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Note: many unincorporated communities in DeKalb County adjacent to Atlanta, including Brookhaven, Druid Hills CDP, and North Druid Hills, use "Atlanta" in their postal address but are not part of the City of Atlanta. See DeKalb County



The City of Atlanta is divided into of 242 neighborhoods officially defined by the city. These "neighborhoods" are a mix of

The neighborhoods are divisions of 25 neighborhood planning units or NPUs, which are "citizen advisory councils that make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on zoning, land use, and other planning issues".[1]


The term "district" in Atlanta is generally used for small areas within the official neighborhoods. Downtown and Midtown Atlanta each contain a number of districts. Another example is Little Five Points, which sits on the border of 3 official neighborhoods.

In addition, Atlanta has various other divisions such as business improvement districts, police patrol zones, and in the unique case of Buckhead, a "community". Most of Atlanta north of I-75 and I-85 is part of the "Buckhead Community".


Although all of Atlanta is officially divided into Neighborhood Planning Units, it is more common in the news media[2] to refer to the larger areas of the city in one of three ways:

Neighborhoods (by area)

The city lies in two counties in Georgia: primarily in Fulton, and partly in DeKalb to the east.
- Numbers to the right of the neighborhood indicate its position on the map above
- "n" is a link to the corresponding neighborhood association
- "h" indicates a link to the homepage of the corresponding historic district (if the neighborhood is one)

Intown Atlanta

Intown Atlanta includes Downtown, Midtown, as well as other older eastside neighborhoods

Neighborhoods of Intown Atlanta



West Midtown

Sometimes Bolton and Hills Park are also included (see below: Northwestern Atlanta)

East Side


The Little Five Points district is located where Inman Park and Candler Park meet.

Southeastern Atlanta

Neighborhoods of Southeast Atlanta

Southwestern Atlanta

Southwest Atlanta is an area with many nicknames — one is Cascade.[4] In street or hip-hop contexts, Southwest Atlanta is frequently referred to as the S.W.A.T.S., which is often understood to extend to adjacent cities College Park and East Point.[5] "S.W.A.T.S." is said to stand for "Southwest Atlanta, too strong".[6]

Southwest Atlanta

Northwestern Atlanta

Northwest Atlanta


  • Ridgedale Park
  • Springlake
  • South Tuxedo Park
  • Tuxedo Park
  • Underwood Hills
  • West Paces Ferry/Northside
  • Westminister/Milmar
  • West Peachtree Battle (Known as Wesley Battle by city government[7])
  • Whitewater Creek
  • Wildwood
  • Woodfield
  • Wyngate


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