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Nick Carter-Killmaster is a series of spy adventures published from 1964 until 1990, first by Award Books, then by Ace Books, and finally by Jove Books. At least 261 novels were published. The character is an update of a pulp fiction private detective named Nick Carter first published in 1886.

No actual author is credited for the books, with the Nick Carter name being used as a house pseudonym. Volumes varied between first person and third person narrative. Authors known to have contributed entries in the series are Michael Avallone, Valerie Moolman, Manning Lee Stokes and Martin Cruz Smith.[1]

The title character of the series serves as Agent N3 of AXE, a fictional spy agency for the United States government. The novels are similar to the literary James Bond novels - low on gadgets, high on action. Sexual encounters in particular are described in detail.

The Character[edit]

The definitive description of Nicholas J. Huntington Carter is given in the first novel in the series Run, Spy, Run. Carter is tall (over 6 feet / 1.83 m), lean and handsome with a classic profile and magnificently muscled body. He has wide-set steel gray eyes that are icy, cruel and dangerous. He is hard-faced, with a firm straight mouth, laugh-lines around the eyes, and a firm cleft chin. His hair is thick and dark. He has a small tattoo of a blue axe on the inside right lower arm near the elbow - the ultimate ID for an AXE agent. At least one novel states that the tattoo glows in the dark. Carter also has a knife scar on the shoulder, a shrapnel scar on the right thigh. He has a sixth sense for danger.

Carter practices yoga for at least 15 minutes a day. Carter has a prodigious ability for learning foreign languages. He is fluent in English (his native tongue), Cantonese,[2] French,[3] German,[3][4] Greek,[5] Hungarian,[6] Italian,[3] Portuguese,[7] Putonghua (Mandarin),[8] Russian,[8][9] Sanskrit,[10] Spanish[11] and Vietnamese.[12][13] He has basic skills in Arabic,[14] Hindustani,[15] Japanese, Korean,[16] Romansch,[3] Swahili,[14] and Turkish.[17] In the early novels, Carter often assumes a number of elaborate disguises in order to execute his missions.

The name Nick Carter was acknowledged by the series as having been inspired by the early 20th century pulp fiction detective of the same name in the 100th Killmaster volume (labelled Nick Carter 100) which included an essay on the earlier Nick Carter and included a Nick Carter detective short story alongside a Killmaster adventure.

Weapons and paraphernalia[edit]

Nick Carter uses three main weapons during the course of the series, all of which are named, and have histories. The gun, Wilhelmina, is a stripped down German Luger. In the earliest stories, Carter got the gun off a German officer during a harrowing mission during World War II. Later stories state that he has had a series of Lugers, all named Wilhelmina. The knife, Hugo, is a pearl-handled 400-year-old stiletto crafted by Benvenuto Cellini. The blade retracts into the handle, and the whole thing is worn on a special sheath on the wrist, designed to release the knife into the user's hand with a simple muscle contraction. The third member of the triad is Pierre, a poison gas bomb, which is a small egg-shaped device, usually carried in a pocket but sometimes as a "third testicle" at his scrotum. Activated with a simple twist, it would, within seconds, kill anybody, or anything, that breathed its odorless and colorless gas.

Carter often takes with him other weapons as the mission demands. These have included:

Carter has used a variety of equipment in the novels most of which have nicknames. These have included:


The agency Carter works for is described as being smaller and far more secret than the CIA, mostly concerned with assassinations. In the first novel of the series, Run, Spy, Run, AXE is described as "the trouble-shooting arm of the US secret services". AXE headquarters are located in the 6th floor offices of a building in DuPont Circle, Washington, DC under the cover of the Amalgamated Press and Wire Service. AXE is purported to contain several different departments with specific functions including Editing (later called "Special Effects and Editing") - headed by Mr. Poindexter - which, among other things, creates false biographies for agents and provides appropriate props (e.g. fake latex fingerprints); Documents - whose role is to plant stories in the media to support specific activities and create false identification and travel documents; Records - which provides background information on suspects; and Operations - which provides logistic support for specific missions. AXE has a branch office near Columbus Circle, New York and affiliate offices in countries around the world.

Agents are given code designations; Carter's N3, which has at least once been stated as standing for Number three, identifies him as one of the elite Killmasters. It has been stated in some novels that there are 4 Killmasters in AXE with Carter the most senior.[18] The meaning of the code N3 is described differently in different novels - sometimes it is Carter's personal designation, other times it is considered a rank, with N1 being the highest, in other novels we are told that Carter is the third Killmaster to have worked for AXE with both his predecessors having been killed in action. David Hawk, described in early novels as looking a lot like Uncle Sam, is the head of AXE and Carter's personal boss. Della Stokes, Hawk's personal secretary, is a character similar to Bond's Miss Moneypenny - flirtatious but serious. Ginger Bateman is Hawk's personal secretary in later novels. Geoffrey Poindexter, AXE's equivalent to Q, runs the Special Effects and Editing department, in charge of weapons, gadgets, disguises, and papers.

AXE Agents[edit]

In the first novel in the series (Run, Spy, Run), AXE is described as comprising 24 agents. They are identified by alphanumeric code. The following agents / codes have been described:
A2 Unnamed (mentioned in "Hanoi")
A4 Unnamed (mentioned in "Fraulein Spy")
A7 Alec Greenberg (based in AXE London office, mentioned in "The Weapon of Night")
A12 using pseudonym "Alfred" (mentioned in "Fraulein Spy")
A24 Unnamed (mentioned in "Run, Spy, Run")
B5 (mentioned in "Hanoi")
B12 Unnamed but further nicknamed "Vitamin" (mentioned in "Fraulein Spy")
C4 Unnamed (mentioned in "Fraulein Spy")
D5 Dan Eiger (based in Iraq, killed in "The Weapon of Night")
E14 Red Turner (mentioned in "A Bullet for Fidel")
H19 Hakim Sadek (Egyptian policeman and academic, mentioned in "The Weapon of Night")
K7 Unnamed (mentioned in "Run, Spy, Run")
J2 Unnamed - briefs Carter on his trip to Japan (mentioned in "The China Doll")
J20 Jean Paul Turnier (mentioned in "The Terrible Ones")
N1 Unnamed (stated killed in "The Red Guard")
N1 Stuart Hample (mentioned in "The Peking Dossier (1975)")
N1 David Hawk (in "Trouble in Paradise (1978)")
N1 Theodore Salonikos (dies in "Hide And Go Die (1983)")
N2 Unnamed (stated killed in "The Red Guard")
N3 Nick Carter
N5 McLaughlin (mentioned in "Dr. Death (1975)")
N6 Joe Banks (stated dead in "Six Bloody Summer Days (1975)")
N7 (stated dead in "Hide And Go Die (1983)")
N12 John Sparks (mentioned in "Under the Wall (1978)") (stated dead in "Hide And Go Die (1983)")
N17 Dennis Gordon (dies in "The Golden Bull (1981)")
N17 Bill Qualley (mentioned in "Hide And Go Die (1983)")
N30 Kiki Pederson (dies in "Trouble in Paradise (1978)")
P3 David Trainor (murdered in "A Bullet for Fidel")
P4 Unnamed, described as a mole in the Kremlin (mentioned in "Safari for Spies")
Q7 Ellie Harmon, briefs Carter on his mission in "Hanoi"
Z4 Zeke, works in AXE Psycho Lab, featured in "Hanoi"


N.B. the listing here is in series order (not necessarily by publication date, which is given)

  1. Run, Spy, Run (Feb 1964) by Michael Avallone/Valerie Moolman
  2. The China Doll (Apr 1964) by Michael Avallone/Valerie Moolman
  3. Checkmate in Rio (May 1964) by Valerie Moolman
  4. Safari for Spies (Aug 1964) by Valerie Moolman
  5. Fraulein Spy (Oct 1964) by Valerie Moolman
  6. Saigon (Dec 1964) by Michael Avallone/Valerie Moolman
  7. A Bullet for Fidel (Mar 1965) by Valerie Moolman
  8. The 13th Spy (May 1965) by Valerie Moolman
  9. The Eyes of the Tiger (Sept 1965) by Manning Lee Stokes
  10. Istanbul (Oct 1965) by Manning Lee Stokes
  11. Web of Spies (Jan 1966) by Manning Lee Stokes
  12. Spy Castle (Jan 1966) by Manning Lee Stokes
  13. The Terrible Ones (May 1966) by Valerie Moolman
  14. Dragon Flame (May 1966) by Manning Lee Stokes
  15. Hanoi (1966) by Valerie Moolman
  16. Danger Key (1966) by Lew Louderback
  17. Operation Starvation (1966) by Nicholas Browne
  18. The Mind Poisoners (1966) by Lionel White/Valerie Moolman
  19. The Weapon of Night (1967) by Valerie Moolman
  20. The Golden Serpent (1967) by Manning Lee Stokes
  21. Mission to Venice (1967) by Manning Lee Stokes
  22. Double Identity (1967) by Manning Lee Stokes
  23. The Devil's Cockpit (1967) by Manning Lee Stokes
  24. The Chinese Paymaster (1967) by Nicholas Browne
  25. Seven Against Greece (1967) by Nicholas Browne
  26. A Korean Tiger (1967) by Manning Lee Stokes
  27. Assignment: Israel (1967) by Manning Lee Stokes
  28. The Red Guard (1967) by Manning Lee Stokes
  29. The Filthy Five (1967) by Manning Lee Stokes
  30. The Bright Blue Death (1968) by Nicholas Browne
  31. Macao (1968) by Manning Lee Stokes
  32. Operation: Moon Rocket (1968) by Lew Louderback
  33. Judas Spy (1968) by William L Rhodes
  34. Hood of Death (1968) by William L Rhodes
  35. Temple Of Fear (1968) by Manning Lee Stokes
  36. Amsterdam (1968) by William L Rhodes
  37. 14 Seconds to Hell (1968) by Jon Messmann
  38. The Defector (1969) by George Snyder
  39. Carnival for Killing (1969) by Jon Messmann
  40. Rhodesia (1969) by William L Rhodes
  41. The Red Rays (1969) by Manning Lee Stokes
  42. Peking-Tulip Affair (1969) by Arnold Marmor
  43. The Amazon (1969) by Jon Messmann
  44. Sea Trap (1969) by Jon Messmann
  45. Berlin (1969) by Jon Messmann
  46. The Human Time Bomb (1969) by William L Rhodes
  47. The Cobra Kill (1969) by Manning Lee Stokes
  48. The Living Death (1969) by Jon Messmann
  49. Operation Che Guevara (1969) by Jon Messmann
  50. The Doomsday Formula (1969) by Jon Messmann
  51. Operation Snake (1969) by Jon Messmann
  52. The Casbah Killers (1969) by Jon Messmann
  53. The Arab Plague (a.k.a. The Slavemaster in U.K.) (1970) by Jon Messmann
  54. Red Rebellion (1970) by Jon Messmann
  55. The Executioners (1971) by Jon Messmann
  56. Black Death (1970) by Manning Lee Stokes
  57. Mind Killers (1970) by Jon Messmann
  58. Time Clock of Death (1970) by George Snyder
  59. Cambodia (1970) by George Snyder
  60. The Death Strain (1970) by Jon Messmann
  61. Jewel of Doom (1970) by George Snyder
  62. Moscow (1970) by George Snyder
  63. Ice Bomb Zero (1971) by George Snyder
  64. Mark of Cosa Nostra (1971) by George Snyder
  65. The Cairo Mafia (1972) by Ralph Eugene Hayes
  66. Inca Death Squad (1972) by Martin Cruz Smith
  67. Assault on England (1972) by Ralph Eugene Hayes
  68. The Omega Terror (1972) by Ralph Eugene Hayes
  69. Code Name: Werewolf (1973) by Martin Cruz Smith
  70. Strike Force Terror (1973) by Ralph Eugene Hayes
  71. Target: Doomsday Island (1973) By Ralph Hubbard
  72. Night of the Avenger (1973) by Chet Cunningham
  73. Butcher of Belgrade (1973) by Ralph Eugene Hayes / Larry Powell
  74. Assassination Brigade (1973) by Thomas Chastain
  75. The Liquidator (1973) by Ralph Hubbard
  76. The Devil's Dozen (1973) by Martin Cruz Smith
  77. The Code (1973) by Larry Powell
  78. Agent Counter-Agent (1975) by Ralph Eugene Hayes
  79. Hour of the Wolf (1973) by Jeffrey Wallman
  80. Our Agent in Rome is Missing (1973) by Al Hine
  81. The Kremlin File (1973) by Willis T Ballard
  82. Spanish Connection (1973) by Bruce Cassidy
  83. Death's Head Conspiracy (1973) by Robert Colby
  84. The Peking Dossier (1973) by Linda Stewart
  85. Ice-trap Terror (1974) by Jeffrey Wallman
  86. Assassin: Code Name Vulture (1974) by Ralph Eugene Hayes
  87. Massacre in Milan (1974) by Al Hine
  88. Vatican Vendetta (1974) by George Snyder / Ralph Eugene Hayes
  89. Sign of the Cobra (1974) by James Fritxhand
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  222. Blood of the Falcon (1987) By Dennis Lynds
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  247. Day of the Assassin (1989) by Jack Canon
  248. The Korean Kill (1989) Jack Canon
  249. Middle East Massacre (1989) by Jack Canon
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  252. Law of the Lion (1989) by Shelly Loewenkopf
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  257. Isle of Blood (1989) by Jack Canon
  258. Singapore Sling (1990) by Jack Garside
  259. Ruby Red Death(1990) by Jack Garside
  260. Arctic Abduction (1990) by Jack Garside
  261. Dragon Slay (1990) by Jack Canon

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