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Per Lysne (December 8, 1880 - 1947) was an artist most associated with bringing the traditional Norwegian folk art of Rosemaling to the United States.[1]


Lysne was born in Laerdal, Sogn, Norway. He had been trained in rosemaling by his father, Anders Olsen, an artist whose work was recognized at the Paris Exposition in 1893. Lysne immigrated to Stoughton, Wisconsin with his wife in 1907. He specialized in redecorating antique chests and painting large platters. He developed a thriving rosemaling enterprise and taught the art to a select few. His signature piece, the smorgasbord plate, was not an object that typically had been decorated, but Lysne's new form had a pervasive influence.[2]

The Stoughton Historical Museum has an exhibit devoted to Mr. Lysne's work. Many of his decorative chests can be seen at Little Norway museum in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin.[3]


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