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Pete Namlook (born 25 November 1960 as Peter Kuhlmann [ˈkuːlmaːn] in Frankfurt, Germany, died on 8 November 2012[1]) was an ambient and electronic-music producer and composer. In 1992, he founded the German record label FAX +49-69/450464, which he oversaw. Inspired by the music of Eberhard Weber, Miles Davis, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Chopin, Wendy Carlos, Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd, he also composed his own albums.

As of August 2005, Namlook and company had released 135 albums (excluding re-releases, vinyl singles, compilations of existing material, and FAX releases beginning with PS, in which he personally is not involved in the music making).

Pete Namlook has released many solo albums, as well as collaboration albums with notable artists such as Klaus Schulze, Bill Laswell, Geir Jenssen (alias Biosphere), Atom Heart, Richie Hawtin, Tetsu Inoue, Dr. Atmo, and Tying Tiffany.

"Namlook" is "Koolman" spelled backwards, which is the German pronunciation of his real name.

Kuhlmann died on 8 November 2012 after suffering a heart attack.[2]


These are all of Namlook's project series on the FAX label, with the number of albums in each series. For one-shot albums, the title is given without a number after it.

(Note: These are only the CD releases. Vinyl singles and EPs are not included. There are no full length LPs on FAX.)

with Dr. Atmo
with Atom Heart
with Karl Berger
with Dandy Jack
with DJ Brainwave
with DJ Criss
with DJ Dag
with Pascal F.E.O.S.
with Gaudi
with Rob Gordon
with Robert Görl
with Richie Hawtin
with Hubertus Held
with Higher Intelligence Agency
with Tetsu Inoue
with Geir Jenssen
with Bill Laswell
with Mixmaster Morris
with David Moufang
with New Composers
with Burhan Öçal
with Jochem Paap
with Peter Prochir
with Ludwig Rehberg
with Robert Sattler
with Klaus Schulze
with Jonah Sharp
with Wolfram Spyra
with Steve Stoll
with Charles Uzzell-Edwards
with Lorenzo Montanà

Yesterday & Tomorrow[edit]

This was a short-lived sub-label of FAX that was created to showcase a more classical side of ambient music. On these releases he goes by Peter Kuhlmann, his real name, rather than Pete Namlook.

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