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For the current Orlando soccer team that uses the nickname "Lions", see Orlando City S.C.

The Orlando Lions was an American soccer team from Orlando, Florida which existed from 1985 to 1996. Over the years, the Lions competed at both the amateur and professional levels including some seasons as an independent team.

The Lions is a nickname that has persisted in the area in connection with later efforts to bring pro soccer to the area. It is used as a nickname for the current Orlando City S.C. team, which has played in the third-tier USL Pro league since 2011.


Founded in 1985, the Orlando Lions joined the third incarnation of the American Soccer League in 1988. The team joined the American Professional Soccer League in 1990 when the ASL merged with the Western Alliance. They merged with the Fort Lauderdale Strikers after the 1990 season. The club played in Orlando, Florida.

Former players[edit]

Adrian Dane Kenny (1997) Jamaica Canada


YearDivisionLeagueReg. SeasonPlayoffsOpen Cup
1988N/AASL4th, SouthernDid not qualifyDid not enter
1989N/AASL4th, SouthernDid not qualifyDid not enter
1990N/AAPSL3rd, ASL SouthDid not qualifyDid not enter

Yearly average attendance[edit]


The second Orlando Lions were a soccer club based in Orlando, Florida. The team began in the USISL and, in 1995, moved to the USISL Premier League.


YearDivisionLeagueReg. SeasonPlayoffsOpen Cup
1992N/AUSISL1st, SoutheastSizzling SixDid not enter
1993N/AUSISL1st, SoutheastFinalDid not enter
1993/94N/AUSISL Indoor4th, SoutheastDid not qualifyN/A
19943USISL4th, SoutheastDivisional SemifinalsDid not enter
1994/95N/AUSISL Indoor3rd, North/SouthDid not qualifyN/A
1995"4"USISL Premier League8th, EasternDid not qualifyDid not enter
1995/96N/AUSISL Indoor2nd, SoutheastDid not qualifyN/A
1995"4"USISL Premier League2nd, SouthernDid not qualifyDid not enter
19964USISL Premier League2nd EC SouthernunknownDid not enter



Yearly Awards[edit]


USISL Top Scorer

USISL All-Star

USISL Coach of the Year


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