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Ochoa is a name of Basque origin.

Surname origins[edit]

Ochoa was originally a given name in medieval Spain. It originated in the Basque Country and means 'wolf' (spelled otsoa or otxoa in Standard Basque). There was also a female given name Ochanda (meaning 'female wolf', cf. the elegant tower in the old quarter of Vitoria-Gasteiz named after Ochanda, proper name of the daughter of a man responsible for revamping the tower in the 16th century). The Spanish version of this Basque given name was Lope, appearing too in the names of Gascon lords in the high Middle Ages.

Ochoa became a surname as a patronymic. It does not have the -ez suffix as do other Spanish patronymics due to the Basque origin of the name. Lope for example became a surname as López. There is Ochotorena/Otxotorena, meaning 'son of Ochoto' (small wolf').

From the Basque Country it spread to the rest of Spain, Portugal and then to the Americas. About a 25% of the Spanish Ochoas still live in the Basque area of Spain (Basque Country and Navarre).


The name may refer to:

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