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Nudes-A-Poppin, 2011
Oil Wrestling at Nudes-A-Poppin, 2012

Nudes-A-Poppin (abbreviated NAP) is an annual pageant[1] in the United States for nude males and females competing in erotic dance. It is the most well-known nude event in Indiana.[2] The pageant has been held annually since it was started in the mid-1970s.[3] The event is organized by Ponderosa Sun Club, a family nudist resort[4] situated in Roselawn, Indiana.[5] The resort is closed to its members during the pageant, and the one-day event tickets can only be purchased separately.[6] Minors under 18 are excluded from attendance.

In a list titled "Top 10: Festivals Around the World" compiled by, Nudes-A-Poppin' is ranked top.[1] Due to this pageant, along with a high frequency of other adult festivals, adult clubs, and sexual activities such as erotic dancing, public sex, and exhibitionism, Roselawn was listed in the first place in the "10 Kinkiest Cities" list compiled by[5][7][8] Ponderosa Sun Club describes Nudes-A-Poppin' as "The World's Largest Outdoor Nude Beauty Pageant".[3]

Local porn stars, strippers, and nudists participate in the event,[3][5] attracting thousands of spectators each year.[5] The official website of the event states "no clothes are tolerated at the pool."[1] Nudes-A-Poppin' is hosted by well-known personalities such as pornographic film actor Ron Jeremy,[5] Home Improvement star Tim Allen, The Munsters star Al Lewis, and John Wayne Bobbitt.[9]

Lou Harry, writing in the cultural magazine Indianapolis Monthly, noted that the participants are prohibited from having sexual contact with another person attending the event or performing explicitly. Most of the contestants are women, although there are male entertainers who participate in the event. The spectators consist mostly of men, but women also attend.[9] Various trophies with titles such as "Miss Nude Galaxy", "Miss Nude Go-Go", "Miss Nude Up & Comer", "Miss Nude Rising Star", "Miss Nude Showstopper" etc. are awarded to the contestants at the event.[10]

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