Peppermint Park

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Peppermint Park was an amusement park in Houston, Texas. It was open from the 1960s through the early 1990s. It was open year round, and the park was decorated for the current season. For example, pumpkins would be displayed in the fall, and Santa Claus would come visit every December.

The "park" was housed mostly in a large, metal warehouse-type building with a red-and-white-striped exterior. The building had garage doors all around that were opened to create an outdoor environment. Outside areas were used for birthday parties, the park's speciality. Most of the carnival-type rides were geared for small children.

The park was located in the southwest area of Houston, near Sugar Land, Texas, a town named for its affiliation with the Imperial Sugar company. After the park closed, the candy-striped building, repainted gray in recent years, has been used to house an auto-body shop business.

When the original location closed, the contents of the business were divided and sold. Jeffrey Love of Friendswood, TX purchased 10 of the higher quality rides, including: Merry Go Round, Boat Ride, Airplane Ride, The Whip, Bounce Houses, Ball Pit and more. He created a fully indoor version of Peppermint Park from 1986 to 1994 in Friendswood, TX. This incarnation of the business was located off of FM 528 in an old grocery store that was turned into a candy-striped interior filled with fun. In addition to the ten rides, the walls were lined with coin operated rides, a long section dedicated as a party room, and the back wall was a snack counter that included the typical amusement park fare: cotton candy, hot dogs, sno cones, nachos and popcorn.

There was also a Peppermint Park located near Gulfgate Shopping Center on IH45 during the 60s.