Palace Chase

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The Palace Chase program allows active duty officers and airmen to voluntarily transfer from active duty in the United States Air Force (USAF) to the United States Air Force Reserve (USAFR) or the Air National Guard (ANG). The member's remaining active duty service commitment (ADSC) or term of enlistment may be waived, for approved applicants, in exchange for the member's agreement to participate in a Selected Reserve ("Traditional Reserve / Traditional Guard") program in the Air Reserve Component (ARC), the ARC consisting of both the Air Force Reserve and the Air National Guard.[1] Personnel transitioning to an ARC billet also remain eligible for acceptance into the full-time Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) and Air Reserve Technician (ART) programs.[1]

Personnel separating from active military service under the Palace Chase program are required to report to the gaining unit and participate satisfactorily in all Reserve/Guard-training activities for the duration of the Palace Chase contract. Failure to fulfill the contract could result in administrative action and recall to active duty in the Regular Air Force.


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