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Map of civilian guns per capita by country according to the "Small Arms Survey 2007"

This is a list of countries by guns per capita (number of privately owned small firearms divided by number of residents).[1][2][3][4]

The numbers are based on the average of figures provided by the Small Arms Survey, in the Small Arms Survey 2007,[3] unless other sources are provided, and are an estimation based on dividing the total number of known civilian-owned guns in a country by the total population of that country. As some people may possess multiple firearms, this number does not necessarily represent the percentage of people who possess guns in each country.

The ownership rate reported is the average estimate taken from "The largest civilian firearms arsenals for 178 countries. That table gives also the minimum and maximum estimates. Note that for some countries, this margin of error is considerable. For example, Yemen, ranked near the top with an ownership rate of 54.8, has a low estimate of 28.6 and a high estimate of 81.1. While the United States is ranked for the highest gun ownership rate unambiguously, Yemen based on the margin of error may rank anywhere between 2nd and 18th, Switzerland anywhere between 2nd and 16th.

The lowest gun ownership rate among the 178 countries surveyed as of 2007 was reported from Tunisia, with 0.1 (or a total number of 9,000 guns), due to very strict gun control under the Ben Ali regime (compare the rates of the neighboring states, Algeria: 7.6, Libya: 15.5).

The United States owns more guns per resident, at around 0.89, than any other nation in the world. The U.S. has over 50% more firearms per capita than the next two highest nations, Serbia and Yemen at about 0.55 and three times as many as major European countries such as France and Germany.

List of countries by number of guns[edit]

CountryGuns per 100
residents (2007)
 United States89.01
 Saudi Arabia357
 Republic of Macedonia24.120
 New Zealand22.62226.8[2]
 United Arab Emirates22.124
 Northern Ireland21.925
 Equatorial Guinea19.929
 Bosnia and Herzegovina17.334
 Czech Republic16.338
 South Africa12.750
 Costa Rica9.964
EnglandWales England and Wales6.288
 El Salvador5.892
 Sudan5.593Includes South Sudan
 Cape Verde5.496
 Dominican Republic5.199
 Ivory Coast2.4124
 Trinidad and Tobago1.6129
 Sri Lanka1.5133
 Democratic Republic of the Congo1.4137
 Papua New Guinea1.2145
 Burkina Faso1.1149
 South Korea1.1149
 Central African Republic1153
 North Korea.6164
 Sierra Leone.6164
 Solomon Islands.4174

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