Jean Louis Marie Poiret

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This article is about the botanist Jean Poiret. For the scriptwriter and actor, see Jean Poiret.

Jean Louis Marie Poiret ( 11 June 1755 in Saint-Quentin – 7 April 1834 in Paris) was a French clergyman, botanist and explorer.

From 1785 to 1786 he was sent by Louis XVI to Algeria to study the flora. After the French Revolution he became a professor of natural history at the Écoles Centrale of Aisne.

The genus Poiretia of the Fabaceae was named after him in 1807 by Étienne Pierre Ventenat.

Selected publications[edit]


"Poiretia, la revue naturaliste du Maghreb" is a free online natural history journal created in 2008. It discusses (in French) the flora and fauna inventory, description and mapping in north-western Africa (Maghreb). Its name is dedicated to Jean Louis Marie Poiret, as a tribute to his famous Voyage en Barbarie published in 1789.