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Neuroaid (also NeuroAiD, MLC 601, or MLC 901) is a claimed treatment for stroke sold by Moleac Pte Ltd, a biopharmaceutical company in Singapore. There are two versions: Neuroaid (MLC601) and Neuroaid II (MLC901), with differing blends of ingredients.[1] The ingredients total 14 for both, with nine derived from plants and five from animals.[2]

Mechanisms of action[edit]

In vitro and in vivo results show that Neuroaid makes cells more resistant against glutamate aggression, increases neurite outgrowth and connectivity as well as reduces the infarct volume.[1]


There is weak evidence that Neuroaid (MLC 601) might have some benefit for post-stroke recovery when used in addition to standard treatment.[3]


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