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Honey Graham Oh's
Ohs stacked 3x3 nathanielmg.jpg
Quaker Honey Graham Oh's, Stacked 3 by 3
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Honey Graham Oh's
Ohs stacked 3x3 nathanielmg.jpg
Quaker Honey Graham Oh's, Stacked 3 by 3

Honey Graham Oh's (or Oh's! or Oh!s ) is a cereal brand introduced in the mid-1980s by the Quaker Oats Company. The pieces are crunchy corn and oat rings filled with graham cracker bits, crispy rice, and honey.

Oh's originally came in two varieties: "Crunchy Graham" and "Honey Nut". In 1988 the names of the two versions were switched to "Honey Graham" and "Crunchy Nut." Eventually Crunchy Nut was phased out; today, only Honey Graham is available.


This cereal is often hard to find. Quaker Oats sells the brand on its website.[1] Wal-mart and Target commonly carry this cereal to this day.

Photo of the breakfast cereal aisle in a large supermarket in Goleta, California, August 2013, showing one single remaining box of Oh's, surrounded by a surplus of other clearly less popular cereals - A great example of the limited availability of Quaker Honey Graham Oh's.


As with Quaker's arguably most famous cereal, Cap'n Crunch, there have indeed been issues concerning the texture and "sharpness" of the cereal pieces when eaten before they have had a chance to be softened by milk. Cereal expert Prof. Dr. Nathaniel Guzik made special mention of this concern in his acclaimed studies on cereal sogginess, giving them the highest "milk-resistance rating" of all commercial brand cereal at 8/10. With such a rating, Dr. Guzik recommends waiting at least 3–5 minutes (at average room temperature or lower) before eating a bowl of Oh's, during which they will be sufficiently softened But by no means soggy.

Second angle of a large collection of Oh's breakfast cereal boxes arranged in a pile, with a white cereal bowl in the foreground


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