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Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital (Latvian: Paula Stradiņa Klīniskā universitātes slimnīca) is outpatient and hospital health care service provider in Riga, Latvia In addition hospital plays a role in medical science and medical education. The hospital aims to become a science and a training center to residents and prospective doctors.[1]


Latvia's largest and most important hospital has changed it name eight times: since 1910 it was 2nd Riga City Hospital and the main teaching hospital of the Latvian University since 1928, during Soviet occupation in 1940-1941 - National Clinical Hospital, then during German occupation until 1944 again Riga Hospital, from 1944 till 1948 - National Clinical Hospital, then - Republican Clinical Hospital, from 1958 - Pauls Stradiņš Republican Clinical Hospital, from 1993 - Pauls Stradiņš National Hospital, from 1995 - the Latvian Academy of Medicine Pauls Stradiņš Clinical Hospital. And finally it got its present name - Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital. However since 1958 residents of Riga in daily life refer to the hospital by one very simple single word - Stradiņa.[2]

2013 explosions[edit]

On 2 August 2013 at around 9:21 several oxygen gas cylinders exploded in the basement of the cardiology wing's 32nd block, injuring 2 people. The explosions started a fire, that caused at least 10 more gas cylinders to explode. After the initial explosions an evacuation of the cardiology wing began, which resaulted in evacuation of 170 people. Whilst some patients were allowed to go home and return on Monday (August 5), others were evacuated to other hospitals like Gaiļezers. According to eyewitnesses the fire had spread very quickly, nevertheless firefighters succeeded in localizing the blaze within an hour. The first call that firefighters received was at 9:31, after which 15 firefighting trucks were dispatched to the hospital. From the 60 oxygen gas cylinders that were in the basement storage, 23 exploded.[citation needed]

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