Ninian Central Platform

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The Ninian Central Platform is an oil platform in the North Sea. When constructed in Loch Kishorn, Scotland in 1978 the 600,000 tonne platform was the world's largest man-made movable object before being towed to its current position and fixed to the sea floor.

It is a circular concrete gravity structure, 140 m in diameter at its base, with seven concentric walls of stepped heights intersected by radial walls at 45-degree angles. A 14 m wide central shaft is surrounded by a breakwater wall ("Jarlin Wall") 45 m in diameter and 1.6 m thick pierced with 15m diameter holes. Between these two walls drill slots are arranged for drilling up to 42 wells.[1]

Originally operated by Chevron Petroleum (UK), a division of Chevron, it is currently operated by CNR.


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Coordinates: 60°53′N 1°26′E / 60.883°N 1.433°E / 60.883; 1.433