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Pendor is a fictional ringworld from the Pendorwright stories written by Elf Sternberg. It rotates around a center star Pin, its day-night cycle simulated by a ring of shadow blocks rotating between Pendor and Pin, creating 292 day/night cycles per earth year. The system also includes a planet called Pandora, its moon Pindam and a space station called Parma.

In one of the earliest Journal Entries, Kennet Shardik travels back in time to give an earlier version of himself his Artificial Intelligence, named Fawn Destiniere. The earlier Shardik, after consultation with Fawn, decided to create Pendor. They created it in a "pocket universe", where it developed while Shardik was in suspended animation. When it was ready to support life, Shardik, Fawn, and other AIs developed new species to live there, including Centaurs, Dragons, Felinzi, and Tindals. Immediately before the first Centaur was decanted, Shardik delivered Fawn to himself and, on his return, dumped all of the databanks, so that the inhabitants, both silicon- and carbon-based, would have to explore and learn about it on their own.[1] 93 Pendorian years later, the pocket universe was opened up and Pendor moved into our universe.[2] As Pendor is explored, a network of SDisks is built, facilitating transportation around the world.

At the end of the universe, Fawn maintains a base on Pindam through to the singularity, and then causes a second Big Bang, speaking the words, "Let there be."[3]

Pendor, and the races originating from Pendor collectively known as "Pendorians", are the subject of many of Sternberg's "Journal Entries", which form one of the oldest[4] and certainly one of the largest erotic science fiction story collections ever created within a single universe.


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