Partisans in Korean War

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Partisans were active before, during and after the Korean War in the South Korean peninsular.

They are considered as the remnants of the Korean People's Army of North Korea, some local civilians who are in favor of North Korea, some voluntary participants out of curiosity or in the reason of vengeance, and some local civilians in the region of the partisan occupying areas. They could be considered as belligerent forces behind the 38th parallel before the Korean War, behind the front lines during the Korean War, and behind the demilitarized zone after the Korean War.


They are usually called by the name of:

The KongBi has now become a general term for any armed North Korean infiltrators.


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Japanese rule (1910–1945)[edit]

Korea divided (1945–1949)[edit]

Against this decision, turmoil in the south begins, and USMGIK tried to calm down civil violence in the south by banning strikes on December 8 and outlawing the revolutionary government and the people's committees on December 12, 1945.