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Pergament Home Centers (today operating as Pergament Properties) is a former home improvement store chain in the New York tri-state area, with a heavy concentration of stores in New York and a few stores in New Jersey and Connecticut. They were home improvement stores similar to Rickel, which had a fairly diverse range of products. These stores did reasonably well until Home Depot did a major expansion starting in 1989 (taking over the retail space of many closing Modell's Shopping World locations).

In the 1990s, Pergament closed its New Jersey stores and focused its business on its stores in the five boroughs of New York City. These stores would eventually close with the liquidation of Pergament's inventory in 2001. However, as Pergament owned the land, and in 9 specific cases, the malls on which its stores were located, the company refocused on its real estate holdings, which remains its business today. One of the largest stores Westbury, New York is now Micro Center.

Pergament carried a full line of paints, and the house brand(s) were usually on a 2 for the price of one sale. They were made by the Hoboken Paint Company, which was partly owned by Pergament. Lumber, tools, wallpaper, electrical supply, flooring and window treatments were also on the menu in the stores.

Co-founder Murray Pergament would visit the stores from time to time in the 1980s. He would inspect the men's bathroom as part of his tour. In his estimation, it was said at the time: "if the bathroom was clean then the store was being well run."

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