Philadelphia Marathon

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Philadelphia Marathon
LocationPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
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Philadelphia Marathon
LocationPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania

The Philadelphia Marathon (aka the Philadelphia Independence Marathon), founded in 1954, is an annual marathon sporting event hosted by the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the third Sunday of November each year. The course is a certified 42.195 kilometres (26.219 mi), and is sanctioned by the USA Track & Field.


In 2011, two competitors died. One was a 21-year-old student; the other was a 40-year-old experienced triathlete.[1]

In 2013, Gore-Tex was announced to be the title sponsor for the next three years.[2]


The course begins and ends at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Throughout the race, runners travel through the heart of the city, including around City Hall. The course also features a trip along the Schuylkill River and a visit to Manayunk.

Runner information[edit]

The event also serves as a qualifying race for entry into the Boston Marathon for participants whose times meet age group bracketed standards. The race also features a state of the art timing system, using a small chip that attached to the back of each runner's bib that provides a 'chip time' for when the person has crossed the start and finish lines, as well as giving a traditional 'gun time'.


Several cash prizes are awarded.

All runners receive a Philadelphia Marathon T-shirt, a Finisher Medal, a result postcard with individual information, and a Finisher Certificate.


The Rothman Institute sponsors an 8-km (about 5 miles) companion race to the Philadelphia Marathon. This race follows a shorter loop of the marathon. Each runner receives a T-shirt and a postcard with his/her results.


YearMen's timeMen's winnerCountryWomen's timeWomen's winnerCountry
18 Nov, 20122:17:49Michael McKeeman United States2:35:37Irina Mashkantseva Russia
20 Nov, 20112:19:16Folisho Tuko United States2:35:46Mariska Kramer Netherlands
22 Nov, 20102:21:28Daniel Vassallo (MA) United States2:38:55Mariska Kramer Netherlands
22 Nov, 20092:17:15John Crews (NC) United States2:46:44Jutta Merilainen Finland
23 Nov, 20082:19:57Andrey Toptun Ukraine2:44:02Vera Ovcharuk Ukraine
18 Nov, 20072:25:01Timothy Psitet Kenya2:42:05Kristin Price (NC) United States
19 Nov, 20062:17:09Hosea Kimutai Kenya2:40:31Maryina Bychkova Russia
20 Nov, 20052:21:02Joseph Ndiritu-2 Kenya2:43:07Emily Kroshus Canada
21 Nov, 20042:19:43Michael Korir-2 Kenya2:41:57Larisa Mikhailova Russia
23 Nov, 20032:16:47Joseph Ndiritu Kenya2:45:05Seana Carmean (MA) United States
24 Nov, 20022:18:43Michael Korir Kenya2:39:47Tatyana Maslova Russia
18 Nov, 20012:21:07Gennadiy Temnikov Russia2:41:05Elena Plastinina Ukraine
19 Nov, 20002:18:03Brian Clas (NY) United States2:41:56Elvira Kolpakova Russia
21 Nov, 19992:25:46Tesfaye Bekele Ethiopia2:37:59Anne Marie Lauck (NJ) United States
22 Nov, 19982:24:12Ryan Grote (NJ) United States2:44:59Jan Wanklyn-2 United States
23 Nov, 19972:19:03Gavin Gaynor (PA) United States2:41:35Sarah Hunter Canada
24 Nov, 19962:19:55Nikolic Srba Yugoslavia2:50:01Bea Marie Altieri (MD) United States
19 Nov, 19952:20:15Mark Andrews (NC) United States2:39:54Jeanne Peterson (NY) United States
20 Nov, 19942:21:22Charles Crabb (PA) United States2:52:08Jan Wanklyn (PA) United States
Not held 1990-93
19892:22Tim Wunch United States
19882:32:23Fred Schneck (PA) United States
29 Nov, 19872:24:08Tim Wunsch United States2:54:12Lori Lawson United States
23 Nov, 19862:25:25Ira Meyers (PA) United States2:47:15Doreen Mastalli (NY) United States
24 Nov, 19852:18:27aDerrick Adamson-2 United States2:38:30aSandra Mewett Bermuda
25 Nov, 19842:16:39aDerrick Adamson Jamaica2:42:30aBarbara Filtuze (PA) United States
27 Nov, 19832:15:26aSam Pelletier (ME) United States2:36:38aJane Welzel United States
28 Nov, 19822:14:59aWilliam Scholl (NJ) United States2:34:28aJan Yerkes-2 United States
29 Nov, 19812:17:25aDave Patterson (PA) United States2:39:11aJan Yerkes (PA) United States
30 Nov, 19802:26:18William Devoe United States3:04:36Pam Borowsky United States
25 Nov, 19792:30:06Richard Hayden United States3:05:21Chris Schilling United States
26 Nov, 19782:22:38Richard diSebastian-2 United States2:56:05Carol Geig United States
19772:25:59Richard diSebastian United States
19762:24:59.6Dave Patterson United States
29 Nov, 19752:26:12Carlo Cherubino &
Larry Frederick
 United States3:04:44Nancy KentCornell
01 Dec, 19742:21:57Bill Rodgers (MA) United States3:25:33Mary Devlin United States
25 Nov, 19732:29:44.4Bill Bragg United States
26 Nov, 19722:27:29.5Rick Bayko United States
28 Nov, 19712:26:44.8Moses Mayfield-2 United States
29 Nov, 19702:24:29Moses Mayfield United States
30 Nov, 19692:32:52.4Leo Duart United States
19682:36:35.6Jim McDonagh United States
03 Dec, 19672:24:23Bill Clark (CA) United States
18 Dec, 19662:24:43.4Amby Burfoot (CT) United States3:58:39Sue Morse United States
26 Dec, 19652:34:07.6Tom Osler (NJ) United States
24 Jan, 19652:37:23John Kelly (NY) United States
19 Jan, 19642:20:05Adolf Gruber-2 Austria
27 Jan, 19632:39:49Adolf Gruber Austria
28 Jan, 19622:33:13.6Ted Corbitt -4 United States
Not held 1960-1961
25 Jan, 19592:29:43Ted Corbitt-3 United States
05 Jan, 19582:26:44Ted Corbitt-2 United States
27 Jan, 19572:31:19Jack Barry-2 United States
29 Jan, 19562:36:09Jack Barry (PA) United States
30 Jan, 19552:25:23Johnny J Kelley United States
31 Jan, 19542:36:06Ted Corbitt (NY) United States

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