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Nude weddings are weddings that may include the couple, bridal party, and/or guests involved with the wedding being in the nude. Participants may choose this style of wedding because they are committed to their nudist lifestyle, or just an average couple that want a different and unusual kind of wedding. Though nude weddings have occurred throughout history, the first documented nude wedding was celebrated in Elysian Fields, California in 1942. Since this event, the number of nude weddings being performed has risen across the globe.

Hedonism III's world's largest nude wedding in Jamaica, February 14, 2003.

Nude weddings may be clothing optional, that means that the wedding couple is nude while the guests may come nude or dressed at their own discretion, or clothes-free with the wedding couple and all the guests naked. There are over 270 clubs in America that are clothes-free or clothes-optional, and some of these serve as locations for nude weddings.

In China a word that may be transliterated as 'Nude wedding' has come to mean a simple, low budget, wedding, not involving the purchase of a house, car, wedding rings, and so on. Such weddings have become more popular in recent years. The term does not literally mean a nude wedding in the primary sense of this article. [1]

Smock weddings[edit]

Smock weddings were a primitive, more androcentric version of the modern day nude wedding that were less about both partners' free will and free expression of openness and acceptance. This version of the nude wedding was a highly public event for the early settlers of New England. A woman was required to either get married in her underwear, a smock, or in the nude, and often included a widowed woman as the bride. Since women were not allowed to own property in those times, whatever possessions a woman had were transferred to her husband. Because of English law, whatever debts a woman's deceased husband had on his property, which included debts on a woman's clothing, became the responsibility of her next husband.[2] A famous smock wedding was that of Hannah Ward, who married Major Moses Joy while she stood naked in a closet with nothing but her hand showing through a hole in the door.

Growth of the nude wedding[edit]

There has been an increase in the number of nude weddings coupled with the growth of nude recreational practices. According to the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), which was founded in 1931, nude recreation grew 75 percent during the 1990s. Today, the AANR estimates it has grown to be a 440 million dollar industry, from $120 million in 1992.[3]

Traditional elements[edit]

Nude weddings can include traditional elements such as flowers, veils and accessories, music, and food. An official still conducts the ceremony, and the legal requirements are the same as for any other wedding.

World's largest nude wedding[edit]

The largest nude wedding took place 2003 in Jamaica with 29 couples getting married at the same time.[4] The wedding was held at Hedonism III in Runaway Bay, Jamaica on Valentine's Day. The couples involved people of various cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds including a person from Russia, a Canadian, and an American Indian person from the Crow Tribe. The ceremony was conducted by Rev. Frank Cervasio of the Universal Life Church in Florida.[5] Participants of the event were required to stay a minimum of 4 days, and arrive on February 12, two days before the marriage ceremony.[6]

In popular culture[edit]

Nude weddings are the norm in the fictional Betazoid culture in Star Trek because of their ability to see thoughts and emotions of others. This gift evolved their society into an open one, which allowed nude weddings to occur without the taboo element.

There are several novels, and books that include issues based on nude weddings such as the book published in 2000 entitled I Never Performed a Nude Wedding by Naomi Cherny. Cherny, who is a Justice of the Peace in the State of Massachusetts, has performed many weddings herself. In the book, she writes not only about wedding tips, but mentions unusual weddings such as nude weddings.[7]

In the 1960s Irving Klaw-directed film Girls Come Too (also known as How I Became a Nudist) popular pin up model Maria Stinger marries her real-life husband Harry W. Stinger (known in the film as 'Dick Powers') in a nudist ceremony at a Miami nudist camp.

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