National Register of Historic Places listings in Monongalia County, West Virginia

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Location of Monongalia County in West Virginia

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Monongalia County, West Virginia.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Monongalia County, West Virginia, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in a Google map.[1]

There are 45 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county, one of which is a National Historic Landmark.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted August 24, 2012.[2]
Contents: Counties in West Virginia

Current listings

[3]Landmark name[4]ImageDate listedLocationCity or townSummary
1D.I.B. Anderson FarmSmall upload photo button.png01994-03-25March 25, 19943333 Collins Ferry Rd.
39°39′36″N 79°58′27″W / 39.66°N 79.974167°W / 39.66; -79.974167 (D.I.B. Anderson Farm)
2Brown BuildingSmall upload photo button.png01985-07-08July 8, 1985295 High St.
39°37′47″N 79°57′22″W / 39.629722°N 79.956111°W / 39.629722; -79.956111 (Brown Building)
3Camp RhododendronSmall upload photo button.png01991-05-15May 15, 1991Off Interstate 68 8 mi (13 km) east of Morgantown
39°38′18″N 79°48′56″W / 39.638333°N 79.815556°W / 39.638333; -79.815556 (Camp Rhododendron)
4Chancery Hill Historic Districtlink=//, 01001405&descriptionlang=en&description=%5B%5B%3Aen%3AChancery+Hill+Historic+District%7CChancery+Hill+Historic+District%5D%5D&lat=39.622222&lon=-79.961944NoneRoughly bounded by S. High St., Oak Grove Cemetery, Waitman, Allison, and Simpson Sts. and 256 Prairie Ave.
39°37′20″N 79°57′43″W / 39.622222°N 79.961944°W / 39.622222; -79.961944 (Chancery Hill Historic District)
MorgantownThe 2001 boundary increase added the Alexander Wade House to the district.
5Cooper's Rock State Forest Superintendent's House and Garage
Cooper's Rock State Forest Superintendent's House and Garage
Small upload photo button.png
01991-05-15May 15, 1991Off Interstate 68 8 mi (13 km) east of Morgantown
39°39′38″N 79°46′53″W / 39.660556°N 79.781389°W / 39.660556; -79.781389 (Cooper's Rock State Forest Superintendent's House and Garage)
6Judge Frank Cox HouseSmall upload photo button.png01984-01-12January 12, 1984206 Spruce St.
39°37′27″N 79°57′20″W / 39.624167°N 79.955556°W / 39.624167; -79.955556 (Judge Frank Cox House)
7Dents Run Covered Bridge
Dents Run Covered Bridge
Small upload photo button.png
01981-06-04June 4, 1981County Route 43/4 near junction of County Route 43 crossing Dents Run
39°37′26″N 80°02′24″W / 39.623889°N 80.04°W / 39.623889; -80.04 (Dents Run Covered Bridge)
Laurel Point
8Dering BuildingSmall upload photo button.png01994-11-04November 4, 1994175-177 Walnut St.
39°37′49″N 79°57′25″W / 39.630278°N 79.956944°W / 39.630278; -79.956944 (Dering Building)
9Downtown Morgantown Historic DistrictSmall upload photo button.png01996-05-02May 2, 1996Roughly bounded by Chestnut and Spruce Sts. between Foundry and Willey Sts.
39°37′47″N 79°57′26″W / 39.629722°N 79.957222°W / 39.629722; -79.957222 (Downtown Morgantown Historic District)
10Easton Roller Mill
Easton Roller Mill
Small upload photo button.png
01978-12-19December 19, 1978Near Easton Hill on County Route 119/17
39°39′00″N 79°54′45″W / 39.65°N 79.9125°W / 39.65; -79.9125 (Easton Roller Mill)
11Ford HouseSmall upload photo button.png01993-11-15November 15, 1993310 Ford St.
39°37′18″N 79°57′45″W / 39.621667°N 79.9625°W / 39.621667; -79.9625 (Ford House)
12Fourth Ward SchoolSmall upload photo button.png02004-08-25August 25, 2004287 Eureka Dr.
39°38′25″N 79°56′56″W / 39.640278°N 79.948889°W / 39.640278; -79.948889 (Fourth Ward School)
13Greenmont Historic DistrictSmall upload photo button.png02005-02-02February 2, 2005Roughly bounded by Arlington, Front, Conn, White Ave., Posten Ave., Kingwood St., and Decker Ave.
39°37′31″N 79°57′00″W / 39.625278°N 79.95°W / 39.625278; -79.95 (Greenmont Historic District)
14Hackney HouseSmall upload photo button.png01999-07-01July 1, 199989 Kingwood St.
39°37′39″N 79°57′08″W / 39.6275°N 79.952222°W / 39.6275; -79.952222 (Hackney House)
15Hamilton Farm PetroglyphsSmall upload photo button.png01974-08-07August 7, 1974Southeast of Ringgold on U.S. Route 119
39°33′34″N 79°56′16″W / 39.55944°N 79.93778°W / 39.55944; -79.93778 (Hamilton Farm Petroglyphs)[5]

16Harmony Grove Meeting HouseSmall upload photo button.png01983-09-16September 16, 1983Off Interstate 79
39°36′12″N 79°59′25″W / 39.603333°N 79.990278°W / 39.603333; -79.990278 (Harmony Grove Meeting House)
Harmony Grove
17Harner Homestead
Harner Homestead
Small upload photo button.png
01984-01-12January 12, 19841818 Listravia St.
39°37′26″N 79°55′14″W / 39.623889°N 79.920556°W / 39.623889; -79.920556 (Harner Homestead)
18Henry Clay FurnaceSmall upload photo button.png01970-01-26January 26, 1970Southeast of Cheat Neck in Coopers Rock State Forest
39°38′56″N 79°49′07″W / 39.648889°N 79.818611°W / 39.648889; -79.818611 (Henry Clay Furnace)
Cheat Neck
19Kern's FortSmall upload photo button.png01993-04-09April 9, 1993305 Dewey St.
39°37′31″N 79°56′59″W / 39.625278°N 79.949722°W / 39.625278; -79.949722 (Kern's Fort)
20Kincaid and Arnett Feed and Flour Building
Kincaid and Arnett Feed and Flour Building
Small upload photo button.png
01995-07-21July 21, 1995156 Clay St.
39°37′31″N 79°57′50″W / 39.625278°N 79.963889°W / 39.625278; -79.963889 (Kincaid and Arnett Feed and Flour Building)
21Lynch Chapel United Methodist ChurchSmall upload photo button.png02006-11-15November 15, 2006Junction of County Routes 32 and 41
39°37′23″N 80°05′05″W / 39.623056°N 80.084722°W / 39.623056; -80.084722 (Lynch Chapel United Methodist Church)
22Mason and Dixon Survey Terminal PointSmall upload photo button.png01973-06-25June 25, 19732.25 mi (3.62 km) northeast of Pentress on County Route 39
39°43′16″N 80°07′07″W / 39.721111°N 80.118611°W / 39.721111; -80.118611 (Mason and Dixon Survey Terminal Point)
PentressExtends into Perry Township in Greene County, Pennsylvania
23Men's HallSmall upload photo button.png01990-02-05February 5, 1990Prospect and High Sts.
39°37′59″N 79°57′10″W / 39.633056°N 79.952778°W / 39.633056; -79.952778 (Men's Hall)
24Metropolitan TheatreSmall upload photo button.png01984-01-12January 12, 1984371 S. High St.
39°37′51″N 79°57′20″W / 39.630833°N 79.955556°W / 39.630833; -79.955556 (Metropolitan Theatre)
25Monongalia County Courthouse
Monongalia County Courthouse
Small upload photo button.png
01985-07-08July 8, 1985243 High St.
39°37′47″N 79°57′26″W / 39.629722°N 79.957222°W / 39.629722; -79.957222 (Monongalia County Courthouse)
26Elizabeth Moore HallSmall upload photo button.png01985-12-19December 19, 1985University Ave.
39°38′06″N 79°57′20″W / 39.635°N 79.955556°W / 39.635; -79.955556 (Elizabeth Moore Hall)
27Morgantown Wharf and Warehouse Historic DistrictSmall upload photo button.png01998-12-16December 16, 1998Roughly along the Monongahela River from Warren St. to Walnut St.
39°37′42″N 79°57′39″W / 39.628333°N 79.960833°W / 39.628333; -79.960833 (Morgantown Wharf and Warehouse Historic District)
28Oglebay HallSmall upload photo button.png01985-12-19December 19, 1985University Ave.
39°38′14″N 79°57′16″W / 39.637222°N 79.954444°W / 39.637222; -79.954444 (Oglebay Hall)
29Old Morgantown Post Office
Old Morgantown Post Office
Small upload photo button.png
01979-03-28March 28, 1979107 High St.
39°37′41″N 79°57′29″W / 39.628056°N 79.958056°W / 39.628056; -79.958056 (Old Morgantown Post Office)
30Old Stone House
Old Stone House
Small upload photo button.png
01972-12-27December 27, 1972Chestnut St.
39°37′49″N 79°57′26″W / 39.630278°N 79.957222°W / 39.630278; -79.957222 (Old Stone House)
31Old Watson Homestead HouseSmall upload photo button.png01984-12-07December 7, 1984County Route 73
39°31′46″N 80°02′38″W / 39.529444°N 80.043889°W / 39.529444; -80.043889 (Old Watson Homestead House)
32Purinton HouseSmall upload photo button.png01985-12-19December 19, 1985University Ave.
39°38′05″N 79°57′20″W / 39.634722°N 79.955556°W / 39.634722; -79.955556 (Purinton House)
33Rogers HouseSmall upload photo button.png01984-12-04December 4, 1984293 Willey St.
39°37′53″N 79°57′09″W / 39.631389°N 79.9525°W / 39.631389; -79.9525 (Rogers House)
34St. Mary's Orthodox ChurchSmall upload photo button.png01988-02-03February 3, 1988W. Park and Holland Aves.
39°38′03″N 79°57′43″W / 39.634167°N 79.961944°W / 39.634167; -79.961944 (St. Mary's Orthodox Church)
35Second Ward Negro Elementary SchoolSmall upload photo button.png01992-07-28July 28, 1992Junction of White and Posten Aves.
39°37′17″N 79°56′57″W / 39.621389°N 79.949167°W / 39.621389; -79.949167 (Second Ward Negro Elementary School)
36Seneca Glass Company Building
Seneca Glass Company Building
Small upload photo button.png
01985-12-19December 19, 1985709 Beechurst Ave.
39°38′28″N 79°57′44″W / 39.641111°N 79.962222°W / 39.641111; -79.962222 (Seneca Glass Company Building)
37South Park Historic DistrictSmall upload photo button.png01990-07-23July 23, 1990Roughly bounded by Elgin St., Kingwood St., Cobun Ave., Prairie Ave., Jefferson St., Lincoln Ave., and Grand St.
39°37′21″N 79°57′08″W / 39.6225°N 79.952222°W / 39.6225; -79.952222 (South Park Historic District)
38Stalnaker Hall
Stalnaker Hall
Small upload photo button.png
01985-12-19December 19, 1985Maiden Ln.
39°38′08″N 79°57′11″W / 39.635556°N 79.953056°W / 39.635556; -79.953056 (Stalnaker Hall)
39Stewart HallSmall upload photo button.png01980-06-25June 25, 1980West Virginia University campus
39°38′03″N 79°57′16″W / 39.634167°N 79.954444°W / 39.634167; -79.954444 (Stewart Hall)
40Vance FarmhouseSmall upload photo button.png01991-11-21November 21, 19911535 Mileground, West Virginia University
39°38′23″N 79°56′13″W / 39.639722°N 79.936944°W / 39.639722; -79.936944 (Vance Farmhouse)
41Alexander Wade HouseSmall upload photo button.png01966-10-15October 15, 1966256 Prairie St.
39°37′29″N 79°57′30″W / 39.624722°N 79.958333°W / 39.624722; -79.958333 (Alexander Wade House)
42Walters HouseSmall upload photo button.png01983-08-18August 18, 1983221 Willey St.
39°37′55″N 79°57′13″W / 39.631944°N 79.953611°W / 39.631944; -79.953611 (Walters House)
43Waitman T. Willey HouseSmall upload photo button.png01982-04-15April 15, 1982128 Wagner Rd.
39°37′30″N 79°57′34″W / 39.625°N 79.959444°W / 39.625; -79.959444 (Waitman T. Willey House)
44Women's Christian Temperance Union Community BuildingSmall upload photo button.png01985-10-30October 30, 1985160 Fayette St.
39°37′52″N 79°57′22″W / 39.631111°N 79.956111°W / 39.631111; -79.956111 (Women's Christian Temperance Union Community Building)
45Woodburn Circle
Woodburn Circle
Small upload photo button.png
01974-12-04December 4, 1974University Ave., West Virginia University
39°38′09″N 79°57′35″W / 39.635833°N 79.959722°W / 39.635833; -79.959722 (Woodburn Circle)

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  1. ^ The latitude and longitude information provided in this table was derived originally from the National Register Information System, which has been found to be fairly accurate for about 99% of listings. For about 1% of NRIS original coordinates, experience has shown that one or both coordinates are typos or otherwise extremely far off; some corrections may have been made. A more subtle problem causes many locations to be off by up to 150 yards, depending on location in the country: most NRIS coordinates were derived from tracing out latitude and longitudes off of USGS topographical quadrant maps created under the North American Datum of 1927, which differs from the current, highly accurate WGS84 GPS system used by most on-line maps. Chicago is about right, but NRIS longitudes in Washington are higher by about 4.5 seconds, and are lower by about 2.0 seconds in Maine. Latitudes differ by about 1.0 second in Florida. Some locations in this table may have been corrected to current GPS standards.
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