Penton Hook Island

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Fishing at Penton Hook Island

Penton Hook Island is an island in the River Thames in England adjacent to Penton Hook Lock, near Laleham, Surrey. At this point the natural course of the river makes a large loop or "hook" round the island, although this flow has been managed since its construction by the large weir at the midpoint of the long loop. The island is easily reached by crossing from the lock.

The island was created artificially when Penton Hook Lock was built, although before the lock was built, Thames waters would often flood across the neck of the "hook". The island is uninhabited, wooded and secluded and developed for conservation purposes. There is a backwater dug out to provide a fish refuge when the stream is strong and a fish spawning stream constructed in 1999. The Island has many paths and is therefore interesting for wildlife. It particularly caters for angling - permits can be obtained from the Environment Agency.

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Coordinates: 51°24′42″N 0°30′07″W / 51.41167°N 0.50194°W / 51.41167; -0.50194