Pavonia Yard

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Classification bowl at Pavonia Yard. In the foreground is the hump control tower and two retarder tracks.

Pavonia Yard is a rail yard in Camden, New Jersey. It was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) and opened in 1888.[1]

The yard was used to interchange with the West Jersey and Seashore Railroad (WJ&S) during 1896 to 1932, and with the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines (P-RSL) during 1932 to 1976.[2] Initially the PRR operated large locomotive and car repair shops at the yard. In later years the engine work was discontinued, but the car repair shops remained in operation through the late 1930s.[3][4] The yard was rebuilt in the 1960s.[5]

Pavonia Yard is currently operated by Conrail Shared Assets Operations. It serves as the main classification yard for the Southern New Jersey area. It is a double-ended hump yard with a 32-track classification bowl.[6][7]

Coordinates: 39°57′04″N 75°05′28″W / 39.951°N 75.091°W / 39.951; -75.091

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Engine house and diesel locomotive service area (left) at Pavonia Yard.


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