National Register of Historic Places listings in Bridgeport, Connecticut

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Location of Bridgeport in Fairfield County, Connecticut

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in a Google map.[1]

There are 282 properties and districts listed on the National Register in Fairfield County, including 9 National Historic Landmarks. The city of Bridgeport is the location of 55 of these properties and districts; they are listed here, while the 225 properties and districts in the remaining parts of the county, including all of the National Historic Landmarks, are listed separately.

Contents: Counties in Connecticut
This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted January 16, 2015.[2]

Current listings[edit]

[3]Name on the Register[4]ImageDate listed[5]LocationCity or townDescription
1Barnum Museum
Barnum Museum
November 7, 1972
805 Main St.
41°10′32″N 73°11′18″W / 41.175556°N 73.188333°W / 41.175556; -73.188333 (Barnum Museum)
2Barnum/Palliser Historic District
Barnum/Palliser Historic District
December 16, 1982
Roughly bounded by Myrtle and Park Aves., Atlantic and Austin Sts. (both sides)
41°10′04″N 73°11′03″W / 41.167778°N 73.184167°W / 41.167778; -73.184167 (Barnum/Palliser Historic District)
South End
3Bassickville Historic District
Bassickville Historic District
September 8, 1987
20-122 Bassick, 667-777 Howard, and 1521-1523 Fairview Aves., and 50-1380 State St.
41°10′16″N 73°12′40″W / 41.171111°N 73.211111°W / 41.171111; -73.211111 (Bassickville Historic District)
West End - West Side
4Beardsley Park
Beardsley Park
March 18, 1999
1875 Noble Ave.
41°12′45″N 73°10′56″W / 41.2125°N 73.182222°W / 41.2125; -73.182222 (Beardsley Park)
North Bridgeport
December 21, 1978
Bridgeport Harbor
41°10′42″N 73°11′14″W / 41.178333°N 73.187222°W / 41.178333; -73.187222 (BERKSHIRE NO. 7)
DowntownOne of three barges sunk in the harbor
6Bikur Cholim Synagogue
Bikur Cholim Synagogue
November 27, 1995
1545 Iranistan Ave.
41°10′49″N 73°12′22″W / 41.180278°N 73.206111°W / 41.180278; -73.206111 (Bikur Cholim Synagogue)
West End - West Side
7Peyton Randolph Bishop House
Peyton Randolph Bishop House
August 25, 1987
135 Washington Ave.
41°10′38″N 73°11′54″W / 41.177222°N 73.198333°W / 41.177222; -73.198333 (Peyton Randolph Bishop House)
The Hollow
8William D. Bishop Cottage Development Historic District
William D. Bishop Cottage Development Historic District
June 28, 1982
Cottage Pl. and Atlantic, Broad, Main and Whiting Sts.
41°10′05″N 73°11′14″W / 41.168056°N 73.187222°W / 41.168056; -73.187222 (William D. Bishop Cottage Development Historic District)
South End
9Black Rock Gardens Historic District
Black Rock Gardens Historic District
September 26, 1990
Bounded by Fairfield St., Brewster St. and Nash Ln., including Rowsley and Haddon Sts.
41°09′27″N 73°13′30″W / 41.1575°N 73.225°W / 41.1575; -73.225 (Black Rock Gardens Historic District)
Black Rock
10Black Rock Historic District
Black Rock Historic District
March 15, 1979
Roughly bounded by Black Rock Harbor, Grovers Ave., Beacon and Prescott Sts.
41°09′11″N 73°13′17″W / 41.153056°N 73.221389°W / 41.153056; -73.221389 (Black Rock Historic District)
Black Rock
11Bridgeport City Hall
Bridgeport City Hall
September 19, 1977
202 State St.
41°10′36″N 73°11′27″W / 41.176667°N 73.190833°W / 41.176667; -73.190833 (Bridgeport City Hall)
DowntownThis listing is for the old city hall, known as McLevy Hall.
12Bridgeport Downtown North Historic District
Bridgeport Downtown North Historic District
November 2, 1987
Roughly bounded by Congress, Water, Fairfield Ave., Elm, Golden Hill & Chapel Sts.
41°10′49″N 73°11′25″W / 41.180278°N 73.190278°W / 41.180278; -73.190278 (Bridgeport Downtown North Historic District)
13Bridgeport Downtown South Historic District
Bridgeport Downtown South Historic District
September 3, 1987
Roughly bounded by Elm, Cannon, Main, Gilbert, and Broad Sts.
41°10′37″N 73°11′30″W / 41.176944°N 73.191667°W / 41.176944; -73.191667 (Bridgeport Downtown South Historic District)
14Cassidy House
Cassidy House
October 19, 2011
691 Ellsworth St.
41°09′48″N 73°13′26″W / 41.163333°N 73.223889°W / 41.163333; -73.223889 (Cassidy House)
Black RockAn 1849 Italianate farmhouse in pristine condition; originally constructed by John Plumb, it was owned by the Cassidy family for over 109 years.
15Connecticut Railway and Lighting Company Car Barn
Connecticut Railway and Lighting Company Car Barn
December 3, 1987
55 Congress St.
41°10′56″N 73°11′17″W / 41.182222°N 73.188056°W / 41.182222; -73.188056 (Connecticut Railway and Lighting Company Car Barn)
16Deacon's Point Historic District
Deacon's Point Historic District
August 21, 1992
Roughly bounded by Seaview Ave. and Williston, Bunnell and Deacon Sts.
41°10′59″N 73°10′13″W / 41.183056°N 73.170278°W / 41.183056; -73.170278 (Deacon's Point Historic District)
East End
17Division Street Historic District
Division Street Historic District
June 3, 1982
Roughly bounded by State St., Iranistan, Black Rock and West Aves.
41°10′19″N 73°15′00″W / 41.171944°N 73.25°W / 41.171944; -73.25 (Division Street Historic District)
Downtown and West End - West Side
18Eagle's NestUpload image
March 5, 1979
282-284 Logan St.
41°10′43″N 73°09′37″W / 41.178611°N 73.160278°W / 41.178611; -73.160278 (Eagle's Nest)
East EndDemolished.
19East Bridgeport Historic District
East Bridgeport Historic District
April 25, 1979
Roughly bounded by RR tracks, Beach, Arctic, and Knowlton Sts.
41°11′14″N 73°11′09″W / 41.187222°N 73.185833°W / 41.187222; -73.185833 (East Bridgeport Historic District)
East Side
20East Main Street Historic District
East Main Street Historic District
February 21, 1985
Bounded by Walters and Nichols Sts. from 371-377, 741-747, 388-394 and to 744 East Main Sts.
41°10′57″N 73°10′51″W / 41.1825°N 73.180833°W / 41.1825; -73.180833 (East Main Street Historic District)
East Side
21Ein Jacob (Ayn Yacob) Synagogue
Ein Jacob (Ayn Yacob) Synagogue
November 27, 1995
746 (aka 748) Connecticut Ave.
41°10′50″N 73°09′51″W / 41.180556°N 73.164167°W / 41.180556; -73.164167 (Ein Jacob (Ayn Yacob) Synagogue)
East End
22ELMER S. DAILEYUpload image
December 21, 1978
Bridgeport Harbor
41°10′43″N 73°11′14″W / 41.178611°N 73.187222°W / 41.178611; -73.187222 (ELMER S. DAILEY)
DowntownOne of three barges sunk in the harbor
23Fairfield County Courthouse
Fairfield County Courthouse
January 21, 1982
172 Golden Hill St.
41°10′50″N 73°11′28″W / 41.180556°N 73.191111°W / 41.180556; -73.191111 (Fairfield County Courthouse)
24Fairfield County JailUpload image
April 18, 1985
1106 North Ave.
41°11′25″N 73°12′07″W / 41.190278°N 73.201944°W / 41.190278; -73.201944 (Fairfield County Jail)
Brooklawn - St. VincentListed building demolished in 1997.[6]
25First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church
February 22, 1990
126 Washington Ave.
41°10′35″N 73°11′53″W / 41.176389°N 73.198056°W / 41.176389; -73.198056 (First Baptist Church)
26Mary and Eliza Freeman Houses
Mary and Eliza Freeman Houses
February 22, 1999
352-4 and 358-60 Main St.
41°10′11″N 73°11′12″W / 41.169722°N 73.186667°W / 41.169722; -73.186667 (Mary and Eliza Freeman Houses)
South End
27Gateway Village Historic District
Gateway Village Historic District
September 26, 1990
Roughly bounded by Waterman St., Connecticut Ave. and Alanson Ave.
41°09′27″N 73°13′30″W / 41.1575°N 73.225°W / 41.1575; -73.225 (Gateway Village Historic District)
East End
28Golden Hill Historic District
Golden Hill Historic District
September 3, 1987
Roughly bounded by Congress St., Lyon Terr., Elm, and Harrison Sts.
41°10′52″N 73°11′36″W / 41.181111°N 73.193333°W / 41.181111; -73.193333 (Golden Hill Historic District)
29Hotel Beach
Hotel Beach
December 14, 1978
140 Fairfield Ave.
41°10′45″N 73°11′26″W / 41.179167°N 73.190556°W / 41.179167; -73.190556 (Hotel Beach)
30Lakeview Village Historic District
Lakeview Village Historic District
September 26, 1990
Roughly bounded by Essex St., Boston Ave., Colony St., Plymouth St. and Asylum St.
41°09′27″N 73°13′30″W / 41.1575°N 73.225°W / 41.1575; -73.225 (Lakeview Village Historic District)
North Bridgeport
31Maplewood School
Maplewood School
February 21, 1990
434 Maplewood Ave.
41°10′42″N 73°12′35″W / 41.178333°N 73.209722°W / 41.178333; -73.209722 (Maplewood School)
West End - West Side
32Marina Park Historic District
Marina Park Historic District
April 27, 1982
Marina Park, Park and Waldemere Aves.
41°09′52″N 73°11′30″W / 41.164444°N 73.191667°W / 41.164444; -73.191667 (Marina Park Historic District)
South End
33Nathaniel Wheeler Memorial Fountain
Nathaniel Wheeler Memorial Fountain
April 4, 1985
Park and Fairfield Aves.
41°10′29″N 73°11′55″W / 41.1747°N 73.1987°W / 41.1747; -73.1987 (Nathaniel Wheeler Memorial Fountain)
West End - West SideBuilt in 1912-1913, the fountain consists of four elements: a central bronze figure of a mermaid holding aloft a lamp and rising out of a polished granite pool and three individually ornamented polished granite watering troughs at the angles of the triangular parcel of land raised above the street. The fountain was a mid-career work of maverick American sculptor Gutzon Borglum.[7]
34Palace and Majestic Theaters
Palace and Majestic Theaters
December 14, 1979
1315-1357 Main St.
41°10′56″N 73°11′28″W / 41.182222°N 73.191111°W / 41.182222; -73.191111 (Palace and Majestic Theaters)
35Park Apartments
Park Apartments
September 26, 1990
59 Rennell St.
41°09′39″N 73°11′40″W / 41.160833°N 73.194444°W / 41.160833; -73.194444 (Park Apartments)
South End
36Penfield Reef Light house
Penfield Reef Light house
September 27, 1990
Long Island Sound off Shoal Point
41°07′00″N 73°13′18″W / 41.116667°N 73.221667°W / 41.116667; -73.221667 (Penfield Reef Light house)
Long Island Sound
37Pequonnock River Railroad Bridge
Pequonnock River Railroad Bridge
June 12, 1987
AMTRAK Right-of-way at Pequonnock River
41°10′59″N 73°11′11″W / 41.183056°N 73.186389°W / 41.183056; -73.186389 (Pequonnock River Railroad Bridge)
Downtown and East Side
38David Perry House
David Perry House
March 22, 1984
531 Lafayette St.
41°10′13″N 73°11′25″W / 41.170278°N 73.190278°W / 41.170278; -73.190278 (David Perry House)
December 21, 1978
Bridgeport Harbor
41°10′43″N 73°11′14″W / 41.178611°N 73.187222°W / 41.178611; -73.187222 (PRISCILLA DAILEY)
DowntownOne of three barges sunk in the harbor
40Railroad Avenue Industrial District
Railroad Avenue Industrial District
September 30, 1985
Roughly bounded by State and Cherry Sts., Fairfield and Wordin Aves.
41°04′40″N 73°12′49″W / 41.077778°N 73.213611°W / 41.077778; -73.213611 (Railroad Avenue Industrial District)
West End - West SideA cluster of old factory buildings in southern Bridgeport; some seem to have been torn down.
41Remington City Historic District
Remington City Historic District
September 26, 1990
Roughly, Bond, Dover, and Remington Sts. and Palisade Ave., between Stewart and Tudor Sts.
41°11′53″N 73°09′56″W / 41.198056°N 73.165556°W / 41.198056; -73.165556 (Remington City Historic District)
Boston Avenue - Mill Hill
42Remington Village Historic District
Remington Village Historic District
September 26, 1990
Roughly, Willow and East Aves. between Boston and Barnum Aves.
41°11′38″N 73°09′36″W / 41.193889°N 73.16°W / 41.193889; -73.16 (Remington Village Historic District)
Boston Avenue - Mill Hill
43St. John's Episcopal Church
St. John's Episcopal Church
August 2, 1984
768 Fairfield Ave.
41°10′31″N 73°11′59″W / 41.175278°N 73.199722°W / 41.175278; -73.199722 (St. John's Episcopal Church)
West End - West Side
44Seaside Institute
Seaside Institute
June 14, 1982
299 Lafayette Ave.
41°10′03″N 73°11′18″W / 41.1675°N 73.1883°W / 41.1675; -73.1883 (Seaside Institute)
South EndA Richardsonian Romanesque rock-faced granite, brick, brownstone and terracotta building designed by Warren R. Briggs and completed in 1887, it was originally built for the use and benefit of the female employees of the Warner Brothers corset manufacturers (now Warnaco).[8]
45Seaside Park
Seaside Park
July 1, 1982
Long Island Sound
41°09′41″N 73°11′19″W / 41.161516°N 73.188733°W / 41.161516; -73.188733 (Seaside Park)
South End
46Seaside Village Historic District
Seaside Village Historic District
September 26, 1990
E. side of Iranistan Ave. between South St. and Burnham St.
41°09′59″N 73°11′56″W / 41.166389°N 73.198889°W / 41.166389; -73.198889 (Seaside Village Historic District)
South End
47Sterling Block-Bishop Arcade
Sterling Block-Bishop Arcade
December 20, 1978
993-1005 Main St.
41°10′41″N 73°11′24″W / 41.178056°N 73.19°W / 41.178056; -73.19 (Sterling Block-Bishop Arcade)
48Sterling Hill Historic District
Sterling Hill Historic District
April 2, 1992
Roughly bounded by Pequonnock St., Harral Ave., James St. and Washington Ave.
41°10′51″N 73°10′44″W / 41.180833°N 73.178889°W / 41.180833; -73.178889 (Sterling Hill Historic District)
The Hollow
49Stratfield Historic District
Stratfield Historic District
June 23, 1980
CT 59 and U.S. 1
41°10′40″N 73°12′49″W / 41.177778°N 73.213611°W / 41.177778; -73.213611 (Stratfield Historic District)
Brooklawn - St. Vincent and West End - West Side
50Tongue Point Lighthouse
Tongue Point Lighthouse
May 29, 1990
Western side of Bridgeport Harbor at Tongue Point
41°09′58″N 73°10′42″W / 41.166111°N 73.178333°W / 41.166111; -73.178333 (Tongue Point Lighthouse)
South End
51United Congregational Church
United Congregational Church
July 19, 1984
877 Park Ave.
41°10′30″N 73°12′00″W / 41.175°N 73.2°W / 41.175; -73.2 (United Congregational Church)
West End - West Side
52United Illuminating Company Building
United Illuminating Company Building
February 21, 1985
1115-1119 Broad St.
41°10′41″N 73°11′31″W / 41.178056°N 73.191944°W / 41.178056; -73.191944 (United Illuminating Company Building)
53US Post Office-Bridgeport Main
US Post Office-Bridgeport Main
March 17, 1986
120 Middle St.
41°10′50″N 73°11′20″W / 41.180556°N 73.188889°W / 41.180556; -73.188889 (US Post Office-Bridgeport Main)
54West End Congregation-Achavath Achim Synagogue
West End Congregation-Achavath Achim Synagogue
May 11, 1995
725 Hancock Ave.
41°10′12″N 73°12′44″W / 41.17°N 73.212222°W / 41.17; -73.212222 (West End Congregation-Achavath Achim Synagogue)
West End - West Side
55Wilmot Apartments Historic District
Wilmot Apartments Historic District
September 26, 1990
Junction of Connecticut and Wilmot Aves.
41°10′58″N 73°09′44″W / 41.182778°N 73.162222°W / 41.182778; -73.162222 (Wilmot Apartments Historic District)
East End

Former listings[edit]

[3]Name on the RegisterImageDate listedDate removedLocationCity or townSummary
1Capt. John Brooks Sr. HouseUpload image
October 15, 1970
199 Pembroke St.
Bridgeport, Connecticut

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