President of Nicaragua

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President of Nicaragua
Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg
Presidential Seal
Daniel Ortega (cropped).jpg
Daniel Ortega

since January 10, 2007
Term lengthFive years
Inaugural holderFruto Chamorro
Formation30 April 1854
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President of Nicaragua
Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg
Presidential Seal
Daniel Ortega (cropped).jpg
Daniel Ortega

since January 10, 2007
Term lengthFive years
Inaugural holderFruto Chamorro
Formation30 April 1854
Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg
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The position of President of Nicaragua was created in the Constitution of 1854. From 1825 until the Constitution of 1838 the title of the position was known as Head of State (Jefe de Estado) and from 1838 to 1854 as Supreme Director (Supremo Director).

Heads of State of Nicaragua within the Federal Republic of Central America (1821–1838)[edit]

Heads of State of the Independent Republic of Nicaragua (1838–present)[edit]

Supreme Directors (1838–1854)[edit]

Presidents (1854–present)[edit]

PresidentTook officeLeft officeParty
Fruto ChamorroFruto Chamorro.jpg30 April 185412 March 1855Conservative
José María Estrada (acting)Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg12 March 185522 October 1855Conservative
Patricio Rivas (provisional)Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg30 October 185524 June 1857Conservative
William Walker
William Walker by Brady.jpg12 July 18561 May 1857Filibuster
Government JuntaCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg24 June 185715 November 1857Conservative/Liberal
Tomás MartínezTMARTINEZ.jpg15 November 18571 March 1867Conservative
Fernando Guzmán SolórzanoCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg1 March 18671 March 1871Conservative
José Vicente CuadraJose Vicente Cuadra.jpg1 March 18711 March 1875Conservative
Pedro Joaquín Chamorro AlfaroCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg1 March 18751 March 1879Conservative
Joaquín ZavalaCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg1 March 18791 March 1883Conservative
Adán CárdenasCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg1 March 18831 March 1887Conservative
Evaristo CarazoCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg1 March 18871 August 1889Conservative
Nicolás Osorno (acting)Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg1 August 18895 August 1889Conservative
Roberto Sacasa (acting)Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg5 August 18891 January 1891Conservative
Ignacio Chaves LópezCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg1 January 18911 March 1891Conservative
Roberto SacasaCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg1 March 189111 July 1893Conservative
Salvador Machado (acting)Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg11 July 189315 July 1893Conservative
Joaquín Zavala (acting)Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg16 July 189325 July 1893Conservative
José Santos ZelayaJZelaya.jpg25 July 189321 December 1909Liberal
José Madriz (acting)Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg21 December 190920 August 1910Liberal
José Dolores Estrada (acting)Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg20 August 191027 August 1910Conservative
Luis Mena (acting)Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg27 August 191030 August 1910Conservative
Juan José Estrada (provisional)Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg30 August 19109 May 1911Conservative
Adolfo DíazAdolfo Díaz, 1912.jpg9 May 19111 January 1917Conservative
Emiliano Chamorro VargasEmiliano Chamorro Vargas.jpg1 January 19171 January 1921Conservative
Diego Manuel ChamorroDiego Manuel Carazo.jpg1 January 192112 October 1923Conservative
Rosendo Chamorro (acting)Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg12 October 192327 October 1923Conservative
Bartolomé MartínezCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg27 October 19231 January 1925Conservative
Carlos José SolórzanoCarlos José Solórzano.jpg1 January 192514 March 1926Conservative
Emiliano Chamorro Vargas (de facto, military)Emiliano Chamorro Vargas.jpg14 March 192611 November 1926Conservative
Sebastián Uriza (acting)Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg11 November 192614 November 1926Conservative
Adolfo DíazAdolfo Díaz, 1912.jpg14 November 19261 January 1929Conservative
José María Moncada TapiaCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg1 January 19291 January 1933Liberal
Juan Bautista SacasaJ B Sacasa.jpg1 January 19339 June 1936Liberal
Carlos Alberto Brenes (acting)Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg9 June 19361 January 1937Liberal
Anastasio Somoza GarcíaPerón y Somoza.JPG1 January 19371 May 1947Military/Nationalist Liberal Party
Leonardo Argüello BarretoCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg1 May 194726 May 1947Nationalist Liberal Party
Benjamín Lacayo Sacasa (acting)Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg26 May 194715 August 1947Nationalist Liberal Party
Víctor Manuel Román y ReyesCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg15 August 19476 May 1950Nationalist Liberal Party
Manuel Fernando Zurita (acting)Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg6 May 19507 May 1950Nationalist Liberal Party
Anastasio Somoza GarcíaPerón y Somoza.JPG7 May 195029 September 1956Military/Nationalist Liberal Party
Luis Somoza DebayleCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg29 September 19561 May 1963Nationalist Liberal Party
René SchickCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg1 May 19633 August 1966Nationalist Liberal Party
Orlando Montenegro Medrano (acting)Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg3 August 19664 August 1966Nationalist Liberal Party
Lorenzo GuerreroCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg4 August 19661 May 1967Nationalist Liberal Party
Anastasio Somoza DebayleCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg1 May 19671 May 1972Military/Nationalist Liberal Party
Liberal-Conservative JuntaCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg1 May 19721 December 1974Nationalist Liberal Party/Social Conservative Party
Anastasio Somoza DebayleCoat of arms of Nicaragua.svg1 December 197417 July 1979Military/Nationalist Liberal Party
Francisco Urcuyo (acting)Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg17 July 197918 July 1979Nationalist Liberal Party
Junta of National Reconstruction
(Coordinator: Daniel Ortega)
Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg18 July 197910 January 1985Multipartisan / Sandinista National Liberation Front
Daniel OrtegaOrtega03032007.jpg10 January 198525 April 1990Sandinista National Liberation Front
Violeta ChamorroVioleta Chamorro 1993.jpg25 April 199010 January 1997National Opposition Union
Arnoldo AlemánArnoldo Alemán.JPG10 January 199710 January 2002Constitutionalist Liberal Party
Enrique BolañosEnrique Bolaños Geyer 2004.jpg10 January 200210 January 2007Constitutionalist Liberal Party
Daniel OrtegaOrtega03032007.jpg10 January 2007IncumbentSandinista National Liberation Front

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Latest election[edit]

e • d  Summary of the 6 November 2011 Nicaraguan presidential election results
Candidates – PartiesVotes%
Daniel OrtegaSandinista National Liberation Front1,569,28762.46
Fabio Gadea MantillaIndependent Liberal Party778,88931.00
Arnoldo AlemánConstitutionalist Liberal Party148,5075.91
Enrique Quiñonez – Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance10,0030.40
Miguel Angel García – Alliance for the Republic5,8980.23
Total votes2,512,584100.00
Source: CSE


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