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Not to be confused with direct flight.

A non-stop flight, especially in the aviation industry, is a flight by an aircraft with no intermediate stops.

Ultra long-haul non-stop flights[edit]

An ultra long-haul non-stop flight is a flight by a commercially operated airliner with:

These flights usually follow a great circle route, often passing over polar regions. As of February 2014, the longest non-stop scheduled airline flight only operates non-stop in one direction—from Australia to North America—and the return flight has a scheduled intermediate stop for refueling. However, this is the only ultra long-haul flight to operate as such, with all others being non-stop in both directions.

Time determinants[edit]

Along with the chosen cruising air speed, the time taken by a flight depends mainly on:

Flights crossing the middle latitudes often encounter the jet stream, which typically flows in a general eastward direction. As a result, flights traveling from west to east often experience a tailwind and have flight times that are considerably shorter than for flights traveling from east to west, which experience a headwind. Flight schedules account for this effect in an average sense, but when the jet stream is stronger or weaker than normal, or takes an unusual direction, large differences can occur from scheduled flight times.


In August 1967, Aerolineas Argentinas established their non-stop "Plus Ultra" service between Madrid and Buenos Aires.[1] With a flight time of 12 h, the Boeing 707-based service[2] was the longest-ever scheduled flight (by distance) until the Boeing 747SP entered service in 1976. Iran Air began its scheduled non-stop service between New York and Tehran using its newly acquired long-range Boeing 747SPs, completing the eastward journey in 11 h 15 min[when?]. Although the airline planned a non-stop TehranLos Angeles flight, it never materialized due to the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The flight would have made a leap in the time and distance records (12,222 kilometres (7,594 mi)). The Tehran–New York flight was suspended in November 1979.

In April 1976 Pan Am set a new record for longest non-stop scheduled flight with its New York–Tokyo route (10,854 kilometres (6,744 mi)). In December the airline set another record with SydneySan Francisco, covering 11,937 kilometres (7,417 mi). Both routes were flown by Boeing 747SP aircraft.

In May 1988 the El Al began its long-haul passenger flight from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles, completing its journey in 13 h 41 min (12,189 kilometres (7,574 mi)).

In modern day aviation, in August 1989, a Qantas Boeing 747-400 set a record for flying non-stop between Sydney and London at a distance of 18,001 kilometres (11,185 mi). However, this is only a delivery flight. This is followed more recently by Singapore Airlines introducing ultra long-haul flights on 3 February 2004 to Los Angeles, and on 28 June 2004[3] to Newark from Singapore Changi Airport (Flight SIA 22). These two flights held the record for the longest commercial passenger non-stop flights in the world based on both time and distance, until both routes were cancelled on October and November 2013, respectively. The route from New York City (JFK or Newark) to Hong Kong is the longest non-stop route in the world to be served by more than one airline (three daily non-stop and one via Vancouver by Cathay Pacific[4] and 1 daily by United Airlines). The routes served between Los Angeles and Sydney have the maximum number of airlines operating non-stop flights in the ultra-long-haul category: 4 airlines—Delta Air Lines, Qantas, Virgin Australia, and United Airlines. In terms of flight frequency, Emirates tops the list of ultra-long-haul flight operators, Six flights operating from its Dubai base to Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, São Paulo, San Francisco, and Seattle.

On 9 November 2005 a Boeing 777-200LR, dubbed the Worldliner, completed the world's longest non-stop passenger flight. It traveled 13,423 mi (21,602 km) eastward, as opposed to a normal westward routing for that sector, which is much shorter at 9,647 km, from Hong Kong to London, in roughly 22 h 22 min.[5] Aboard the 777-200LR were eight pilots including Suzanna Darcy-Henneman, Boeing's first female test pilot. Although the airplane seats 301, there were only 27 passengers aboard this flight. There were two Boeing executives; several Boeing 777 engineers; representatives from General Electric; and a dozen journalists from around the world. The aircraft belonged to PIA, Commander Asif Reza, senior vice president flight operations PIA, was in command and assisted by Captain Mohammed Ilyas Malik, designated as check pilot Boeing 777 in PIA, to fly the aircraft as Boeing's "Launch Customer", pending delivery of this very first plane to PIA, registered in Pakistan AP-BGY.[6]

Focke-Wulf FW 200 B Condor of Deutsche Luft Hansa (model).

This was not, however, the record for longest time aloft for an airliner. This debatable record is claimed either by the 1939 Berlin–New York non-stop flight of a reciprocal piston powered Focke-Wulf Fw 200 built for Deutsche Lufthansa (flight time 24 h 56 min) or by a Trans World Airlines Lockheed L-1649 Starliner on the inaugural London–San Francisco polar route on 1–2 October 1957 (flight time 23 h 19 min). The L-1649A was the last of the Constellation series, and the ultimate piston-engine airliner in terms of range and endurance.[7] However, from 1943 to 1945 Qantas operated a weekly return flight from Western Australia to Sri Lanka with flight times 28–33 h. This was called The Double Sunrise service. The aircraft used was the Consolidated PBY Catalina.

Longest flights[edit]

The following table lists the world's longest non-stop scheduled passenger routes in distance order. City pairs may be served using different routings on the return journey, which may therefore involve different route length and journey times. Weather conditions, particularly the direction of jet streams, also have a significant impact on the time needed to complete the journey. For example, Singapore Airline's flight 21 from Newark to Singapore follows a 15,753 km great circle route within 70 nautical miles (130 km) of the Geographic North Pole, while its return flight, flight 22, is a 16,600 km route via Asia and Alaska.[citation needed] The Singapore to Los Angeles route on Singapore Airlines is scheduled for 16 h 30 min in summer (15 July 2009) and 15 h 35 min in winter (15 January 2010). On the return trip, the flight is scheduled for 17 h 20 min in summer (15 July 2009) and 18 h 5 min in winter (15 January 2010).

Because Europe is at the centre of the land hemisphere, the distances from Europe to the largest cities in North/South America, Africa and Asia are shorter than the flights below. The distance from Europe to Australia and New Zealand is longer than the flights on the list, but there are no non-stop flights between these continents at present. Currently, all of the top 16 flights departs from or arrives at one of nine cities in North America. Further, all but three of the top 30 have one terminus in North America.

Boeing is currently the dominant manufacturer in the ultra long-haul aircraft segment, with 25 of the 30 longest nonstop flights being operated by Boeing airliners such as the 777-300ER, 777-200LR and the 747-400ER.

Currently scheduled (top 30, by distance)[edit]

For the purposes of this table, multiple frequencies operated by the same airline between the same airports is counted as one flight, while different airlines operating between the same airports are counted separately. Also, each airport pair is counted separately, even though some cities have multiple airports supporting long-range flights (e.g. New York-Kennedy and Newark airports).

km (mi) [nm]
Aircraft typeFirst flight
1[8]SydneyDallas/Fort WorthQantasQF 713,804 (8,578) [7,454]15 hr 25 minBoeing 747-400ER16 May 2011[9][10]
2JohannesburgAtlantaDelta Air LinesDL 20113,582 (8,439) [7,334]16 hr 40 minBoeing 777-200LR3 June 2009[11]
3DubaiLos AngelesEmiratesEK 21513,420 (8,339) [7,246]16 hr 35 minAirbus A380-80026 October 2008[12]
4JeddahLos AngelesSaudiaSV 4113,409 (8,332) [7,240]16 hr 55 minBoeing 777-300ER31 March 2014[13]
5Dallas/Fort WorthBrisbaneQantasQF 813,363 (8,303) [7,215]16 hr 05 minBoeing 747-400ER16 May 2011[14]
6DubaiHoustonEmiratesEK 21113,144 (8,168) [7,097]16 hr 20 minBoeing 777-300ER3 December 2007[15]
7DubaiSan FranciscoEmiratesEK 22513,041 (8,103) [7,041]15 hr 50 minBoeing 777-300ER15 December 2008[16]
8New YorkHong KongCathay PacificCX 831
CX 841
CX 845[17]
12,990 (8,072) [7,014]16 hr 00 min[18]
16 hr 15 min[19]
Boeing 777-300ER1 July 2004[20]
9NewarkHong KongUnited AirlinesUA 11712,980 (8,065) [7,009]16 hr 0 minBoeing 777-200ER1 March 2001[21]
9NewarkHong KongCathay PacificCX 89912,980 (8,065) [7,009]15 hr 50 minBoeing 777-300ER1 March 2014[22]
11DohaHoustonQatar AirwaysQR 71312,951 (8,047) [6,993]16 hr 15 minBoeing 777-200LR31 March 2009[23]
12DubaiDallas/Fort WorthEmiratesEK 22112,940 (8,040) [6.972]16 hr 0 minBoeing 777-200LR2 February 2012[24]
13JohannesburgNew YorkSouth African AirwaysSA 20312,825 (7,969) [6,925]16 hr 15 minAirbus A340-6001 May 2011[25]
14Los AngelesMelbourneQantasQF 9412,748 (7,921) [6,883]15 hr 50 min[26]Airbus A380-80031 October 1999[27]
14Los AngelesMelbourneVirgin AustraliaVA 2412,748 (7,921) [6,883]15 hr 50 minBoeing 777-300ER1 December 2009[28]
16TorontoHong KongCathay PacificCX 825
CX 829
12,569 (7,810) [6,787]15 hr 25 min[18]
15 hr 30 min[19]
Boeing 777-300ER1 January 2008[29]
16TorontoHong KongAir CanadaAC 1512,569 (7,810) [6,787]15 hr 35 minBoeing 777-200LR1 August 2004[30]
18New YorkTaipeiEVA AirBR 3112,566 (7,808) [6,785]15 hr 30 min[18]
16 hr 10 min[19]
Boeing 777-300ER31 October 2011[31]
19MumbaiNewarkUnited AirlinesUA 4912,565 (7,807) [6,784]16 hr 05 minBoeing 777-200ER1 October 2007[32]
19MumbaiNewarkAir IndiaAI 19112,565 (7,807) [6,784]16 hr 05 minBoeing 777-300ER31 October 2010[32]
21ChicagoHong KongUnited AirlinesUA 89512,542 (7,793) [6,772]15 hr 25 minBoeing 777-200ER15 June 1996[33]
21ChicagoHong KongCathay PacificCX 80712,542 (7,793) [6,772]15 hr 25 minBoeing 777-300ER1 September 2011[34]
23VancouverSydneyAir CanadaAC 33
AC 35
12,484 (7,757) [6,741]15 hr 40 minBoeing 777-200LR14 December 2007[35]
24DubaiAtlantaDelta Air LinesDL 712,230 (7,599) [6,604]15 hr 45 minBoeing 777-200LR1 June 2007[36]
25DubaiSão PauloEmiratesEK 26112,217 (7,592) [6,597]14 hr 55 minBoeing 777-300ER1 October 2007[37]
26Tel AvivLos AngelesEl AlLY 512,189 (7,556) [6,581]15 hr 35 minBoeing 777-200ER23 July 2006[38]
27Abu DhabiSão PauloEtihadEY 19112,122 (7,532) (6,545)15 hr 35 minAirbus A340-5001 June 2013
28TorontoTaipeiEVA AirBR 3512,099 (7,520) [6,533]14 hr 45 min[18]
15 hr 30 min[19]
Boeing 777-300ER29 March 2010[39]
29SydneyAbu DhabiEtihadEY 451
EY 455
12,057 (7,492) [6,510]15 hr 00 minAirbus A340-60026 March 2007[40]
29SydneyAbu DhabiVirgin AustraliaVA 2912,057 (7,492) [6,510]14 hr 35 minBoeing 777-300ER24 February 2011


Distance km (mi) [nm]Scheduled durationAircraft TypeFinal flight
Newark to SingaporeSingapore AirlinesSQ 2115,345 (9,535) [8,285]18 hr 50 minAirbus A340-50023 November 2013
Service began on 28 June 2004, at which point it was the longest non-stop commercial flight. Now stops in Frankfurt and through New York JFK instead[41][42]
Los Angeles to SingaporeSingapore AirlinesSQ 3714,114 (8,770) [7,621]18 hr 05 minAirbus A340-50020 October 2013
(now operates via Tokyo)
New York to BangkokThai Airways InternationalTG 79313,963 (8,676) [7,539]17 hr 00 minAirbus A340-5001 July 2008[43]
Mumbai to AtlantaDelta Air LinesDL 18513,695 (8,510) [7,395]17 hr 00 minBoeing 777-200LR23 October 2009[44]
Los Angeles to BangkokThai Airways InternationalTG 79513,309 (8,270) [7,186]17 hr 20 minAirbus A340-50030 April 2012
(now operates via Seoul)
Manila to TorontoPhilippine AirlinesPR 11813,230 (8,221) [7,143]16 hr 05 minBoeing 777-300ER13 March 2013
(now operates via Vancouver)[45]
New York to Hong KongUnited AirlinesUA 82112,990 (8,072) [7,014]15 hr 40 minBoeing 747-40030 August 2001
Service began on 1 April 2001, at which point it was the longest non-stop commercial flight.[46]
Washington, D.C. to JohannesburgSouth African AirwaysSA 20812,813 (7,973) [6,929]17 hr 00 minAirbus A340-60030 April 2009
(now operates via Dakar)[47]
Detroit to Hong KongDelta Air LinesDL 18712,645 (7,857) [6,828]15 hr 45 minBoeing 777-200LR30 August 2012[48]
Taipei to NewarkEVA AirBR 3212,552 (7,677) [6,777]14 hr 55 minBoeing 777-300ER29 October 2011[31]
BR 32 currently designated on the Taipei-New York Flight.
Mumbai to New YorkDelta Air LinesDL 1712,540 (7,790) [6,771]16 hr 00 minBoeing 777-200LR31 October 2008[49]
New York to MumbaiAir IndiaAI 14112,540 (7,790) [6,771]16 hr 00 minBoeing 777-200LR30 October 2010
(now operates via New Delhi)[50]
Minneapolis to Hong KongNorthwest AirlinesNW 97
12,073 (7,501) [6,420]15 hr 10 minBoeing 747-40028 August 1998[51]
Delhi to ChicagoAmerican AirlinesAA 29312,044 (7,484) [6,503]15 hr 55 minBoeing 777-200ER28 February 2012[52]

Airlines and aircraft types for non-stop flights[edit]

The sections below gives two separate views. The first one lists all the commercial aircraft types used for serving non-stop flights and their currently scheduled and operating longest flight. The second section attempts to list all the passenger airline companies in the world and their longest scheduled non-stop flight currently in operation.

By aircraft type[edit]

The table below lists the longest (by distance) non-stop flights operated by different types of aircraft. [53] [54] [55] [56]


Aircraft typeRouteDistance (km)Distance (mi)Scheduled durationAirlineFlight number
Airbus A300-600Tehran to Bangkok5,5013,47206 hr 30 minMahan AirW5 50/51
Airbus A310-300Rome to Toronto7,1054,41508 hr 45 minAir TransatTS 307/315/387
Airbus A318New York to London-City5,5873,41807 hr 25 minBritish Airways LimitedBA 2/4
Airbus A319-100Freetown to London-Gatwick4,8653,02306 hr 50 minGambia Bird3G 1600
Airbus A320-200Bahrain to London-Heathrow5,0953,16607 hr 35 minGulf AirGF 7
Airbus A321-200Dubai to Helsinki4,5372,81906 hr 35 minFinnairAY 962, 1964
Airbus A330-200Madrid to Buenos Aires-Ezeiza10,0626,25213 hr 20 minAir EuropaUX 41
Airbus A330-300Istanbul to Chicago8,8365,49112 hr 10 minTurkish AirlinesTK 5
Airbus A340-200Buenos Aires to Sydney11,7897,32615 hr 00 minAerolíneas ArgentinasAR 1180
Airbus A340-300Manila to Los Angeles11,7577,30512 hr 15 minPhilippine AirlinesPR 112
Airbus A340-500Abu Dhabi to São Paulo12,1227,53215 hr 35 minEtihad AirwaysEY 191
Airbus A340-600Johannesburg to New York12,8257,96916 hr 05 minSouth African AirwaysSA 203
Airbus A380-800Dubai to Los Angeles13,4208,33916 hr 35 minEmiratesEK 215
ATR 42-500Mirny to Krasnoyarsk139586703 hr 20 minNordStar AirlinesY7 88
ATR 72-200Copenhagen to Sarajevo1,37385303 hr 30 minB&H AirlinesJA 407
ATR 72-500Mangareva to Papeete1,6541,02803 hr 55 minAir TahitiVT 951
Boeing 737-200Ottawa to Iqaluit2,1001,30503 hr 10 minCanadian North
First Air
5T 436/439
7F 862
Boeing 737-300Deer Lake to Winnipeg2,8631,78904 hr 26 minCanadian North5T 1527
Boeing 737-400Portland to Anchorage2,4821,54204 hr 05 minAlaska AirlinesAS 131
Boeing 737-500Munich to Tyumen3,6412,26205 hr 15 minUTair AviationUT 724
Boeing 737-600Montreal to Edmonton2,9771,85004 hr 24 minWestJetWS 523
Boeing 737-700Montevideo to Panama City5,4463,38507 hr 30 minCopa AirlinesCM 284
Boeing 737-700ERTokyo to Mumbai6,7964,22309 hr 35 minAll Nippon AirwaysNH 943
Boeing 737-800Frankfurt to Pune6,7034,15908 hr 15 minPrivatAirPT 768
Boeing 737-900San Francisco to Boston4,3522,70405 hr 46 minUnited AirlinesUA 1529
Boeing 737-900ERIstanbul to Dar es Salaam5,4043,35707 hr 15 minTurkish AirlinesTK 603
Boeing 747-400Los Angeles to Sydney12,0517,48814 hr 50 minQantasQF 108
Boeing 747-400ERSydney to Dallas/Fort Worth13,8048,57815 hr 25 minQantasQF 7
Boeing 747-8IFrankfurt to São Paulo9,8056,09312 hr 00 minLufthansaLH 506
Boeing 747SPTehran to Kuala Lumpur6,3343,93608 hr 00 minIran AirIR 841
Boeing 757-200Pisa to New York6,6484,13109 hr 40 minDelta Air LinesDL 247
Boeing 757-300Boston to San Francisco4,3522,70406 hr 42 minUnited AirlinesUA3,1727
Boeing 767-200ERMadrid to Mexico City9,0805,64212 hr 25 minAeroméxicoAM 2
Boeing 767-300ERLagos to Atlanta9,4045,84313 hr 06 minDelta Air LinesDL 55
Boeing 767-400ERRio de Janeiro to Houston8,0725,01610 hr 35 minUnited AirlinesUA 128
Boeing 777-200Chicago to São Paulo8,4525,25210 hr 15 minUnited AirlinesUA 845
Boeing 777-200ERNewark to Hong Kong12,9808,06515 hr 50 minUnited AirlinesUA 117
Boeing 777-200LRJohannesburg to Atlanta13,5828,43916 hr 40 minDelta Air LinesDL 201
Boeing 777-300Bangkok to Oslo8,6714,68212 hr 10 minThai Airways InternationalTG 954
Boeing 777-300ERJeddah to Los Angeles13,4098,33216 hr 55 minSaudiaSV 41
Boeing 787-8Washington-Dulles to Addis Ababa11,5777,19313 hr 30 minEthiopian AirlinesET 501
Bombardier Dash 8 (200)Reykjavik to Nuuk1,43489103 hr 20 minAir IcelandNY 407
Bombardier Dash 8 (Q400)Yakutsk to Krasnoyarsk2,1811,35504 hr 10 minYakutia AirlinesR3 441
Canadair CRJ-700Minneapolis to Los Angeles2,4701,53504 hr 00 minSkyWest Airlines dba United ExpressOO 5639
Canadair CRJ-705Houston to Calgary2,8121,74704 hr 02 minJazz Air dba Air Canada ExpressQK 8103, 8105, 8107
Cessna B208 CaravanJonesboro to St. Louis32520201 hr 30 minAir Choice One3E 300/310
Embraer ERJ 145Atlantic City to Houston-Intercontinental2,1651,34503 hr 45 minExpressjet dba United ExpressEV 6170
Embraer E-170Montreal to Houston-Intercontinental2,5591,59004 hr 28 minShuttle America dba United ExpressS5 3555
Embraer E-175Minneapolis/St. Paul to Vancouver2,3111,43603 hr 08 minCompass Airlines dba Delta ConnectionCP 5786
Embraer E-190Toronto-Pearson to Seattle3,3162,06005 hr 23 minAir CanadaAC 541
Embraer E-195Campinas to Manaus2,6091,62104 hr 00 minAzul Brazilian AirlinesAD 4005/ AD 4170
Fokker 50Reykjavik to Nuuk1,44389603 hr 20 minAir IcelandNY 407
Fokker 100Honiara to Nadi2,1631,34403 hr 00 minAir NiuginiPX 84
Ilyushin Il-96-300Havana to Paris7,7514,81609 hr 40 minCubana de AviaciónCU 444
McDonnell Douglas MD-11Amsterdam to Montreal5,5243,43307 hr 40 minKLMKL 671
Saab 340Anchorage to Unalaska (Dutch Harbor)1,27479703 hr 10 minPenAirKS 3298

By airline companies (currently scheduled)[edit]

The table below lists international airline companies with their longest (in mileage not time) non-stop flight currently in operation.

AirlineFlight numberRouteDistance (km)Distance (mi)Scheduled durationAircraft Type
Adria AirwaysJP 915Moscow-Sheremetyevo to Ljubljana1,9251,19603 hr 05 minAirbus A319
Canadair CRJ-900
Aegean AirlinesA3 608Athens to London Heathrow2,4301,51003 hr 30 minAirbus A321-200
Aer LingusEI 147Dublin to San Francisco8,1815,08311 hr 00 minAirbus A330-200
Aerolíneas ArgentinasAR 1180Buenos Aires-Ezeiza to Sydney11,7897,32615 hr 50 minAirbus A340-200
AeroméxicoAM 57Tokyo-Narita to Mexico City11,2727,00412 hr 45 minBoeing 787-8
AeroflotSU 335Moscow-Sheremetyevo to Cancun10,0136,20214 hr 08 minAirbus A330-200
AerosvitVV 141Kiev-Boryspil to Toronto-Pearson7,7154,73210 hr 45 minBoeing 767-300ER
AirTran AirwaysFL 231Baltimore to Seattle3,7462,02305 hr 35 minBoeing 737-700
Air AlgérieAH 3061Beijing to Algiers9,1255,66011 hr 30 minAirbus A330-200
Air ArabiaG9 265Sharjah to Moscow-Domodedovo3,6402,26205 hr 30 minAirbus A320-200
AirAsiaAK 203Kuala Lumpur to Kochi2,9141,81104 hr 10 minAirbus A320-200
AirAsia XD7 223Sydney to Kuala Lumpur6,5794,08808 hr 35 minAirbus A330-300
AirAsia ZestZ2 48Cebu to Seoul-Incheon3,0191,87604 hr 20 minAirbus A320-200
Air AstanaKC 936Kuala Lumpur to Almaty5,1103,17508 hr 15 minBoeing 757-200
Air AustralUU 772/975Saint-Denis to Paris-Charles de Gaulle9,3495,82311 hr 15 minBoeing 777-300ER / 777-200LR
Air BalticBT 743Tashkent to Riga3,6502,26805 hr 20 minBoeing 737-300
Air BerlinAB 7430Düsseldorf to Los Angeles9,1555,68911 hr 50 minAirbus A330-200
Air BotswanaBP 213Kasane to Johannesburg97160402 hr 20 minATR 42
Air BusanBX 721Busan to Siem Reap4,0152,16805 hr 25 minAirbus A321-200
AircalinSB 800Nouméa to Seoul-Incheon7,7924,84109 hr 55 minAirbus A330-200
Air CaraïbesTX 570Paris-Orly to Cayenne7,1074,40109 hr 00 minAirbus A330-300
Air CanadaAC 15Toronto-Pearson to Hong Kong12,5697,80915 hr 25 minBoeing 777-200LR
Air ChinaCA 995Beijing to Houston-Intercontinental11,567718813 hr 10 minBoeing 777-300ER
Air EuropaUX 41Madrid to Buenos Aires-Ezeiza10,0626,25213 hr 20 minAirbus A330-200
Air FranceAF 406Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Santiago de Chile11,6527,24014 hr 10 minBoeing 777-300ER / 777-200ER
Air GreenlandGL 782Kangerlussuaq to Copenhagen3,4402,13804 hr 20 minAirbus A330-200
Air IcelandNY 423/1423Reykjavik to Nuuk1,43486403 hr 20 minBombardier Dash 8 Q200
Air IndiaAI 191Mumbai to Newark12,5657,80715 hr 55 minBoeing 777-200LR
Air JapanNQ 1052Tokyo to Honolulu6,1453,81807 hr 00 minBoeing 767-300ER
Air JamaicaJM 79Kingston to Toronto-Pearson2,8861,78104 hr 10 minBoeing 737-800
Air KoryoJS 161/162Pyongyang to Kuwait7,0284,36713 hr 10 minTupolev Tu-204-300
Air MacauNX 862Macau to Tokyo-Narita3,0001,86404 hr 25 minAirbus A321-200
Air MadagascarMD 50Antananarivo to Paris-Charles de Gaulle8,7265,42211 hr 10 minAirbus A340-300
Air MaltaKM 572Malta to Moscow-Sheremetyevo2,8291,75804 hr 00 minAirbus A319-100
Air MauritiusMK 42/46Mauritius to London-Heathrow9,7656,06612 hr 30 minAirbus A340-300
Air MekongP8 916/915Hanoi to Phu Quoc1,23376602 hr 20 minBombardier CRJ900
Air NamibiaSW 286Windhoek to Frankfurt8,0795,04310 hr 00 minAirbus A340-300
Air New ZealandNZ 83Vancouver to Auckland11,3357,06014 hr 00 minBoeing 777-200ER
Air NiuginiPX 54Port Moresby to Tokyo5,0553,14106 hr 35 minBoeing 767-300ER
Air OneAP 882Milan to Cairo2,6181,62703 hr 50 minAirbus A320-200
Air Saint-PierrePJ 1123Saint-Pierre to Montreal-Dorval1,36384703 hr 25 minATR 42-500
Air SerbiaJU 801Abu Dhabi to Belgrade3,2662,38106 hr 05 minAirbus A-319
Air SeychellesHM 61Mahé Island to Johannesburg3,7522,33205 hr 10 minAirbus A330-200
Air TahitiVT 951Mangareva to Papeete1,6541,02803 hr 55 minATR 72-500
Air Tahiti NuiTN 78Papeete to Tokyo-Narita9,4355,86312 hr 25 minAirbus A340-300
Air TransatTS 691Athens to Toronto-Pearson8,1495,06310 hr 45 minAirbus A330-200
Air VanuatuNF 10Port Vila to Sydney2,4811,54203 hr 45 minBoeing 737-800
Alaska AirlinesAS 872Anchorage to Kailua-Kona4,6362,88106 hr 27 minBoeing 737-800
AlitaliaAZ 680Rome-Fiumicino to Buenos Aires-Ezeiza11,1366,91914 hr 00 minBoeing 777-200ER
All Nippon AirwaysNH 1Washington-Dulles to Tokyo-Narita10,8686,75314 hr 05 minBoeing 777-300ER
American AirlinesAA 289Chicago-O'Hare to Shanghai11,3577,05714 hr 30 minBoeing 777-200ER
Arik AirW3 107Lagos to New York-JFK8,4495,25011 hr 00 minAirbus A340-500
Asiana AirlinesOZ 221New York-JFK to Seoul-Incheon11,1146,90614 hr 40 minBoeing 777-200ER
Atlantic AirwaysRC 491Barcelona to Vagar2,3941,48703 hr 30 minAirbus A319-100
Austrian AirlinesOS 52Tokyo-Narita to Vienna9,1765,70212 hr 05 minBoeing 777-200ER
AviancaAV 19Barcelona to Bogotá8,5165,28711 hr 25 minAirbus A330-200
Azerbaijan AirlinesJ2 7Baku to London-Heathrow4,0122,49306 hr 00 minAirbus A320-200
Azul Brazilian AirlinesAD 4005Campinas to Manaus2,6051,61904 hr 00 minEmbraer 195
B&H AirlinesJA 407Copenhagen to Sarajevo1,37985303 hr 30 minATR 72-200
Bangkok AirwaysPG 711Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi to Male3,1681,96804 hr 15 minAirbus A319-100
Belair Airlines4T 2104Zurich to Marsa Alam3,3372,07404 hr 35 minAirbus A320-200
Biman Bangladesh AirlinesBG 5/15/17Dhaka to London-Heathrow8,0064,97610 hr 30 minBoeing 777-300ER
Boliviana de AviaciónOB 775Madrid to Santa Cruz de la Sierra8,9034,80711 hr 00 minBoeing 767-200ER
Business AirHB 88Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi to Tokyo-Narita4,6502,88906 hr 00 minBoeing 767-300ER
Bulgaria AirFB 481Sofia to Málaga2,4721,53603 hr 45 minAirbus A319-100
Blue Air0B 128Bucharest-Otopeni to Lisbon2,9781,85104 hr 50 minBoeing 737-400
Blue Panorama AirlinesBV 1504Rome-Fiumicino to Managua9,7106,40012 hr 20 minBoeing 767-300ER
British AirwaysBA 245London-Heathrow to Buenos Aires-Ezeiza11,1116,90413 hr 40 minBoeing 777-200ER
Brussels AirlinesSN 359Brussels-National to Luanda6,6904,16007 hr 40 minAirbus A330-300
Canadian North5T 1527Deer Lake to Winnipeg2,8631,78904 hr 26 minBoeing 737-300
Cape Air9K 1029/1033/1037Boston to Saranac Lake34321301 hr 39 minCessna 402
CarpatairV3 337Chisinau to Rome-Fiumicino1,44389702 hr 30 minBoeing 737-300
Cathay PacificCX 831/841/845New York-JFK to Hong Kong12,9908,07216 hr 05 minBoeing 777-300ER
Cayman AirwaysKX 504Grand Cayman to Chicago-O'Hare2,5911,61003 hr 55 minBoeing 737-300
Cebu Pacific5J 7944Manila to Dubai6,9024,28909 hr 06 minAirbus A330-300
China AirlinesCI 19New York-JFK to Osaka-Kansai11,2937,01714 hr 40 minBoeing 747-400
China EasternMU 588New York-JFK to Shanghai-Pudong11,8977,37514 hr 55 minAirbus A340-600
China SouthernCZ 328Los Angeles to Guangzhou11,6387,23115 hr 30 minAirbus A380-800
Condor AirlinesDE 6315Mauritius to Frankfurt9,1785,70311 hr 50 minBoeing 767-300ER
ConviasaV0 3013Madrid to Caracas7,0104,35609 hr 05 minBoeing 767-300
Copa AirlinesCM 284Montevideo to Panama City5,4473,38507 hr 30 minBoeing 737-700
Corsair InternationalSS 953Mauritius to Paris-Orly9,4275,85011 hr 15 minBoeing 747-400
Croatia AirlinesOU 357/359Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion to Zagreb2,2141,37603 hr 30 minAirbus A320-200
Cubana de AviaciónCU 444Havana to Paris-Orly7,7514,81609 hr 40 minIlyushin Il-96-300
Cyprus AirwaysCY 358Larnaca to Manchester3,4742,16605 hr 10 minAirbus A320-200
Czech AirlinesOK 191Seoul-Incheon to Prague8,2575,13111 hr 05 minAirbus A330-300
Darwin AirlineF7 559Geneva to Cambridge79149201 hr 50 minSaab 2000
Delta Air LinesDL 201Johannesburg to Atlanta13,5828,43916 hr 40 minBoeing 777-200LR
DragonairKA 152Hong Kong to Bangalore3,9592,46005 hr 20 minAirbus A330-300
Druk AirKB 130Bagdogra to Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi1,9361,20303 hr 00 minAirbus A319-100
Eastar JetZE511/512Seoul Incheon to Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi3,6632,27605hr 50 minBoeing 737-800
EasyJetU2 1856Sharm-el-Sheikh to Manchester4,1112,55506 hr 00 minAirbus A320-200
Edelweiss AirWK 8946Zurich to Tokyo-Narita9,6185,97611 hr 55 minAirbus A330-200
El AlLY 5Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion to Los Angeles12,1897,55615 hr 35 minBoeing 777-200ER
Egypt AirMS 965Tokyo-Narita to Cairo9,6125,97214 hr 20 minBoeing 777-300ER
EmiratesEK 215Dubai to Los Angeles13,4208,33916 hr 35 minAirbus A380-800
Etihad AirwaysEY 191Abu Dhabi to São Paulo-Guarulhos12,1227,53215 hr 35 minAirbus A340-500
Ethiopian AirlinesET 501Washington–Dulles to Addis Ababa11,5777,19313 hr 30 minBoeing 777-200LR / Boeing 787-8[58]
EuroflyGJ 2814Milan-Malpensa to Mauritius8,8285,48611 hr 10 minAirbus A330-200
Estonian AirOV 181/182Tallinn to Barcelona2,5581,59004 hr 00 minBoeing 737-300
EVA AirBR 32Taipei to New York-JFK12,5657,80715 hr 00 minBoeing 777-300ER
Fiji AirwaysFJ 811Los Angeles to Nadi8,8815,52510 hr 40 minAirbus A330-200
FinnairAY 82Singapore to Helsinki9,2735,76212 hr 05 minAirbus A340-300
First Air7F 860/862Ottawa to Iqaluit2,1001,30503 hr 10 minBoeing 737-200
Boeing 737-400
flyDubaiFZ 741/742Dubai to Belgrade3,8192,37305 hr 30 minBoeing 737-800
Frontier AirlinesF9 641/642Denver to Fairbanks3,9102,43005 hr 27 minAirbus A319-100
Gambia Bird3G 1600Freetown to London-Gatwick4,8653,02306 hr 50 minAirbus A319-100
Garuda IndonesiaGA 88Jakarta to Amsterdam11,3537,05513 hr 45 minBoeing 777-300ER
Germanwings4U 252Tenerife-Sur to Cologne3,2242,00304 hr 40 minAirbus A319-100
Gol Linhas AéreasG3 7710Rio de Janeiro-Galeao to Santo Domingo5,3923,35007 hr 10 minBoeing 737-800
Gulf AirGF 155/157Manila to Bahrain7,3804,58610 hr 15 minAirbus A330-200
Hainan AirlinesHU 7976Toronto-Pearson to Beijing10,5876,57813 hr 00 minAirbus A340-600
Hawaiian AirlinesHA 51New York-JFK to Honolulu9,1005,65411 hr 00 minAirbus A330-200
Hong Kong AirlinesHX 789Hong Kong to Male4,7902,97606 hr 15 minAirbus A330-200
Hong Kong ExpressUO 622Hong Kong to Tokyo-HND2,9041,80504 hr 25 minAirbus A320-200
Horizon AirQX 2532Fresno to Seattle1,20775002 hr 25 minBombardier Dash 8 Q400
IberiaIB 6831Madrid to Santiago de Chile10,7006,64713 hr 30 minAirbus A340-600
Iceland ExpressHC 3181Keflavik to Alicante3,2111,99504 hr 30 minAirbus A320-200
IcelandairFI 681Keflavik to Seattle5,8303,62207 hr 45 minBoeing 757-200
Indonesia AirAsiaQZ 8122Surabaya to Bangkok2,9481,83204 hr 10 minAirbus A320-200
Iran AirIR 841Tehran to Kuala Lumpur6,3343,93608 hr 00 minBoeing 747SP
Iraqi AirwaysIA238London to Baghdad4,0972,54606 hr 30 minAirbus A330-200
Japan AirlinesJL 5New York to Tokyo10,8546,74513 hr 50 minBoeing 777-300ER
JAL ExpressJC 891Osaka-kansai to Shanghai-Pudong1,30981302 hr 45 minBoeing 737-800
Jeju Air7C 2201Seoul to Bangkok3,6632,27606 hr 15 minBoeing 737-800
Jet Airways9W 120Mumbai to London-Heathrow7,2214,48709 hr 55 minBoeing 777-300ER
Jet2.comLS143Glasgow to Gran Canaria3,2252,00404 hr 45 minBoeing 737-800
JetairflyTB 502Cancún to Brussels8,3145,15110 hr 10 minBoeing 767-300ER
JetBlue AirwaysB6 631Boston to San Francisco4,3522,70406 hr 49 minAirbus A320-200
Jetstar AirwaysJQ 2Honolulu to Melbourne8,8855,52011 hr 40 minAirbus A330-200
Jin AirLJ 701Seoul to Utapao3,7322,31906 hr 05 minBoeing 737-800
Kenya AirwaysKQ 882/883Nairobi to Guangzhou-Baiyun8,6845,39611 hr 30 minBoeing 777-300ER
KLMKL 707Amsterdam to Buenos Aires-Ezeiza11,4377,10714 hr 10 minBoeing 777-200ER
Korea Express AirKEA371/372Yangyang to Gwangju43427001 hr 30 minBeechcarft 1900D
Korean AirKE 33/35Seoul-Incheon to Atlanta11,4777,13214 hr 50 minAirbus A380-800
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 777-200ER
Boeing 777-300ER
Kuwait AirwaysKU 117Kuwait to New York-JFK10,2226,31612 hr 55 minBoeing 777-200ER
Lao AirlinesQV 912Seoul-Incheon to Vientiane3,1761,97305 hr 10 minAirbus A320-200
LAN AirlinesLA 705Madrid to Santiago de Chile10,7006,64714 hr 00 minBoeing 787-8
Lion AirJT 110/111Jakarta to Jeddah7,9744,95509 hr 40 minBoeing 747-400
LOT Polish AirlinesLO 2Warsaw to Chicago-O'Hare7,5404,68510 hr 10 minBoeing 787-8
LufthansaLH 510Frankfurt to Buenos Aires-Ezeiza11,4777,13213 hr 45 minBoeing 747-400
LuxairLG 715Luxembourg to Tenerife-Sur3,0811,91404 hr 30 minBoeing 737-800
Mahan AirW5 5049Tehran-Imam Khomeini to Phuket5,662351808 hr 00 minAirbus A310-300
Malaysia AirlinesMH 2/4Kuala Lumpur to London-Heathrow10,6106,59213 hr 10 minAirbus A380-800
MIAT Mongolian AirlinesOM 135Ulaanbaatar to Moscow-Sheremetyevo4,6492,88906 hr 35 minBoeing 737-800
Boeing 767-300ER
Middle East AirlinesME 5607Beirut to Abidjan5,1513,48607 hr 20 minAirbus A330-200
Mihin LankaMJ 603Colombo to Jakarta3,3162,06004 hr 50 minAirbus A321-200
Monarch AirlinesZB 369London Gatwick to Tobago7,0064,35308 hr 30 minAirbus A330-200
Myanmar Airways International8M 231Yangon to Singapore1,9201,19302 hr 55 minAirbus A320-200
Malindo AirOD 268Ahmedabad to Kuala Lumpur3861240005 hr 15 minBoeing 737-900
Nepal AirlinesRA 230Kathmandu to Doha3,3702,09404 hr 25 minBoeing 757-200
Nextjet2N 443Stockholm-Arlanda to Arvidsjaur66641401 hr 40 minBritish Aerospace ATP
NikiHG 2600Vienna to Tenerife Sur3,6162,24704 hr 55 minAirbus A320-200
NorlandairFNA 505Akureyri to Constable Point59837102 hr 15 minDe Haviland DHC 6-300 Twin Otter
Norwegian Air ShuttleDY 7201Oslo to Bangkok8,6805,39311 hr 10 minBoeing 787-8
Novair1I 811/9811Stockholm-Arlanda to Krabi8,7305,42510 hr 30 minAirbus A330-200
Olympic AirOA 391Athens to Belgrade82251101 hr 55 minBombardier Dash 8 Q400
Oman AirWY 101Muscat to London-Heathrow5,8403,62908 hr 35 minAirbus A330-300
Orient Thai AirlinesOX 300Bangkok to Seoul3,6632,27605 hr 25 minBoeing 747-400
Boeing 767-300
Pakistan International AirlinesPK 783Karachi to Toronto11,6917,26515 hr 00 minBoeing 777-200LR
PAL Express2P 2658Manila to Dubai6,9084,29209 hr 15 minAirbus A330-343X
Passaredo Linhas AéreasY8 2224São Paulo to Vitória da Conquista1,11769403 hr 00 minATR 72
Pegasus AirlinesPC 887Omsk to İstanbul3,5602,21205 hr 40 minBoeing 737-800
Philippine AirlinesPR 103/113Los Angeles to Manila11,7567,30514 hr 25Boeing 777-300ER
Airbus A340-300
Porter AirlinesPD 701Toronto to Myrtle Beach1,10568702 hr 20 minBombardier Dash 8 Q400
Pullmantur AirEB7003Madrid to Cancun7,9734,95410 hr 40 minBoeing 747-400
QantasQF 7Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth13,8048,57815 hr 25 minBoeing 747-400ER
Qatar AirwaysQR 77Doha to Houston12,9518,04716 hr 20 minBoeing 777-200LR
Rossiya AirlinesFV 885Saint Petersburg to Dushanbe2,8572,22905 hr 00 minAirbus A319-100
Royal Air MarocAT 215Casablanca to São Paulo7,5174,67109 hr 55 minBoeing 767-300ER
Royal Brunei AirlinesBI 81Bandar Seri Begawan to Jeddah8,3445,17709 hr 45 minBoeing 777-200ER
Royal JordanianRJ 263Amman to Chicago10,0356,23613 hr 40 minAirbus A340-200
RwandairWB 211Mombasa to Dubai3,6612,27505 hr 40 minBoeing 737-800
RyanairFR 1229Billund to Tenerife Sur3,6992,29805 hr 20 minBoeing 737-800
S7 AirlinesS7 850Phuket to Novosibirsk5,3843,34609 hr 15 minBoeing 767-300ER
SATA InternationalS4 851Lisbon to Salvador de Bahia7,9294,92708 hr 40 minAirbus A310
SaudiaSV 41Jeddah to Los Angeles13,4098,33216 hr 55 minBoeing 777-300ER
Scandinavian Airlines SystemSK 935Copenhagen to San Francisco8,8175,47811 hr 20 minAirbus A340-300
Shandong AirlinesSC 4905Jinan to Ürümqi2,6281,63304 hr 25 minBoeing 737-800
Sichuan Airlines3U 601Chengdu to Melbourne8,6715,38810 hr 40 minAirbus A330-200
Singapore AirlinesSQ 1San Francisco to Hong Kong11,1476,92715 hr 00 minAirbus A380-800
Boeing 777-300ER
SilkairMI 933Chengdu-Shuangliu to Singapore3,2342,01004 hr 50 minAirbus A320-200
SkyTaxiIGA 826Wroclaw to Zurich72845202 hr 05 minSaab 340
South African AirwaysSA 203Johannesburg to New York12,8257,96916 hr 05 minAirbus A340-600
South East Asian AirlinesDG 7792Clark to Singapore2,3781,47803 hr 30 minAirbus A319-100
Southwest AirlinesWN 1149/2146Baltimore to Los Angeles3,7302,32006 hr 05 minBoeing 737-800
Spirit AirlinesNK 578Lima to Ft Lauderdale4,2272,62705 hr 50 minAirbus A319-100
SriLankan AirlinesUL 3/5/501Colombo to London-Heathrow8,7185,41311 hr 30 minAirbus A340-300
Sun Country AirlinesSY 8/47London-Gatwick to Gander[59]3,8132,37006 hr 00 minBoeing 737-800
Swiss International Air LinesLX 179Singapore to Zurich10,3096,40613 hr 00 minAirbus A340-300
T'way AirlinesTW101/102Seoul Incheon to Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi3,6632,27605 hr 45 minBoeing 737-800
TAAG Angola AirlinesDT 690Luanda to Beijing11,7777,31815 hr 30 minBoeing 777-200ER
TAM AirlinesJJ 8071Frankfurt to São Paulo9,7746,07312 hr 50 minBoeing 777-300ER
TAMEEQ 550Guayaquil to New York4,8152,99206 hr 45 minAirbus A330-200
TAP PortugalTP 163Lisbon to Porto Alegre8,7745,45211 hr 15 minAirbus A330-200
TaromRO 65Bucharest to Dubai3,3892,11804 hr 55 minBoeing 737-700
Thai AirwaysTG 948Bangkok to Madrid10,2066,34212 hr 55 minBoeing 777-200ER
Thai AirAsiaFD 3677Denpasar to Bangkok2,9481,83204 hr 15 minAirbus A320-200
TigerairTR 2717/2715Singapore to Perth3,8952,42005 hr 15 minAirbus A320-200
Thomas Cook AirlinesMT 104Manchester to Cancun7,8024,84810 hr 30 minAirbus A330-200
Thomson AirwaysBY 188Manchester to Male8,6945,40211 hr 00 minBoeing 767-300ER
TransaeroUN 587Moscow-Vnukovo to Cancun10,0236,22812 hr 55 minBoeing 777-200ER/Boeing 747-400
TransaviaHV 6901Amsterdam to Dubai5,1743,21507 hr 00 minBoeing 737-800
TUIfly Nordic6B 841Oslo to Phuket9,0755,63911 hr 30 minBoeing 767-300ER
TunisairTU 833Tunis to Dubai4,4512,76605 hr 35 minAirbus A319-100
Turkish AirlinesTK 9Istanbul to Los Angeles11,0586,87113 hr 40 minBoeing 777-300ER
Tyrolean AirwaysVO 615Vienna to Krasnodar1,7361,08402 hr 50 minFokker 100
Ukraine International AirlinesPS 3852Goa-Dabolim to Donetsk4,9033,04606 hr 50 minBoeing 737-800
Uni AirB7 35Kaohsiung to Ho Chi minh City1,9531,21403 hr 15 minMcDonnell Douglas MD-90
United AirlinesUA 117Newark to Hong Kong12,9808,06515 hr 55 minBoeing 777-200ER
US AirwaysUS 797Tel Aviv to Philadelphia9,2885,75413 hr 10 minAirbus A330-200
Ural AirlinesU6 704Beijing to Yekaterinburg4,3752,71906 hr 15 minAirbus A320-200
Uzbekistan AirwaysHY 101Riga to New York6,7644,20309 hr 50 minBoeing 767-300ER
Vietnam AirlinesVN 141Ho Chi Minh City to London-Gatwick10,2236,35213 hr 00 minBoeing 777-200ER
Virgin AmericaVX 351/353/357/1355Boston to San Francisco4,3522,70406 hr 30 minAirbus A319-100
Airbus A320-200
Virgin AtlanticVS 201Hong Kong to London9,6475,99412 hr 30 minAirbus A340-600
Virgin AustraliaVA 24Los Angeles to Melbourne12,7487,92115 hr 45 minBoeing 777-300ER
Vladivostok AirXF 717Krasnoyarsk to Baku3,5532,00805 hr 20 minAirbus A320-200
Vueling AirlinesVY 7845Tel Aviv to Barcelona3,0871,91804 hr 35 minAirbus A320-200
VoloteaV7 2819Tenerife Sur to Nantes2,4891,54703 hr 20 minBoeing 717-200
WestJetWS 2057Cancun to Vancouver4,4762,78106 hr 39 minBoeing 737-800
Wizz AirW6 2497Budapest to Dubai World Central4,0292,50306 hr 25 minAirbus A320-200
WOW airX9 177Keflavik to Alicante3,2111,99504 hr 30 minAirbus A320-200
Xiamen AirlinesMF 869Fuzhou to Jakarta3,8302,38005 hr 20 minBoeing 737-800
XL Airways FranceSE 62Paris to San Francisco8,9855,58311 hr 35 minAirbus A330-200
Yakutia AirlinesR3 732Anadyr to Moscow6,2263,86908 hr 20 minBoeing 757-200
Yemen AirwaysIY 862Dubai to Jakarta6,2303,62808 hr 05 minAirbus A330-300

Future of ultra long-haul[edit]

The longest non-stop flights currently running are not the longest city pairs theoretically possible. Flights on the Kangaroo route, if flown non-stop, would exceed 17,000 kilometres (9,200 nmi). The longest routes possible are between antipodes, or points on the Earth's surface opposite each other with the Earth's center directly between, a distance of 20,038 km at the equator. Flights between Buenos Aires and Shanghai, Quito and Kuala Lumpur, Wellington and Madrid, Perth and Bermuda or Asuncion and Taipei have a distance of flight at 19,602 km, 19,715 km, 19,851 km, 19,918 km, and 19,933 km respectively. A theoretical non-stop flight between Málaga and Auckland, which are nearly antipodal, would cover a great circle distance of flight at 19,943 km.

Singapore Airlines announced the termination of its ultra-longhaul nonstop flights to Los Angeles and Newark in late 2013, after Airbus agreed to buy back the carrier's five A340-500s. It is believed that these services continued to fall short of revenue expectations, despite the airline switching to an all–business class cabin layout.[60]

The Boeing 777-200LR airliner can cover the distance between antipodes with no payload, but its range decreases significantly with the added weight of cargo and passengers. As of 2009, no airline has plans to introduce a non-stop service longer than the Singapore–Newark run, though both Airbus and Boeing have hinted at interest in developing variants to their long-haul airliners to make a London–Sydney non-stop flight economically feasible, for which purpose the Airbus consortium will offer the special Airbus A350-900R XWB variant to British Airways. The great-circle distance between London Heathrow Airport and Sydney Airport is 16,995 km.

On November 2013, Boeing officially launched the 777X program,[61] with the Boeing 777-8X capable of traveling 9,300 nautical miles (17,200 km). The 777X is scheduled to enter service in 2020.[62]

Other proposals include utilization of point-to-point sub-orbital spaceflight for the ultra long-haul distances.

Shortest flights[edit]

The following table lists the shortest (less than 100 miles/160 kilometers) non-stop scheduled passenger routes per airline.

AirlineFlight NumberRouteDistance (km)Distance (mi)Scheduled durationAircraft Type
Aegean AirlinesA3-375/77/81Mikonos to Athens133.58335 minAirbus A320
Aer ArannRE-XXXConnemara to Inishmaan16.810.406 minBritten-Norman Islander
Aerogal2K-56Quito to Coca157.89835 minAirbus A320
Aerovías DAPDAP-XXXPunta Arenas to Porvenir45.528.212 minBeechcraft King Air
Cessna 402
Air BerlinAB 4651Lanzarote to Fuerteventura603730 minBoeing 737
Air Calédonie821Tiga to Lifou59.336.825 minDHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
Air GeorgianZX 7208/7210Calgary to Red Deer116.973.334 minBeechcraft 1900D
Air MadagascarMD 407Antalaha to Maroantsetra84.852.730 minDHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
Air New ZealandNZ 2451Wellington to Blenheim80.45025 minBeechcraft 1900D
Air Saint-PierrePJ 830/1600Saint-Pierre to Miquelon402515 minCessna 406
Air SeychellesHM 3124Praslin to Mahe Island48.930.415 minShorts 360-300
Air TahitiVT 201Papeete (Fa'a'ā) to Moorea18.011.015 minATR 42
Air TanzaniaTC 115Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam74.246.130 minBombardier Dash 8–300
Air VanuatuNF 243Ipota to Dillon's Bay31.319.510 minBritten-Norman Islander
Alaska AirlinesAS 65Wrangell to Petersburg52.132.420 minBoeing 737-400
All Nippon AirwaysNH 1791/1792Miyako to Ishigaki7630 minBoeing 737-800
under American Airlines
RP 5002/5004Chicago (O'Hare) to Milwaukee1076740 minEmbraer ERJ 140
ANA Wings
under All Nippon Airways
NH 1843/1844Tokyo (Haneda) to Oshima7430 minBombardier DHC-8-300
ArkeflyOR 365Curaçao to Bonaire74.646.435 minBoeing 767-300ER
AurignyGR 202Guernsey to Alderney32.02012 minBritten-Norman Trislander
AviancaAV 9302Bogotá to Rionegro1509450 minAirbus A320, Airbus A319, Airbus A318, Fokker 50
BahamasairUP 337Treasure Cay to Marsh Harbour402515 minDe Havilland Canada Dash 8
B&H AirlinesJA 102Sarajevo to Mostar71.344.330 minATR 72-212
Bearskin AirlinesJV 361Sioux Lookout to Dryden76.447.515 minFairchild Swearingen Metroliner
British AirwaysBA 125Bahrain to Doha1469140 minBoeing 777
Bulgaria AirFB 985Varna to Bourgas77.24812 minEmbraer 190
Canadian North5T 606/607Igloolik to Hall Beach694315 minde Havilland Canada Dash 8
Cape Air9K 153/167Hyannis to Martha's Vineyard412618 minCessna 402
Caribbean AirlinesBW 1502Trinidad to Tobago724520 minde Havilland Canada Dash 8, ATR 72-500
Cayman AirwaysKX 4421Cayman Brac to Little Cayman221410 minDHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
Cebu Pacific Air5J 2920/2921Cebu to Tacloban1599930 minAirbus A319
ATR 72-500
China Southern AirlinesCZ 633Guangzhou to Hong Kong11873.150 minAirbus A320
Cimber SterlingQI 623Copenhagen to Rønne1479135-40 minATR 72, Boeing 737-700
Coastal AviationSC-DAR-ZNZ, SC-ZNZ-DARZanzibar to Dar es Salaam74.246.120 minCessna 208
Comores AviationKR 330Mohli to Anjouan74.346.220 minLet 410
Copenhagen Air TaxiCAT 110Anholt to Læsø734520 minPartenavia P.68, Britten Norman Islander
Croatia AirlinesOU 632Zadar to Pula1437735 minBombardier Dash 8 Q400
Daily AirDA 73XXTaitung to Green Island38.62415 minDornier Do 228
Darwin AirlineF7 203/209Trapani to Lampedusa1308135 minATR 72
Delta Connection
under Delta Air Lines
DL 7414/7415Iron Mountain, MI to Rhinelander, WI[63]1066640 minCanadair Regional Jet
DragonairKA 782/786Hong Kong to Guangzhou11873.150 minAirbus A320-200
Airbus A330-300
EasyjetU2 636Isle of Man to Liverpool1438935 minAirbus A319
Era AlaskaZH835Kenai to Anchorage955925 minDeHavilland Dash 8 100
Beechcraft 1900D
Fiji AirwaysFJ 181Nadi to Malololailai24.915.510 minBritten-Norman Islander
Finist'AirXXX-XXXBrest to Ouessant4628.615 minCessna Caravan
Finncomm AirlinesFC 167Varkaus to Savonlinna664120 minATR 42-500
FireflyFY 1010/1016Penang to Langkawi1298035 minATR 72-500
First Air7F 822Igloolik to Hall Beach694325 minATR 42-300
FlybeBE 603Isle of Man to Liverpool1438940 minBombardier Q400
Freedom Air (Guam)FP 101Saipan to Tinian17.410.810 minPiper PA-31 Navajo
Garuda IndonesiaGA 436Denpasar, Bali to Mataram104.596535 minATR 72-600, Boeing 737-800
Gol Transportes AéreosG3 1679Campina Grande to Recife14187.635 minBoeing 737-700
Gulf AirGF 101/103/117Bahrain to Dammam976035 minAirbus A320
HapagflyHF 7102Boa Vista to Sal75.146.740 minBoeing 737
Hawaiian AirHA 170,150Kahului to Kona1358432 minBoeing 717
HOP!YS 4161/4167Clermont-Ferrand to Lyon1499340 minEmbraer 135
Horizon AirQX2216Pullman, Washington to Lewiston, Idaho402525 minBombardier Dash 8 Q400
IberiaIB 8480/2/6/8Menorca to Palma, Mallorca1308135 minATR 72, Bombardier Dash 8–300, Bombardier CRJ200
Island AirWP 303Molokai to Lanai432710 minde Havilland Canada Dash 8
Isles of Scilly SkybusIOS 203/233Land's End to St Mary's503120 minBritten Norman Islander
Japan Air CommuterJAC3830-JAC3836Amami Ōshima to Kikaijima251520 minSaab 340
Jazz AirQK 8259Vancouver to Nanaimo54.533.920 minDe Havilland Canada Dash 8
Jet Airways9W 618Mumbai to Pune935830 minBoeing 737
Kan AirKND 741Chiang Mai to Pai875430 minCessna C208 Caravan
Kingfisher AirlinesIT2404Bengaluru to Mysooru1408645 minATR 72-500
LAN AirlinesLA 3246Bogotá to Villavicencio825160 minDe Havilland Canada Dash 8
LIATLI 368Antigua to Nevis865330 minDe Havilland Canada Dash 8
LoganairLOG312/LOG313Westray to Papa Westray2.731.702 minBritten Norman Islander
LufthansaLH 620Bahrain to Doha1469130 minAirbus A330-300
LuxairLG 9561/9451/9563Luxembourg to Saarbrücken805030 minBombardier Dash 8–400, ERJ 145
Manx2VariousBlackpool to Isle of Man1096840 minLet L-410 Turbolet
MAS WingsMH 3563Miri to Marudi452820 minTwin Otter
Maya Island AirMW 2100Caye Chapel to Caye Caulker3.82.402 minCessna 208 Caravan
Mesaba AviationXJ 3156/3272/3273/3278Escanaba to Iron Mountain805024 minSaab 340
New England AirlinesEJ 123Block Island to Westerly281712 minBritten-Norman Islander
New Japan AviationNJA 101 102 103 104Niigata to Sado633925 minBritten-Norman Islander
NHT Linhas AéreasNHG 4515Rio Grande to Pelotas43.126.815 minLet 410
Nok AirDD 8202 8208Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son1197435 minATR 72-201
NorlandairFNA 536Akureyri to Grímsey1006225 minDHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
Norwegian Air ShuttleDY 1570Varna to Bourgas78.748.930 minBoeing 737
Olympic AirOA 34Karpathos to Kasos Island221215 minDe Havilland Canada Dash 8
Oriental Air Bridge
codeshare with All Nippon Airways
ORC 41 42 45 46 47 48
NH 4641 4642 4645 4646 4647 4648
Nagasaki to Iki6030 minBombardier DHC-8-200
PAL Express2P 2245/2246Zamboanga to Jolo1519440 minBombardier Dash 8–400
Pacific WingsLW 270/280/290Hoolehua (Molokai Airport) to Kalaupapa14.28.810 minCessna 208B Grand Caravan
PenAirKS 701Manokotak to Twin Hills69.843.410 minPiper PA-31 Navajo
Passaredo Linhas AéreasY8 2359Marília to Bauru8754.120 minEmbraer 145
Pinnacle Airlines9E 3970, 9E 4123, 9E 4042, 9E 4269, 9E 3850Detroit to Flint905549 minBombardier CRJ-200
Precision AirPW 450, PW 713, PW 715, PW 730Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam74.246.115 minATR 42/72
QantasQF 2300, QF 2331Rockhampton to Gladstone91.857.425 minBombardier Dash 8–400
Regional ExpressZL 456/464/472/473Narrandera-Leeton to Griffith63.54025 minSaab 340
Regional Pacific AirlinesQT 120Warraber Island to Yam Island34.721.615 minBritten-Norman Islander
Royal JordanianRJ 347Tel Aviv to Amman11269.545 minEmbraer
RyanairFR 7682Glasgow (Prestwick) to Derry (City of Derry)1489245 minBoeing 737-800
Ryukyu Air CommuterRAC835/RAC836Minami-Daito to Kita-Daito12715 minBombardier Dash 8
SansaRZ 602San José to Quepos54.133.634 minGrand Caravan
SATASP 904Flores to Corvo271715 minDe Havilland Canada Dash 8
Seaborne AirlinesBB 164St. Thomas Island to St. Croix Island71.344.325 minDHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
SGA Airlines5E 941 943 945 947 949Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son1197435 minSaab 340
SkyKingRU 8510Grand Turk to Salt Cay38.924.210 minDHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
Sun AirLW 2452Washington, DC (Dulles) to Hagerstown, MD84.55340 minPiper Navajo
Swiss European Air LinesLX 2990Zürich to Basel794935 minAvro RJ100
TAAGDT 166Soyo to Cabinda62.73920 minBoeing 737-700
TAM AirlinesJJ 3675São Paulo (Guarulhos) to Campinas (Viracopos)80.650.120 minAirbus A320
TAMEEQ 222Tena (Jumandy) to Quito (Mariscal Sucre Int'l)114.0970.950 minATR 42-500
TEAM Linhas AéreasTE 6865Macaé to Campos86.253.615 minLet 410
TRIP Linhas AéreasT4 5404São Paulo (Guarulhos) to Campinas (Viracopos)80.650.120 minEmbraer 190
Tropic AirPM 10/11, PM 20/21, PM 30/31, PM 40/41, PM 50/51, PM 60/61, PM 70/71, PM 80/81, PM 90/91, PM 100/101, PM 110/111Belize City (Philip S. W. Goldson) to San Pedro553415 minGrand Caravan
Twin JetT7 5011/5015Bergerarc to Perigueux483035 minBeechcraft 1900
Tyrolean AirwaysVO 963 973 977
VO 975
Vienna to Graz1438920 minDe Havilland Canada Dash 8
Fokker 70
Uni AirB7 639Chiayi to Makung81.950.930 minDe Havilland Canada Dash 8
United Express
under United Airlines
VariousAltoona to Johnstown432729 minSaab 340

Saab 340B

United AirlinesUA 1746/51Rota to Guam905634 minBoeing 737-700
US AirwaysUS 1516/1189Baltimore to Philadelphia1459039 minAirbus A319
Boeing 737-300
WiderøeWF 934Kirkenes to Vadsø38.62415 minBombardier Dash 8–100
WinairWM 441St Maarten to Saba483012 minDHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
Wings of AlaskaKS 242Skagway to Haines28.617.815 minGrand Caravan
ZanAirB4 303Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam74.246.120 minLet 410
Zest AirZ2 200Manila to Marinduque1549650 minXian MA60


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