episode 12: Reunion[edit]

Original Airdate: February 22, 2006

All of the designers gathered for a reunion hosted by Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum on the eve of New York Fashion Week at which the final three designers will display their collections.

Episode 13: Finale - Part 1[edit]

Original Airdate: March 1, 2006

The three final designers were shown at home when Tim Gunn visited them, and then returned to New York to prepare their collections for showing at New York Olympus Fashion Week. Back in New York, they were surprised to find out that they had to complete one final challenge: an additional garment that they each had to design with the aid of one eliminated designer of their choice. Nick, Andrae, and Diana returned to help Daniel V., Santino, and Chloe, respectively.

Episode 14: Finale - Part 2[edit]

Original Airdate: March 8, 2006

Chloe, Daniel V., and Santino displayed their final collections of thirteen pieces at New York Olympus Fashion Week.

ELIMINATED: Daniel V. (1st Runner-up) & Santino (2nd Runner-up)

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