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Patricia King (born June 26, 1951) is an evangelist, TV presenter, author and entrepreneur. She has served as president of Christian Services Association (CSA) since 1990, and hosts a weekly television program on the God TV network.

Early life[edit]

King was born Patricia Anne Kennedy in Vancouver, British Columbia. She trained first as a nurse, later specialising in cardiovascular nursing after postgraduate training, and worked in nursing until 1980. She married in 1973.


According to King, a formative experience occurred in April 1976, when she suffered complications during the birth of her younger son and had a religious experience. She subsequently embraced religion, and the family studied with and later worked for the Youth With A Mission organization in Hawaii and Belize. She and her husband also did ministry work in Ghana and Nigeria. King then was offered a staff position as Director of Evangelism and Missions with Christian Services Association (CSA), and became president of CSA in 1990.

Work with Christian Services Association[edit]

CSA was founded in Canada in 1973 and in the USA in 1994. The head office is based in Maricopa, Arizona and also hosts offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Belize, and Thailand.

King's work with CSA has involved her in work in Tijuana, Mexico, the Philippines, Albania and other European countries. She founded "Operation Extreme Love", a training and outreach program for victims of the sex trade which works with other Thai ministries, in response to a visit to Thailand in 2007. She also partners with ministries in Cambodia, Africa, and Burma who rescue children at risk.

Through CSA King hosts schools that provide Christian media training in acting, voice-overs, screenwriting, social media, producing, directing as well as other aspects of media. In August 2010 she hosted "The New-Media Fest", a Christian film festival.

Extreme Prophetic[edit]

In 2003 King began hosting a weekly television program, Extreme Prophetic. Evangelism courses under that name had launched previously in 1999. The philosophy was to take God’s extreme love message into extreme places such as streets, bars, restaurants, new age book stores, etc.). Extreme Prophetic became known to many as “XP”.

In 2005, XPmedia became the name of the media department of CSA. Following that, other departments took on the XP brand:, XPmissions, XPpublishing, XPacting, XPmediatraining, etc.

In 2010 the program was renamed Patricia King, Everlasting Love. It airs on God TV in many countries, and on other television and web-networks.


As an entrepreneur, King co-founded a production company, Doxa 512, a web-network called Inc, along with other smaller enterprises.



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