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This page is a listing of the significant cast and crew for Hal Roach's Our Gang short subjects series, which ran in movie theatres from 1922 to 1944.

Our Gang kids (and pets)[edit]

Our Gang's lineup changed frequently; as kids left the series or outgrew their roles, new kids were recruited to join the cast. Some of the cast additions were direct changings-of-the-guard, and those are annotated accordingly. The groupings are not meant to represent a cast lineup for a particular Our Gang short from the period it represents, but rather a more general listing of the main members of the cast during the period.

Early silents period: 1922–1926[edit]


Late silents period


Early sound period


Early transitional period


Mid-transitional period


Late transitional period


Late Roach/Early MGM period


Transitional MGM period


Late MGM period

Other notable Our Gang kids[edit]

Other Recurring Our Gang members[edit]

Recurring adult actors[edit]

Many of the regular adult actors in Our Gang also frequently appeared in other Hal Roach comedies, including the Charley Chase and Laurel and Hardy series:

Other notable adult actors[edit]


Hal Roach Studio



Film Editors[edit]

Recording Engineers/Sound[edit]

Key writers[edit]


Surviving cast members[edit]

As of October 2014, the following Our Gang kids are believed to be alive. Note that for several of the people listed below, information is insufficient: