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Oriana is primarily a female given name, widespread, even if not very common, in European languages.

Possible roots of the name[edit]

There is the Latin meaning of rising (as in sunrise; see a similar word root in Orient).

Things get even more complicated as in the languages of the Iberian peninsula, namely Spanish and Portuguese, there is the medieval Oroana or Ouroana, from Oro or Ouro meaning Gold, whose origin is the Latin Aurum, and whose root, Aur, may be related to Ori.

Variants include Orianna, Oriane or Orianne. Sometimes Orian, Oreste or Dorian may be a male given name or a family name, as in the case of Orian, Orians, Oriani, Dorian or Doria.

Oriana was the nickname for Queen Elizabeth I. She was fondly known as 'our glorious Oriana' and the Oriana madrigals were written for her.

Notable people[edit]

Notable people with the name include:

Fictional characters[edit]