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President of
the Republic of Chile
Flag of the President of Chile.svg
Michele Bachelet (2009).jpg
Michelle Bachelet

since 11 March 2014
StyleHer Excellency
ResidenceLa Moneda Palace
Term lengthFour years, not eligible for re-election immediately
Inaugural holderManuel Blanco Encalada
Formation9 July 1826
WebsiteGovernment of Chile
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President of
the Republic of Chile
Flag of the President of Chile.svg
Michele Bachelet (2009).jpg
Michelle Bachelet

since 11 March 2014
StyleHer Excellency
ResidenceLa Moneda Palace
Term lengthFour years, not eligible for re-election immediately
Inaugural holderManuel Blanco Encalada
Formation9 July 1826
WebsiteGovernment of Chile

The President of the Republic of Chile (Spanish: Presidente de la República de Chile) is the head of state and the head of government of the Republic of Chile. The President is responsible for both government and state administration.[1] Although its role and significance has changed over the history of Chile, as well as its position and relations with other actors in the national political organization, it is one of the most prominent political figures. It is also considered as one of the institutions that make up the "Historic Constitution of Chile", and is essential to the country's political stability.[2]

Under the current Constitution (adopted in the 1980), the President is elected to serve for a period of four years, with immediate re-election being prohibited. The shorter period (previously the term was six years) allows for parliamentary and presidential elections to be synchronized. The official seat of the President of Chile is the La Moneda Palace in the capital Santiago.

List of heads of state of Chile (1810–present)[edit]

Heads of state during the Chilean War of Independence (1810–1826)[edit]


      Royalists       Patriots       Independent

      Pelucones       Pipiolos

ElectedTook OfficeLeft OfficePolitical Party
Flag of Chile (1812-1814).svgOld Fatherland (1810–1814) • Coat of arms of Chile (1812-1814).svg
1Mateo de Toro y Zambrano.jpgMateo de Toro Zambrano
18 September 181026 February 1811Royalists
2Juan Martínez de Rozas.JPGJuan Martínez de Rozas
26 February 18112 April 1811Patriots
3Fernando Marquez de la Plata.jpgFernando Márquez de la Plata
18112 April 181120 July 1811Royalists
4MartinCalvoEncalada.jpgMartín Calvo Encalada
20 July 181116 November 1811Patriots
5Pintura José Miguel Carrera.jpgJosé Miguel Carrera
16 November 181123 August 1813Patriots
6JMinfante.jpgJosé Miguel Infante
23 August 181311 January 1814Patriots
7AgustinEyzaguirre.jpgAgustín Eyzaguirre
11 January 18147 March 1814Patriots
8Antonio de Irisarri.jpgAntonio José de Irisarri
7 March 181414 March 1814Patriots
9Fco. de la Lastra.JPGFrancisco de la Lastra
14 March 181423 July 1814Patriots
10Pintura José Miguel Carrera.jpgJosé Miguel Carrera
23 July 18142 October 1814Patriots
Flag of Spain (1785-1873 and 1875-1931).svgSpanish Reconquest (1814–1817) • Spanish empire coat of arms.PNG
1MarianoOsorio.JPGMariano Osorio
2 October 181426 December 1815Royalists
2CasimiroMarcoDelPont.JPGFrancisco Marcó del Pont
26 December 181512 February 1817Royalists
Flag of Chile (1817-1818).svgNew Fatherland (1817–1826) • Coat of arms of Chile (1818).svg
1FRuizTagle.jpgFrancisco Ruiz-Tagle
12 February 181716 February 1817Independent /
2Ohiggins.jpgBernardo O'Higgins
16 February 181728 January 1823Independent /
3AgustinEyzaguirre.jpgAgustín Eyzaguirre
182228 January 18234 April 1823Independent
4Ramón Freire.jpegRamón Freire
18234 April 18239 July 1826Pipiolos

Presidents of the Republic of Chile (1826–present)[edit]


      Independent       Pipiolos       Pelucones

      Conservative Party       National Party       Liberal Party       Liberal Democratic Party       Radical Party       Christian Democratic Party       Socialist Party


      Christian Democratic Party       Party for Democracy       Socialist Party       National Renewal

ElectedTook OfficeLeft OfficePolitical Party
(Political Coalition)
1Manuel Blanco Encalada (Nataniel Hughes, 1853).jpgManuel Blanco Encalada
18269 July 18269 September 1826Independent
2AgustinEyzaguirre.jpgAgustín Eyzaguirre
9 September 182625 January 1827Independent
3Ramón Freire Presidente.jpgRamón Freire Serrano
182725 January 18278 May 1827Pipiolos
4Francisco A Pinto.jpgFrancisco Antonio Pinto
8 May 182724 December 1829Pipiolos
José Tomás Ovalle.jpgJosé Tomás Ovalle
24 December 182918 September 1831Pelucones
5Presidente José Joaquín Prieto.JPGJosé Joaquín Prieto
183118 September 183118 September 1836Pelucones
183618 September 183618 September 1841Conservative Party
6ManuelBulnes.JPGManuel Bulnes
184118 September 184118 September 1846Conservative Party
184618 September 184618 September 1851
7Manuel Montt presidente-2.jpgManuel Montt
185118 September 185118 September 1856Conservative Party
185618 September 185618 September 1861National Party
8JJPEREZ.pngJosé Joaquín Pérez
186118 September 186118 September 1866National Party
186618 September 186618 September 1871
9Federico Errázuriz Zañartu.jpgFederico Errázuriz Zañartu
187118 September 187118 September 1876Liberal Party
10Anibal Pinto 3.jpgAníbal Pinto
187618 September 187618 September 1881Liberal Party
(Liberal Alliance)
11DomingoSantaMariaGonzalez.jpgDomingo Santa María
188118 September 188118 September 1886Liberal Party
(Liberal Alliance)
12JoseManuelBalmaceda.JPGJosé Manuel Balmaceda
188618 September 188631 August 1891Liberal Party
(Liberal Alliance)
13Jorge Montt Alvarez(3).jpgJorge Montt
189131 August 189118 September 1896Independent
14Federico Errázuriz Echaurren.jpgFederico Errázuriz Echaurren
189631 August 189612 July 1901
(death in office)
Liberal Party
15German Riesco.jpgGermán Riesco
190118 September 190118 September 1906Liberal Party
(Liberal Alliance)
16Retrato de Pedro Montt.JPGPedro Montt
190618 September 190616 August 1910National Party
(Liberal Alliance)
17Barros Luco2.jpgRamón Barros Luco
191023 December 191023 December 1915Liberal Party
(Liberal Alliance)
18Jlsanfuentes.PNGJuan Luis Sanfuentes
191523 December 191523 December 1920Liberal Democratic Party
19Alessandri Ulk (1932).jpgArturo Alessandri Palma
192023 December 192011 September 1924
(deposed by a coup)
Liberal Party
(Liberal Alliance)
Government Junta (1924–1925)
20Emiliano Figueroa retrato.jpgEmiliano Figueroa Larraín
192523 December 192510 May 1927
(deposed by a coup)
Liberal Democratic Party
21Carlos Ibanez.jpgCarlos Ibáñez del Campo
192710 May 192715 November 1931Independent
22JEMontero.jpgJuan Esteban Montero
193115 November 19314 June 1932
(deposed by a coup)
Radical Party
Government Junta of Socialist Republic (1932)
23Alessandri Ulk (1932).jpgArturo Alessandri Palma
193224 December 193224 December 1938Liberal Party
24Pedro Aguirre Cerda.jpgPedro Aguirre Cerda
193824 December 193825 November 1941
(death in office)
Radical Party
(Popular Front)
25Retrato del Presidente Juan Antonio Ríos.jpgJuan Antonio Ríos
19422 April 194227 June 1946
(death in office)
Radical Party
(Democratic Alliance)
26Gabriel Gonzalez Videla.jpgGabriel González Videla
19463 November 19463 November 1952Radical Party
27Carlos Ibanez.jpgCarlos Ibáñez del Campo
19523 November 19523 November 1958Independent
28Retrato de Jorge Alessandri con banda presidencial.JPGJorge Alessandri Rodríguez
19583 November 19583 November 1964Independent
(Democratic Front of Chile)
29Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva 2 (cropped).jpgEduardo Frei Montalva
19643 November 19643 November 1970Christian Democratic Party
30Salvador Allende Gossens-.jpgSalvador Allende Gossens
19703 November 197011 September 1973
(deposed by a coup)
Socialist Party
(Popular Unity)
31Pinochet de Civil.jpgAugusto Pinochet Ugarte
11 September 197311 March 1981Military
11 March 198111 March 1990
32Aylwin Banda.jpgPatricio Aylwin Azócar
(born in 1918)
198911 March 199011 March 1994Christian Democratic Party
33Eduardo Frei 1998 (recorte).jpgEduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle
(born in 1942)
199311 March 199411 March 2000Christian Democratic Party
34Ricardo Lagos despedida (cropped).jpgRicardo Lagos Escobar
(born in 1938)
199911 March 200011 March 2006Party for Democracy
35Michele Bachelet (2009).jpgMichelle Bachelet Jeria
(born in 1951)
200511 March 200611 March 2010Socialist Party
36Fotografía oficial del Presidente Sebastián Piñera - 2.jpgSebastián Piñera Echenique
(born in 1949)
200911 March 201011 March 2014National Renewal
37Michele Bachelet (2009).jpgMichelle Bachelet Jeria
(born in 1951)
201311 March 2014IncumbentSocialist Party
(Nueva Mayoría)

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