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The appearance of nudity in music videos has caused controversy since the late 1970s, and several explicit videos have been censored or banned. Nudity has gained wider acceptance on European television, where audiences often view nudity and sexuality as less objectionable than the depiction of violence. In contrast, MTV, VH1 and other North American music-related television channels usually censor what they think is inappropriate and might be considered offensive to their viewers.[1]

Notable examples


YearMusic videoArtist(s)DirectorNude person(s)Nudity description
1978"Bicycle Race"
(Uncensored Version)
QueenDennis de VallanceFemale actors65 naked women racing bicycles at Wimbledon. The video was edited for commercial release.


YearMusic videoArtist(s)DirectorNude person(s)Nudity description
1981"Girls on Film"
(Uncensored Version)
Duran DuranGodley & CremeFemale actorsPartially nude models "strutting" on catwalks. The video was edited for MTV play, but even in that form was controversial.[2]
1981"Sex Dwarf"Soft CellTim PopeFemale actors and Marc AlmondFully nude women tortured on table and covered in meat, threatened by chain-saw wielding midgets. Marc Almond runs around wearing a jockstrap (this video was confiscated by the police).[3]
1982"Allentown"Billy JoelRussell MulcahyMale actorsMale coal miners are seen nude from behind while showering together
1982"Twilight Zone"Golden EarringDick MaasFemale actorTopless in one scene.[4]
1983"China Girl"David BowieDavid MalletDavid BowieDavid Bowie's buttocks are shown as he and Geeling Ng passionately kiss on a beach, nude.[5]
1983"Visions in Blue"UltravoxFemale actorsTwo women are shown topless with bare breasts showing, draped in towels washing themselves beside a fireplace.
(First Version)
Frankie Goes to HollywoodBernard RoseMale actorAn actor rips off his clothes at a night club at the end of the video.[6][dubious ]
1983"Morgane de toi"
RenaudSerge GainsbourgFemale actor and childrenA woman rides a horse topless on a beach, and a group of children run naked.
1984"Up the Creek"Cheap TrickDominic OrlandoFemale actorsThree versions of the video were produced, one with bikini-clad women, the second topless, and the third with full nudity, frontal and rear. The third version was shown on the Playboy Channel and featured in Playboy magazine.[citation needed]
1984"The Wild Boys"
(Unedited Version)
Duran DuranRussell MulcahyFemale actorsFeatures bare breasts.
1984"Madam Butterfly"Malcolm McLarenFemale actorsA nude female model is massaged by another female model.
1984"Rock You"
(Uncensored Version)
HelixFemale actorsFeatures female actors topless around a campfire. A censored version
1985"Imagination"Belouis SomeStorm ThorgersonFemale actorsFull-frontal nudity in dream sequences.[7]
1985"Catholic School Girls Rule"Red Hot Chili PeppersDick RudeFemale actorTopless female dance scene.[8]
1985"Slave to the Rhythm"Grace JonesJean-Paul GoudeGrace Jones with male actorFrontal nudity, for artistic purposes.[9]
1986"Libertine"Mylène FarmerLaurent BoutonnatMylène Farmer, two other actresses, and a male actorThree woman undress and take a bath together, one of which being Farmer. In another scene, Mylène and an actor have sex on a bed, before showing a complete frontal nude of Farmer on the bed.[10]
1987"Girls, Girls, Girls"
(Uncensored Version)
Mötley CrüeWayne IshamFemale dancersTopless stripclub employees.
(Uncensored Version)
Guesch PattiLydie CallierGuesch PattiPatti performs a striptease.[dubious ]
1988"Mountain Song"
(Uncensored Version)
Jane's AddictionMale & Female ActorsHot wax is shown being poured down a female actor's breasts, as well as a male & female actor being repeatedly shown lying down fully nude in a bed of flowers.
1989"Pop Song 89"R.E.M.Michael StipeFemale dancers3 female dancers dance topless with an also topless Michael Stipe.[11]


YearMusic videoArtist(s)DirectorNude person(s)Nudity description
1990"Justify My Love"
(Uncensored Version)
MadonnaJean-Baptiste MondinoFemale and male actorsDepictions of sexual fetishes, including a woman who is bare-chested except for braces (suspenders). The video was refused by MTV.[12]
1990"Being Boring"Pet Shop BoysBruce WeberActorAs the video starts, a male actor is seen naked from behind while swimming and on a trampoline.[13]
1991"Appetite for Destruction"N.W.A.Female and male actorsFemale and male actors are depicting Adam and Eve naked and shows Eve leaning into Adam, mounting him, and enticing him with an apple.
1991"Sin"Nine Inch NailsBrett TurnbullMen and womenPierced male and female genitalia, also topless women.
1991"Primal Scream"
(Uncensored Version)
Mötley CrüeMatt MahurinFemale actorFemale dancing, showing full-frontal nudity.
1991"Be Thankful for What You Got"Massive AttackBaillie WalshFemale stripperFemale stripper dances and strips, showing full-frontal nudity.
(Uncensored Version)
MadonnaFabien BaronSex book modelsMaking of the Sex book.
1992"Only If You Want It"
(Uncensored Version)
Eazy-EActressGirl's breast is exposed after she's hosed down.
1992"Happiness in Slavery"Nine Inch NailsJon ReissBob FlanaganMale genitals exposed.
1993"Sweet Harmony"The BelovedBig TV!SingersMale and female singers are all nude.
1994"Closer"Nine Inch NailsMark RomanekActressAn actress is seen fully naked in multiple scenes.
1996"How Do U Want It"
(Uncensored Version)
2Pac featuring K-Ci & JoJoRon HightowerVarious actressesMany dancers topless and several fully nude.
1996"Fastlove"George MichaelVaughan Arnell & Anthea BentonActressone of the actress can be seen topless about seconds.
1997"Face Off"Jay-Z featuring Sauce MoneyAbdul Malik AbbottVarious actressesSeveral topless females and one female full-frontal nudity, vulva also shown.
1998"Fly Away"Lenny KravitzPaul HunterA girl in the crowd dancing topless is shown briefly several times.
1998"Thank You"Alanis MorissetteStéphane SednaouiAlanis MorissetteThe singer appears nude, with hairs covering her breast.[14]
1999"From the Cradle to Enslave"Cradle of FilthAlex ChandonFemale actors


YearMusic videoArtist(s)DirectorNude person(s)Nudity description
2000"Untitled (How Does It Feel)"D'AngeloPaul HunterD'AngeloD'Angelo is shot wearing a gold chain and nothing else against a black background in a single continuous take in which the camera rotates around the singer.[15]
2000"Playmate of the Year"
(Uncensored Version)
ZebraheadMark KohrTopless PlaymatesVarious Playboy Playmates are shown topless.
2000"Bohemian Like You"The Dandy WarholsCourtney TaylorMale and female actorMale actor is fully naked in a bar, female actor is fully nude but her pubic region is covered by her leg.
2001"Fiesta"R. Kelly featuring Jay-ZLittle X & R. KellyThree actressesThe three actresses are seen topless at a beach.
2002"Girls of Summer"
(Latin American / European Version)
AerosmithDave MeyersActorAn actor is seen nude when a girl pulls his pants down to humiliate him.
(Uncensored Version)
N*E*R*D featuring Lee Harvey and VitaDiane MartelVarious actressesSeveral actresses are seen dancing around Pharrell and other band members topless and showing their butts while touching each other's breasts throughout the entire video.
2002"Cocoon"BjörkEiko IshiokaNo oneBjörk apparently is fully naked, but actually it's a bodysuit.
2003"Superman"EminemPaul HunterPorn star Gina Lynn and EminemEminem bends his buttocks over through a door, telling a girl he just finished a one night stand with to kiss his ass. The girl later takes her top off and her bare breasts are revealed in an attempt to seduce Eminem. In the VEVO and television version, Eminem's buttocks and the girl's bare breasts are pixelated.
2003"Work It"
(Uncensored Version)
Nelly featuring Justin TimberlakeJoseph KahnTwo actressesIn the uncensored version, two Playboy Playmates appear completely naked on a tennis court with Nelly.
(Uncensored Version)
50 Cent featuring G-Unit and Snoop DoggChris RobinsonVarious actressesIn the uncensored version, female actresses are seen dancing topless.
(Uncensored Version)
Ludacris featuring Shawnna and Lil FateVarious actressesIn the uncensored version, female actresses are seen dancing nude. Ludacris is seen smacking the backsides of several actresses in very sexual poses. Some of these actresses are exposing their vaginal area.
2003"Protège-Moi"PlaceboGaspar NoéMale and female actorsBoth male and female full nudity featured. The video takes place during an orgy and includes explicit unsimulated sexual content. Never officially released due to the level of sexual content.[16]
2003"Come Undone"Robbie WilliamsJonas ÅkerlundTwo actressesRobbie Williams is involved in a threesome with two women; one is topless and the other fully nude with her genitals blurred, he is wearing underwear.
2003"Progenies of the Great Apocalypse"
(Uncensored Version)
Dimmu BorgirActresses
2004"Disco Inferno"50 CentUlysses TerreroVarious actressesSeveral actresses are seen nude while 50 Cent is at a strip club.
2004"Ding Dong Song"GuntherGunther and some actressGunther in seen nude on the beginning, showing his buttocks uncensored. Some female actress also are shown nude, but not showing the genitalia and the breasts.
2005"Feel It"DJ JeanSeveral actressesThroughout the video a fully naked bathing woman and some topless pole dancing women are seen.
2005"One Night in Bangkok"VinylshakerzVarious female modelsVarious women are seen topless.
(UK Version)
JemJemTeenager falls asleep building a spaceship model and dreams of Jem, in the spaceship, taking off her spacesuit.
2005"How Do You Do!"CascadaWoman riding a bull riding machine takes her top off.
2006"Yeah Yeah"Bodyrox featuring LucianaActressesSeveral actresses showing their breasts.
2006"Mann gegen Mann"RammsteinJonas ÅkerlundRammstein members; several actorsRammstein members are seen using their instruments covering their genitals; male actors are seen nude from behind.
2007"New Dark Ages"Bad ReligionUnknown actressFor a split second, a topless woman can be seen, what looks like, masturbating. Her breasts are censored by a black bar.
2007"Gimme More"
(Uncensored Version)
Britney SpearsJake SarfatyBritney SpearsIn the uncensored version, Spears is topless near the end of the video during a striptease (she is wearing pasties).
2007"Piece of Me"
(Uncensored Version)
Britney SpearsWayne IshamAn actressIn the uncensored version, an actress' derrière is shown in the video.
2007"Survivalism"Nine Inch NailsAlex LieuVarious actressesA topless woman is seen at a bathroom mirror via (simulated) security camera footage.
2007"Baby Love"Nicole Scherzinger-Nicole ScherzingerScherzinger has a semi-nude appearance in the video.
(Uncensored Version)
Saving AbelAnthony HonnVarious actressesVarious women appear topless.
(Uncensored Version)
KanoVarious actressesVarious women appear topless.
2008"Gobbledigook" from the album Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaustSigur RósArni & KinskiVarious actors, actresses and band membersA mixed gender group of 10 or so young adults partake in fully nude outdoor activities which includes walking, running, dancing and swimming.
2008"So What"PinkDave MeyersPinkIn one scene from the music video, Pink takes off her jacket, revealing her nude body. Her buttocks and her breasts are censored with a black bar.
2008"Undead"Hollywood UndeadJonas ÅkerlundVarious actressesVarious girls are seen topless performing sexual acts on a few of the band members as well as on other topless girls.
2008"Toe Jam"The Brighton Port Authority featuring David Byrne and Dizzee RascalKeith SchofieldVarious actressesThis video uses the censor bars to form figures on the screen.
2008"Womanizer"Britney SpearsJoseph KahnBritney SpearsSpears appears nude in a sauna, and uses her hands to cover herself up.[17]
2009"I Almost Told You That I Loved You"
(Uncensored Version)
Papa RoachColin MinihanUnknown actressOne woman walks down the hall with her top off.
2009"I Gotta Feeling"
(Uncensored Version)
The Black Eyed Peas
Female actressOne woman gets her top pulled down at 2:10.
2009"A Looking in View"Alice in ChainsStephen SchusterFemale actressA woman is seen bare in her bathroom and in water.
2009"Leave the World Behind"Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Laidback Luke
Female in crowd at concertA woman is seen expossing her breasts at 02:31.
2009"Pussy"RammsteinJonas ÅkerlundBand members, various porn modelsBody-doubles of band members have hardcore sex with different women.[18]
2009"Want"Natalie ImbrugliaDiane MartelNatalie ImbrugliaNatalie herself is taking pictures of herself topless on the floor. No frontal nudity.
2009"Bad Romance"Lady GagaFrancis LawrenceLady GagaLady Gaga gets topless in a tub when two women takes off her clothes, then she is shown nude backlit from behind. No frontal nudity.
2009"LoveGame"Lady GagaJoseph KahnLady GagaLady Gaga is fully nude on a bench with two men in their underwear. She has rhinestones and body paint all over her. No frontal nudity.
2009"Undead"Hollywood UndeadVarious actressesMany actresses seen topless throughout video.


YearMusic videoArtist(s)DirectorNude person(s)Nudity description
2010"Ain't Got No (I Got Life)"PatriceVarious actors and actressesTime lapse footage of naked actors and actresses running around throughout the video
2010"Kids in Love"Mayday ParadeVarious actors and actresses.The actors and actresses are nude throughout the video.
2010"Window Seat"Erykah BaduCoodie RockErykah BaduBadu strips during the video and walks around at the site of John F. Kennedy's assassination.[19][20]
2010"Beauty Through Order"[21]SlayerBen HibonCharlie Mayhew[22]In the music video, a nude woman emerges from a black liquid (presumably oil) and there are brief shots of her breasts and buttocks.
2010"Hurricane"Thirty Seconds to MarsVarious actors and actressesFrequent shots of nudity, sex and sexual violence involving males, females and transsexuals. Bondage activities are consistent throughout. Explores sexual fetishism in a nightmarish context. The video was banned from music channels for its explicit content and was replaced by a censored version.
2010"Dirty Picture"Taio Cruz ft KeshaAlex HerronFemale ActressIn the Dirty Version of the music video, bare breasts are shown one time as a stripper spins around a pole around 2:31.[23]
2010"Calma Pueblo"Calle 13People starts to undress and running nude.
2010"California Gurls"Katy PerryMatthew CullenKaty PerryPerry during her first chorus of the song is seen fully nude lying down on a cotton candy created cloud. Her buttocks are covered by a layer of cloud going over the area for decency.[24] She is shown on the cloud several more times in the video.
2010"Renegades"FeederFemale actressSame character as seen in the "Call Out" video, destroys the band's dressing rooms while they are rehearsing nearby and also takes her frustrations out on other people. She is seen topless in the video which is not censored[25]
2010"Twin Flames"KlaxonsThe Band members, various actresses.The band members are involved in an orgy with several women. As the video progresses their body parts begin to fuse.
2010"Tonight (I'm Fuckin' You)"Enrique IglesiasVarious actresses.Near the beginning female strippers are seen topless and Iglesias is shown in bed with many topless women.
2011"Ihmisixsixsix"Turmion KätilötVarious topless actressesThe video was removed from YouTube due to this "offending material". As a response, the band directed a brand new video, featuring behind-the-scenes and off-stage material with numerically even more explicit content, censored by pixelation.
2011"E.T."Katy PerryFloria SigismondiShaun RossMale model is seen nude with rear shown toward the end of the video
2011"Moves Like Jagger"Maroon 5 feat. Christina AguileraJonas ÅkerlundVarious dancersThe explicit version has female frontal nudity (flashes of naked female breasts, one shown in 2:50 of the video)
2011"Get Away"YuckMichael ReichFemale actressA girl stands naked in the entire clip and is tied and gagged, and drizzled with what appears to be oil.
2011"I Feel Like Dancin'"All Time LowMatthew StawskiIn a scene spoofing Katy Perry's California Gurls The lead singer is shown lying nude on his stomach on a pile of cotton candy with part of it covering his buttocks.
2011"Marry the Night"Lady GagaHaus of GaGaLady GagaLady Gaga dances topless with her breasts covered by a black censor bar.
2011"Down for Whatever"Kelly Rowland featuring The WAV.sSarah ChatfieldKelly RowlandRowland is standing on a platform supposedly nude in high heels with strategically placed streaming lights obscuring full frontal nudity.[26]
(Uncensored Version)
Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife PartyMaxim Bohichik & Alex BergmanFemale actorsIn the uncensored version, two dancers are dancing topless in a strip club. While the robbery is being performed two more dancers run completely naked.
2012"Girl Gone Wild"
(Uncensored Version)
MadonnaMert and MarcusMale modelIn the uncensored version, a model is lying on the floor completely naked (rear shown).[27]
2012"Turn Up the Radio"MadonnaTom MunroFemale DancerOne of the dancers is wearing denim overalls without a bra, her right breast slips out in 3 occasions.[28]
2013"Stay"RihannaSophie MullerRihannaRihanna is bathing in water completely nude [29]
2013"Blurred Lines"Robin ThickeDiane MartelIn the unrated version, three topless girls are walking and dancing around, through the whole videoclip [30]
2013"Tunnel Vision"Justin TimberlakeJonathan Craven, Simon McLoughlin, Jeff NicholasFemale modelsThree models dance topless [31]
2013"Wrecking Ball"Miley CyrusTerry RichardsonMiley CyrusCyrus appears nude atop a wrecking ball[32]

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