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Officer Friendly is a model program to acquaint children and young adults with law enforcement officials as a part of a community relations campaign. The program was especially popular in the United States from the 1960s to the 1980s, but it continues in some police departments.[1] Officer Friendly is generally not a specific character, and is in the public domain.

In 1974, Sears Roebuck, Inc partnered with John Coleman, Jr with the Hampton, Virginia police department to take the program in classroom. Classroom kits were created including coloring books, videos and teaching guides with activities.


The Officer Friendly programs most famously involved police officers visiting pre-school and kindergarten classrooms. In many parts of the United States, Officer Friendly coloring books are distributed to children.[2]

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There have been many parodies of the nearly ubiquitous program. In many cases, the term "Officer Friendly" is used sarcastically to refer to an abusive police officer.[3][4]

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